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1285540709 089c91b8b9 o babe

I took an all-too-short vacation to Dayton to visit with my friend Jessica and her new baby boy, Ivan. I was smitten from the start.

juicy, sweet imperfection

1253683225 b5e478fa67 o juicy, sweet imperfection

Just plain, or with my favorite combination of bacon, mayo, lettuce and bread. These are the real deal. None of this perfectly shaped and uniformly red mealy crap you get at the grocery store any other time of the year.

heat of the night

1253544193 da2f7c263a o heat of the night

A couple of beers, good friends and a camera gave me this shot (taken on the rooftop of a friend’s party last Saturday).

head in the clouds

1234171334 e1d4addd4b o head in the clouds

At least they are spectacularly beautiful ones.

after the rain

1233380675 1b3171f819 o after the rain

sweet kippy

1222765266 6d6c994a3c o sweet kippy

Many years ago, we found her, skinny and thirsty — or more precisely, she found us. Plump and healthy she was lovingly described as Rubenesque. While she had the sweetest disposition a cat could have, she was also the toughest cat I’ve ever known. May the sun shine on you forever.

a little off

1206154861 faf4dec170 o a little off

Paul and I don’t really have any good pictures of the two of us. We still don’t. This self portrait we took during our hike in the Catskills this weekend has some definite issues. On the bright side (so-to-speak) this pic kind of fits in with my whole over exposure phase that I’m currently going through. Maybe I won’t delete this one.

and finally, for you goat lovers

1195725953 7843edf00c o and finally, for you goat lovers

and for you pig lovers…

1185663491 81086884bd o and for you pig lovers...

A stop to a farm on our way home from the Catskills was in order. We picked up some dairy and meat products and said hi to the pigs (from a distance).

for you dog lovers…

1174174351 75ad991ef0 o for you dog lovers...

and even if you’re not, I’d say it is impossible for anyone to resist this ridiculously cute saint bernard puppy. Paul and I took a vacation away from our cats and away from the city over the weekend up in the Catskills (maybe it should have been called Puppyskills) and had the pleasure of meeting little (soon-to-be-big) Ozzy.

more from the Bistro

1150068128 8044683899 o more from the Bistro

There’s no pussy-footing around at the Corner Bistro. Get the Bistro burger, complete with a mound of Bacon (spelled with a capital B), cheese, ketchup, lettuce, etc.

the bistro

1150095162 c87939a4ce o the bistro

Continuing Paul’s bday celebration yesterday, we migrated over to our favorite burger spot, the Corner Bistro.

sneaky fur producers

1140483623 a216bee37d o sneaky fur producers

In an attempt to save space, we placed baskets under the bed to store our clothing. The cats believe we’ve installed 6 new comfy beds for them.

rail rot

1129060594 f97ad6f41f o rail rot

My mom shared with me this odd scene that she had noticed on some of her walks around her neighborhood. She wanted me to take a picture of it for her but I didn’t have my camera at the time (and I kind of dropped a hint that she could just as easily take a picture of it herself). Anyway, I was also intrigued by this creepy railing that just sort of ends in midair, so on my drive out of town, I hopped out of the car and stole a shot.

window seat

1110637621 3c4de3bbaa o window seat

As a sometimes keen observer of the world, I can look out the window of an airplane for many, many hours. Amazing how one can be so high above the earth with the help of some aluminum parts and a little engineering.


1098998505 1a12fb8919 o jersey

New York was just a short train ride away, but walking down the street in this small town in Jersey made me feel worlds away.

night lights

1089020462 273c32e131 o night lights

Coney Island takes on a whole new feel at night. I like this shot because a security vehicle was off to the right illuminating the people in the foreground, which gives the picture a little extra dimension.

kitchen is open

1074917884 6ed0da1ef3 o kitchen is open

So this might not excite you so much, but I just had two of my copper pots retinned (over time, and if not treated properly, the tin lining in copper pans can weaken and fall off creating a potentially poisonous cooking hazard). I shipped the lusterless pans off to a specialty shop in Colorado and within a few weeks they came back all sparkly and new.

back to cat

1064097141 b1dd82736f o back to cat

tv dinner

1055065501 63298f11a5 o tv dinner

Paul made a trio of gazpacho, avocado and cucumber soups for dinner the other evening. I was so impressed, as was the guy on tv.

something completely different

1044393218 2981227c68 o something completely different

I couldn’t wait to post this picture. My brother, a builder of all things beautiful and unique, decided one day to construct a replica of Stonehenge using Twinkies (my favorite fake food snack) based on a haiku that his friend, Jim, composed.


1033057804 c97e48f17f o toes

This was a lighter moment during my ‘nude’ workshop over this past weekend. I had my model (also a dancer) spread her toes (because I loved her feet) which made her laugh. I took 500-plus photos altogether and am happy with the results. I thank the two beautiful and accommodating models for all of their hard work. They made it look easy, but continually jumping (among other things), just so us amateurs could get the shot was an impressive feat (feet?).

apple’s illumination

1021175637 480515806f o apples illumination

I think there are two things that are interesting about this photo taken last evening. The first would be the glow of the computer screen lighting up Paul’s face during the last natural light of the day, and the second would be the framing of the shot (I find I’m directed way to the right of the picture where I rest for a couple of seconds then slowly make my way back past the wine bottle and mirror). Otherwise, the pic is a little on the dull side.

nudey class

1007505626 169b8804ab o nudey class

Yesterday was the first day of a 3 day intensive course on photographing nudes — something I’ve been wanting to do and finally have the opportunity. It is a lovely thing but I feel like it’s all been done before. I want to put the two beautiful girls we have as models in a completely different setting, but it is nice to have the 10-20 minutes each to shoot each day.


996314887 b515c30118 o poser

Ernie looks almost like a person here. It reminds me of an Olan Mills photo where you can almost here the photographer directing the cat to tilt his head slightly and lower his chin. I must say the natural light in this room of our apartment is dreamy.

storefront story

980760151 770b6caf15 o storefront story

I had been eyeing this window display for a number of months now, but finally, I had my camera and grabbed the picture. It is kind of crazy to think how many window displays are in NY and how each (sleek or tacky) tries to tell the story of what is inside the store its representing.


974344163 d89360c2f9 o fans

Sitting behind us at the game last night were a team of Japanese kids supporting their man Hideki Matsui. Matsui gave them a real show by hitting two homeruns leading the Yankees to a 16-3 win against the White Sox.