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bad advertising

441624406 0f6bbe9ebd o bad advertising

I don’t know about you, but this is one of the creepiest window displays I’ve seen in a long time. I was on my way to a photo shoot when those vacant eyes stared me down. I’m all about taking the fun and pretty picture, but I couldn’t pass this one up. I have a feeling the store owner doesn’t realize that seeing this might make a person run — not into the shop but far, far away. The kid looks possessed and those hands… Yikes.

where is ernie?

440066766 afb665fe5e o where is ernie?

photos to come

I always forget what a pain it is to move. In this case it is definitely worth it—big kitchen (by NY standards), lots of light, etc. I find myself at Starbucks with a scorching hot tea catching up on email, etc. (also running away from the mountain of boxes and packing paper) until we get internet service this weekend. Stay tuned. More photos will be posted.


435056038 95b6cdac32 o supervisor

Our cat Sammy is enjoying a moment of peace before the movers come tomorrow.

racing the rain – learning about cbd

433593810 843ee51ab5 o racing the rain   learning about cbd

One more for the blog. This was towards the end of the fashion shoot last Friday and the first few rain drops were beginning to fall — the sky creating a dramatic backdrop. Not so good when you’re hanging up your sheets to dry (hypothetically speaking, of course). The instructions for this particular shoot from our teacher was to have a minimum of 4 different looks, or outfits. I have posted only 3 samples but will have a more complete series up on my website after some final edits.

We had an interesting conversation at the shoot, and I learned something new. We got to talking during a break and she told me about cbd. I had absolutely no idea what it was so I asked her and she elaborated a bit. So apparently she had a bad car accident that left her with some pretty severe back pain that would flare up every once in a while, and when it did she would take cbd. I researched it a bit further later on on my own time and I found a site called with plenty more info on the subject. To be honest I had no idea cbd or pain management was a thing.

It’s just how it is, some people don’t deal with medical issues or rarely do, while others get banged up in an unfortunate accident and are forced to deal with it using pain management medication like cbd. I hope she makes a full recovery eventually. She’s still young, maybe she’ll get better over time.

more laundry

432380693 fbd09f69b2 o more laundry

Another photo from the laundry series.

laundry “shoot”

431608300 f22842b3a8 o laundry shoot

The conditions were perfect today for my “modern girl doing laundry the old fashioned way” fashion shoot. Great model, great assistant, ideal weather — so much fun! I had no idea how this would all turn out as I had never planned anything like this before. Do I have the right clothes pins, unwrinkled sheets, is it going to rain, are the clothes going to fit my model, do I have a back up memory card, is the idea really lame, etc. So many details and walls to climb (literally), but so worth it.

blue eye

430383663 42616eb2fc o blue eye

This is turning into a blog for cat lovers. I’ll try and keep the pics of the kitties to a minimum, but they are what I see most of the day.

all in the name of art

429313660 87674f9045 o all in the name of art

The things I make Paul do… This morning I got him up at 8:45 a.m. and dragged him up to our rooftop to take a couple of test shots for my upcoming photo shoot. A willing participant, but the pained look on his face tells the real story.

new neighbor

428345729 c09570e9f3 o new neighbor

As I was taking measurements of our new apartment yesterday, I suddenly had the sense that I was being watched. I think our kitties will like our new apartment too–especially with such a good looking feline across the way.


426756246 9ad59f6dd1 o shadows

I took this photo only to show the shadows of the small shelf. One can see the beauty of the curves of the wood crafted by my father a number of years ago.

pup pup

425220838 ee185bc56c o pup pup

The sun came out yesterday, and despite the snow-flooded streets, New Yorkers (and their pets) were enjoying Saint Patrick’s Day.


424146615 dd73d5193f o location

I took this photo a couple of months ago, and even though it didn’t seem like much at the time, it sort of stuck with me. In my search for locations for some test fashion shoots I’m currently working on, this place might come in handy.

dangerous skies

423216467 42c0ef5e9e o dangerous skies

Today’s storm in NY kind of reminds me of the one I witnessed in Taos, New Mexico (shown here), last year. Both are dark and dangerous, but the storm in New Mexico produced rain and hail that lasted about 10 minutes, whereas the one in NY is expected to last over 24 hours. I love this weather stuff.

food porn

422160691 d47bbc1a22 o food porn

It didn’t take much creativity to frame this shot – the subject matter just speaks for itself. This photo is another in a series for my environmental portrait class. Again, from the kitchen of the Ethiopian restaurant downstairs.


421044752 34e1af2594 o rob

Here is a photo I took of my bro a few weeks ago in Arizona. He truly looks like he is in his element in the Tucson desert.

water closet

421056539 6ab6710886 o water closet

This bathroom gives new (old?) meaning to the words, ‘water closet’. It is actually in the main stairwell of an apartment building, rather than in the apartment unit itself. It belongs to the tenant that resides on that particular floor but it feels odd to exit the front door of his unit and enter, what looks like a closet, in the hallway next to the main stairwell.

warmest place in the house

418909274 bcdecb8538 o warmest place in the house

I went to pick up my jacket and realized Ernie had curled up in the hood. Cute as a button, but more cat hair on my clothes.


417530819 1fac12d05f o injera

Injera, sometimes described as an oversized sour pancake, serves as the base for Ethiopian cuisine. I was lucky enough to observe (and photograph) the kitchen and owner of Meskel.

in harlem

415905204 1268c73903 o in harlem

Yesterday I made my way up to Harlem to photograph Charle’s Chicken (I recommend the fried chicken and collards) and met this guy. He said he was shy about having his picture taken but proved otherwise when he followed me and my camera all the way to the subway. I realize this particular picture is way overexposed, but I think that is why I like it.

fleeting glimpse

414669603 790380ba0e o fleeting glimpse

This is a small taste of my evening yesterday. I was assigned to photograph an Irish pub, Blaggard’s, for a local newspaper but got caught up in conversation with the two blurry images you see here (the conversation was blurry too, for many reasons). If you look carefully, you can see their faces more clearly. I usually get free food at these gigs, but I was not so lucky this time around. One Guiness was on the house, though. Some people sitting on the other side of me asked the bartender for frozen drinks. In an Irish Pub???? Shame.


413062281 6a2776c868 o haisam

This is a photo from a series taken for my environmental portrait class. The gent in the pic was very easy going and had a cool apartment – making my assignment a breeze. This particular photo probably won’t make the final cut, but it was one that I was kind of partial to. The slight distortion is caused by a convex mirror.

angry pig

412228514 33950f60c6 o angry pig

The photographer of this bizzare photo is unknown. I wish I could take credit for this picture. The absurdity of it just makes me smile every time I look at it. This cartoon pig looks so freaky with it’s disjointed arms and angry expression. At least the kids around it don’t seem too alarmed.


410940280 0f46ab8cb7 o ernie

Our cat Ernie.

friday night

408885060 6f46cab3e8 o friday night

View from the couch.


409066726 851a7fabcd o backyard

Taken last year in New Mexico.