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head (and hair) shot

673410599 e5b4b88268 o head (and hair) shot

Obviously, when you have hair like this it is necessary to do some cool things with it. Technically, the photo could use a little work, but Tomo strikes the right pose.

in the shadows

661073370 d6985ff8d2 o in the shadows

Yesterday was another shoot with the talented Tomo. This photo will probably not end up in her portfolio as it is not the glamor headshot she is looking for, but I dig it’s mysterious minimalism.

reaching out

640569710 e7f2f46975 o reaching out

Looks like Kippy wants to shake my hand or needs a leg up.

seeing things

633811228 a42194a6a5 o seeing things

The last assignment we had for our natural portrait class was to take two photographs of a person — one where the person is in it and one where they’re not. This was my interpretation.

other side of the fence

623203798 ccd2cd3ec9 o other side of the fence

I glanced upon this cute family unit (father and son both wearing plaid) while dining at a Union Square restaurant this past weekend.

time for lunch

602478416 b0a6135b42 o time for lunch

day dream

590270312 d7e41307aa o day dream

Paul’s family. On the same path but each in their own world.

speaking of manufactured landscapes

581051829 dbaf0ced34 o speaking of manufactured landscapes

Last evening I watched Manufactured Landscapes, a film by Edward Bourtynsky. It is a combination of ‘artistic’ stills and film which document the impact that humanity (mainly in China) has on the earth’s surface. While Bourtynsky makes a lame attempt at not making a political statement, it is quite a collection of overcast imagery that makes you say wow, there are a lot of people on this earth doing what they do to accommodate a growing population. This is my take on Times Square, a happier type of manufactured landscape, if you will.

what you don’t normally see

537259930 92a85af13b o what you dont normally see

This shot was taken during a lighting seminar earlier this year. None of us really knew what we were doing, except the model, and it kind of shows.

beer here

570049725 68cf325340 o beer here

This beer garden we went to last Saturday had all the ingredients for a good time — including this arm wrestling match which broke out just as I was digesting my kielbasa. The historic Bohemian Hall is the last of its kind. Let’s hope it stays open for years to come.

sunset at the jersey shore

564702528 52d89fc685 o sunset at the jersey shore

Another Father’s Day for the record books.

true blue

560675301 d2d9a018de o true blue

At the Yankee’s game yesterday, it came to our attention that the guy sitting in front of us really loved his team, judging purely by his choice in underwear.

tiny teacup, big impact

556859919 4a7de807c2 o tiny teacup, big impact

I made a purchase yesterday (shocker) — although this is one I won’t donate to Good Will in a year, let alone 50. Wandering through The Affordable Art Fair, as its called, I came upon an artist that really excited me. He combines his love of old wood frames with an incredible vision of everyday objects, like this teacup. The photo itself is not more than an inch across encouraging the viewer to step closer and stop for a minute to admire the simplicity and beauty of a work that looks like it could be 100 years old. Thank you to the artist, Jefferson Hayman and the gallery that had the vision to display his work.

pretty and pink

552407442 2d11b9835d o pretty and pink

This is a shot taken from my “roll-a-day” class last semester. When the assignment is to photograph a roll of film (or the digital equivalent) per day for 60 days straight, you are bound to get a few keepers.

leg up

548053952 8118e45810 o leg up

My next homework assignment is to find a scene where the person(s) you are photographing have some sort of strange relationship with the background or other surrounding object(s). I happened upon this odd scenario and it seems to fit the bill. Also, how often do you see someone using a phone booth anymore?

eyes have it

543994621 fc7cc78b77 o eyes have it

This was an informal photo I took of my friend Jo after taking pics of her for my photo assignment — which, I might add, was a hands down success. The photos fooled everyone in my class, even the teacher. They couldn’t tell the real Marilyn Monroe from the stand-in.

room with a view

542454171 e0d2827d26 o room with a view

My mom still thinks New York is a dangerous, dirty place (well, maybe it is a little dirty). But the other day, she asked me if I could see any part of the sky from my apartment. Indeed I can, and there are even a couple of trees (lower right) for that “in the country” feel.

grabbing crab

540706798 eaf2379987 o grabbing crab

There is nothing like a crab feast with friends on a sunny day by the river. The crab here would care to differ, judging by the leg he got a hold of from another crab right before becoming my lunch.

about light

539172887 c7a73d9440 o about light

Distracted from the purpose of my homework assignment, I was struck by the beauty of the light shining around my friend, Jo, who was patiently sitting in her hot garage, waiting for me to photograph her. My assignment was to imitate a famous portrait (I picked one of Marilyn Monroe), which is a lot harder than you’d think, but a very good lesson.

one night in Turkey

537271910 5e1e135fda o one night in Turkey

This is another photo I’ve always had an affinity for despite a luke warm enthusiasm from others. It was taken during a week of celebration for our friends Nazar and Doreen. In this particular instance, it might be my emotions and memories of Istanbul that cloud my judgement on whether this is considered a successful photograph or not. But, whatever. I still like it.

some salmon

534548190 53cedd3222 o some salmon

On assignment, I shot about 60 photos of this plate of salmon and asparagus for a restaurant review to print in a local paper. Can you hear the enthusiasm in my voice? This will not be the money shot, but I like that the framing is off, yet the food still looks somewhat appealing.

hot night in the old town

533236787 ebb3380072 o hot night in the old town

This girl was spotted crossing the West Side Highway last Saturday evening. She was dressed to impress, but you get the idea.

wild horses

532159562 7e75b95b15 o wild horses

Our friend Mike gave Paul and me this very thoughtful housewarming gift. It is basically two ceramic horse heads attached to a rhinoceros’s body — probably one of the more vile creatures I’ve laid eyes on. Thanks, Mike, from the bottoms of our hearts. Enjoy it on display in this photo, because it is no longer prominently displayed anywhere.


530909366 819bb5bb71 o change

It felt like forever. Like it would never go away. These terrific men, taking pride in delivering the best in Polish charcuterie. Smoked meats, home made sausages of all kinds. Service the way it should be for something so central to any home cooked meal. Kurowycky Meat Products has closed its doors after 52 years. I took this last fall while picking up some of their specialties, comfortable in the knowledge that I could always come back.

climbing the ladder

527748038 3c9de9d922 o climbing the ladder

In a desperate attempt to complete my homework assignment for my portrait class, I was fortunate to have a willing participant. I told my friend, Mike, to do some odd things, but I really like this shot of him climbing the fire escape on a lovely evening in the west village.

on the street

525351983 4d5e74033f o on the street

I’ve been taking a lot of walks through the meatpacking district. It is one of those places that is both old and new, as evidenced by the cobblestone and asphalt road.

some building

524918181 1666be9e82 o some building

I think we all know what this is a picture of. Hopefully no one has taken a photo quite like this (intentionally) of the Empire State Building before.