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nice lips

523150324 b789a101d2 o nice lips

No, I didn’t take a photo of someone’s lips with a macro lens. Rather, I took this picture of this section of a larger-than-life poster found on 14th St. (it’s an ad for a neighboring clothing store). The shadow and seam give it away.

at the beach but not

521500275 f3e3722981 o at the beach but not

This photo made the cut, but it wasn’t a favorite. Now that it’s been a few weeks and I’m more removed from the actual shoot itself, it has new life. Because of the film I used, the background almost looks fake, or very flat, drawing attention to her hair and face. The model took direction well and helped me pull off what I had envisioned — a distant look is on her face, perhaps thinking of a past she left behind.

lens flare good

519950769 a6ce8819fe o lens flare good

In some photography classes it is taught that lens flare is a bad thing and should be avoided at all costs (it’s the effect that happens when the lens reflects light in such a way that spots appear in the photo). People spend tons of money on big shields for their lenses. I like the effect (and I’m cheap), especially for images like this one. Without the spots of light, the photo of this church on 14th Street wouldn’t be as interesting.

cheek this out

518015664 b757e4c679 o cheek this out

She belongs to a girlfriend of mine whom I visited, among others, while I was down south this past weekend. The cheeks on little Rory are one of a kind.

to the motherland

514135593 32af41bde7 o to the motherland

I didn’t really pay attention to this photo when I took it last December, but now, after aging a few months, it looks different for some reason. I like the connection, or lack thereof between Paul’s sister and the painting from Poland on his parent’s wall in New Jersey. (Paul, his sister and folks are currently taking the trip of a lifetime. They started in Poland, where his parents are originally from, then Paris and London.)

grass is greener

512135325 4096dc048e o grass is greener

All I can say is this girl needs a tan.


510793066 6603cb1221 o pink

positive reflections

509433251 601bf7e036 o positive reflections

Everyone has seen/done the whole window reflection thing so it often seems like a tired study. Yet, I will still take the occasional photo and this one I took yesterday, might be somewhat successful. It’s not deep in meaning or anything, but the buildings, sky and ultimately the guy in the restaurant (I think replacing a light bulb, or something) makes for an interesting enough photo.

dude photographed at ICP

507961788 a1909dcab6 o dude photographed at ICP

I’m taking another portrait class starting tonight, but to get me in the mood…. This photo was taken in the lobby of the International Center of Photography during a lighting workshop I took earlier this year. I used a technique called dragging the shutter, which means flash was used but I kept the shutter on my camera open a bit longer so that the background would be illuminated as well (you can also tell by the blurriness of the nice man sitting behind the desk). Lesson for the day.


503352845 afdceb22da o kippy

The Kipster, Kipparooni, Tip Tip, Kippy Kip, Tippy, Fluffy, Fuzzy, Sunshine Girl. Many names, one amazing cat.

doing the meringue

504550705 ccb2df725a o doing the meringue

While in California, I asked a friend if I could take home some lemons from their neighbor’s tree. Ask and you shall receive. I was at long last able to satisfy my craving for a lemon meringue pie (I’m ashamed I didn’t make the crust, but it was all good).

one more

503359016 74d45fab00 o one more

I finally got my black and whites developed of the Coney Island shoot. This is one of those pictures I keep coming back to.

a fan

502201842 7387c10738 o a fan

Here is someone who follows my blog very closely.

part of a nutritious diet

500763148 b7771df756 o part of a nutritious diet

As some of you may know, a gin martini (certainly not vodka) and popcorn is my dinner of choice when dining alone. I would have made my own popcorn (oil popped with garlic powder, salt, butter and paprika) but my copper pan needs re-tinning. So I had to settle for microwave. It’s complicated. BTW, if you know anything about re-tinning a copper pan, please let me know.

into obscurity

499526149 d20f2cefb8 o into obscurity

I feel like everytime I leave Coney Island on the subway, it will never be the same again. Maybe because it’s true. The ferris wheel, shown here in the background, along with every other ride, game and show (with the exception of the Cyclone, which I hear will be spared) will likely all be gone in a year. To see more photos of this once-upon-a-time playground of the world, go to

close up

497907262 211bd93c17 o close up

The blue slide we found at a children’s playground at Coney Island makes a stunning backdrop for Tomo. Someone asked if I had Photoshopped that color in. If possible, I rarely use Photoshop on my photos before posting. I prefer to keep them in their purest form because it shows exactly what I framed at the moment I took the picture, mistakes and all.

beauty and the beach

496271067 7a396148e0 o beauty and the beach

This is dress number two for Tomo during Friday’s test shoot. I just like how hazy and kind of barren and dirty everything is and then you have this beauty who is oblivious to the world around her.

coney island ride

494389915 3e2aeb0b57 o coney island ride

I had another test shoot today, this time at Coney Island. My model, having had to put up with a lot of nut jobs on the boardwalk, cold winds and blowing sand, was a willing participant. We worked quickly, racing from one site to the next. All and all, a fun ride.

sausage king

493008735 511aa293c0 o sausage king

The guy on the left wants to be the sausage king of the world (to read more about this guy and his sausages, check out soon for a short review). Lucky for the photographer and the restaurant reviewer, we were allowed to sample an absurd amount of sausages and mustards at this growing (fattening?) chain of restaurants.

face forward

491934356 5077cc0cf4 o face forward

The previous pics of Jessica, the musician, have been a little more obscure. This one gives you a more direct view. I took this photo towards the end of the shoot, taking advantage of my old film camera (which I still believe takes superior pics over digital).

sick and tired

489880868 7922dd8343 o sick and tired

I must say the apartment was strangely quiet this morning. What happened to the rattling cough and moans of fatigue? Could this be the day that we put away all the cough syrups? It just may be, and what a wonderful day it would be.

musician on the rise

488280024 72222acb7b o musician on the rise

This is one of the first photos I took of Jessica at Fort Tryon Park last Saturday. While we did a lot of the standard poses, this one shows a more personal and delicate side.

the grand finale

486628000 8eb3a213f6 o the grand finale

Jessica, Will, Gizmo (their dog) and I made a great team at Jessica’s photo shoot yesterday. We ran around chasing the right light and ended the day at this beautiful set of archways at Fort Tryon Park. We lacked a stylist, hair and makeup team, but I think sometimes the less people involved the better the shoot goes. Sure the garbage can could stand to be Photoshopped out, but for now, this gives you an idea of the setting we had to work with. More photos of yesterday’s shoot to come.

next stop, cloisters

485212519 ad4033a075 o next stop, cloisters

Later today I’ll be heading up to 190th Street to photograph an up and coming musician. The Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park, located on a soaring, wooded site in upper Manhattan, will be a beautiful setting for this shoot.

who’s looking at who

483859686 41d554c2d5 o whos looking at who

I think it was the color palette of the scene in front of me that initially inspired this photo. Lots of the people depicted in this large French painting are looking at the viewer as we’re looking back at them. The security guard was also looking at us viewers as I got in trouble for taking this photo (for some reason I could take pictures of every other painting in the Getty Museum in L.A., just not this one).

wild west

482638554 303cbc32c6 o wild west

During our whirlwind tour of L.A., Paul and I stopped at the La Brea Tar Pit museum. The actual tar pits were not as impressive as this scene depicting a sabertoothed cat (tiger is incorrect) attacking a sloth. Of course it involved a kitty so I had to take a picture.

the right way to start the day

481375134 579dd7a842 o the right way to start the day

Pann’s, a diner in L.A., is known for it’s architecture, chicken wings and waffles. First, you rip off a lucious bite of crispy, juicy chicken, then dip it in the melted butter and syrup. Alternate bites with the waffle and a side of grits. Top it all off with coffee and freshly squeezed o.j.


480055305 37bcaa7e6f o me

Ah, nothing like the Santa Ana winds. I’m feeling quite happy back in my home state of Calif.