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475197208 518f9882f6 o seagull

Oooooh, look at the seagull!! Oh yeah, and there is Alcatraz.

gehry and me

474563036 8df896d569 o gehry and me

I couldn’t resist touching one of the sides of the Experience Music Project building located in Seattle, designed by Frank Gehry. It’s so shiny and organic. I felt lucky to be close to such greatness.

tile work

474591791 595088f25d o tile work

I’m taking a break from the west coast today. This tile store in soho definitely caught my attention the other night — particularly since there was a kitty involved. The store’s displays were all covered in this intricate tile work. Very striking.

golden gate, er something

472579174 6476ea3c6e o golden gate, er something

I was looking at the backs of too many tourists heads out on the deck of the tour boat (bummer being short sometimes) so I decided to seek shelter down below where I could see a unique view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

back in our not-so-recent past…

471299969 8d88c35cc5 o back in our not so recent past...

Yes, this is a picture of buffalo standing over (eating?) a dead american indian. This is a piece of history found at the maritime museum in San Francisco. The museum is filled with old mechanical games popular at fairs in the early and mid part of the 20th century. If you think today’s games are violent and graphic, visit this place and you’ll be surprised at the, shall we say, lack of sensitivity portrayed in some of these ‘playful’ outlets.

slow day at the ball park

470715672 75bc25a44b o slow day at the ball park

Paul and I were in San Francisco all of one hour before we hit up the Giants game in progress. While it looks like the game was not a real thrill ride, it did turn out to be a big win for the local team.

butterfly cabinet

464633101 4bd03224e1 o butterfly cabinet

After a bad furniture experience with West Elm, I am more intent on purchasing furniture that is real and has stood the test of time. I wandered into a Chinese antique store the other day and came upon this piece. It is a cabinet crafted around the 1920′s in southern China, and was originally purchased as a wedding dowry. The butterfly hardware is what sealed the deal for me. This photo isn’t textbook perfect by any means, but like the handmade cabinet, it is genuine.

forever young

464099704 25b0ba8d1f o forever young

Happy Birthday to Ryan who doesn’t look a day past 19.


462919741 99b7f48106 o toes

Ernie’s toes (and belly).

mane event

461485409 282ad63a02 o mane event

I couldn’t take my eyes off that beautiful, long hair while crossing the street near Union Square, and I wasn’t the only one.

queen of beers

460654357 369d9ede9c o queen of beers

Jo proudly wears the crown that she so well deserves. Our usual Wednesday evening outings were disrupted when I moved to New York. When she comes up to visit we try and make up for lost time.

a sign of good things to come

459475652 6e259d2d37 o a sign of good things to come

product shot

457859089 43ac874f97 o product shot

This was taken during a lighting workshop—a quick lesson on product shots. I don’t have any other reason for posting this except that I just like shoes.

spring? sometime?

456563991 86804e51dc o spring? sometime?

It’s another cold, rainy, winter-like day in April. This photo was taken a few days ago while I was driving on the Jersey Turnpike. A risky move at 80 miles an hour. These are the clouds responsible for the flurries I had to drive through.

special connection

455380362 a99799285e o special connection

Like her, Lori’s dogs are extremely vivacious and playful. It’s always a good time when I visit my old roommate from college, and it was particularly fun making friends with her pups.

up and running

454007210 0ba440cdfc o up and running

My general rule is no cute baby pictures—there are enough people in the world doing that, and to me, that just isn’t reality. So, here is Frances, who just found her legs and is incredibly mobile—and yes, very, very cute. When it comes to my boyfriend Paul’s neice, it is hard for one to resist taking cute baby pictures.

waffles and snow

452432537 21e31f387e o waffles and snow

I was in Maryland over Easter weekend. What was good was seeing my mom and my friends, eating waffles and drinking exceptional wine. Bad? It snowed.

end of semester

447220609 81ef719545 o end of semester

My last environmental portrait class was yesterday. Generally it was a good class—it made me think in different ways, but I’m not sure I liked the results. This photo was taken during a flash demonstration last Saturday in a makeup class. I think the flash bulb went off one too many times judging by the look on everyone’s face. Good luck to all the full-time students as they make their final push to graduate.

again, cat

446066709 5002675c79 o again, cat

lovely lady

444952193 fd25350c01 o lovely lady

This lovely lady is one of my favorite people I met while living in the east village. She and her husband own the Ethiopian restaurant that is located downstairs from our old apartment. They moved to New York from Ethiopia about 16 years ago, and just recently decided to share their native recipes. Thankfully.

tough guy

443608543 d00a59642e o tough guy

I took this photo last Saturday for another assignment for our environmental portrait class. We had to draw students’ names from a hat, then depending on who we picked, we had to photograph them reflecting a dark side of their personality and then a lighter side (darker side shown here—hopefully that’s obvious). Thanks to Steven, whose lighter side far outweighs his darker.

glorious pigeon

441644342 479ec13151 o glorious pigeon

This often overlooked and annoying bird has made its way into a number of my photos. I’ve decided not to fight it, but rather embrace it (there are 4 photos with pigeons in the Boneyard series on my website, I took this particular photo on a spring-like day in the park across from my new apartment.