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lunch date

1464936689 08dc8e71cd o lunch date

Paul and I had a chance to catch up with friends while we were in D.C. this past weekend at one of our favorite mexican restaurants. Here, Paul (left) is bringing everyone up to speed with his NY stories, but I think Mike is wondering why Paul didn’t try and run a comb through his hair.

exiting the subway

1445206353 80215794d2 o exiting the subway 

Leaving the subway that lands you at Coney Island, you will see some old pictures that have been enlarged and colorized. I like the juxtaposition of old and new transportation methods shown here. BTW, this post is brought to you by my iPhone as the power at my mom’s house has gone out.

aging gracefully

1445170143 fc97b0224a o aging gracefully

Here is another tiny section of Coney Island that is showing its age. The image on this storefront security gate is quite fetching despite (because of?) the peeling paint.

and number 3

1444691702 e0cedc24a7 o and number 3

Unintentionally, I captured lovely butterfly number 3, and a very lovely face to boot.

butterfly, part deux

1440454816 c3679914ec o butterfly, part deux

This one is kind of tricky, but if you look closely, the butterfly will reveal itself. And it was a good excuse to try and catch these leisurely men in action.

favorite things

1435155122 84da2ac3b6 o favorite things

No, that isn’t a spec of dirt on your monitor. It is a butterfly (or purfly as I called it as a child) that I was lucky enough to capture flying next to my favorite roller coaster, the Cyclone. Yes, it was another day for me at Coney Island, this time with my fellow photographers, wandering the now closed park (except on weekends). There were a bunch of these pretty bugs flying around and we must have been quite a sight (or maybe it was just me), swinging our cameras all around trying to photograph them.

pretty woman

1430517062 e839c4c6f0 o pretty woman

Our second night in Vegas, we all sat down to contemplate how we were going to put away 16 oz. steaks and goose fat potatoes at Strip House. I must say that the decor in the restaurant was conducive to our appetites and the lighting very flattering on my friend Doreen.

good morning mousies

1425012062 5795d93f7b o good morning mousies

As I removed the pillows to make the bed I was surprised to see two of my cat Ernie’s little mousies. Those are his favorite toys because they make a rattling noise, which is why I think, in my sleepy haze, I shoved them under the pillow the night before.

model, lisette

1418362765 f0c6426cc8 o model, lisette

Today I went over to the Aperture Gallery to see “Lisette Model and Her Successors.” There was a lot of imagery that I really could relate to, and in an attempt to try and define my own style I noticed a couple of quotes that seemed to speak to me. Model said, “Don’t click the shutter until the experience makes you feel embarassed” and “Exploitation is not my aim, revelation is.” Generally, I’ve played it pretty safe on my blog but I think I need to hold back less and push myself more in an attempt to find some vague boundaries to my art. I took this photo on one of my recent excursions to Coney Island and think it fits into this post quite nicely.

burger beacon

1414726904 397e27e64a o burger beacon

This is the real reason to come to Vegas. In-n-Out. Actually, we didn’t quite make it on this trip which, while heart breaking, is probably better for our hearts.

build ‘em big

1410574264 3753cc3875 o build em big

Beyond the beautiful fountain display at the Bellagio are numerous cranes building what will eventually be City Center — the largest something ‘r other in Vegas and even the world.

for the love of a bug

1323764172 a6f267b5ca o for the love of a bug

Here’s another shot from the 62nd Bug Out a few weeks back. In addition to the drag races, people from all over would come to show off their pride and joy (notice the mirror to reflect how beautiful the under side of this Volkswagon is).

spectator sport

1390170436 aa09d99126 o spectator sport

I often struggle for words in my blog posts. This is one of them.

looking up

1381015938 43fc9e7531 o looking up

Tomorrow. Vegas. These guys here are enjoying the show at Fremont Street.


1384672398 c2e58be0e6 o focus

Again, I post another blurry picture. I think I’m experiencing a lack of focus where my photography is concerned. I’m not sure whether I’m genuinely uninspired or just need a break. Even pictures of Ernie aren’t doing it for me. I also just attended an afternoon seminar on the business of photography, and while I learned a thing or two, my camera seems extra heavy. Well, I’ll just let it run its course and hopefully an interesting picture will find me if I don’t find it first.

around and around

1375351227 944652d598 o around and around

I just read an article in the NY Times about the possibility of preserving and restoring the carousel at Coney Island. If I understand the article correctly, the horses you see here, carved in Brooklyn pre 1930′s have been disasembled and are already in storage. A debate continues to be played out by developers and city officials who want to preserve the amusement district. Lets hope history prevails.


1254522148 c147588487 o pause

Sitting next to us in a country restaurant in the Catskills was this old dusty piano. I hope at the very least it’s brought back to life for special occasions.

thinking of you

1360755229 d65f9f8d59 o thinking of you

in excess

1355910393 1830c5ff85 o in excess

Next weekend we’re off to Vegas. Even though the city would like to promote itself as family friendly, it is still a playground for adults. Up until a few years ago, I had never been. This will be my 5th time with plans to go again before the end of the year. This photo was taken at one of the Wynn’s decadent buffets last year.

tennis twilight

1352049755 463551aa49 o tennis twilight

Donning my new tennis shoes, I sat down to watch the final match of this year’s US Open from the comfort of my living room — this image borrowed from my evening at Flushing Meadows a week and a half ago. Roger Federer, who makes tennis look elegant and effortless is a champion once again.


1347663481 c80880e518 o progress

Yesterday I had the opportunity to tour the construction site of the Pentagon Memorial. After years of viewing artist renderings, blue prints and using my imagination, I was able to finally see and touch a place that will, in another year, be like no other.


1338999316 2bf8b6fc80 o value

So, on my wall hangs a picture that appeared in my first New York art show. The kind director at the hpgrp gallery accepted two of my pieces that sat amongst a number of other artists for the tail end of the gallery’s $99 Art Fair. While this is just a start in my pursuit of fine art recognition, I am happy to see a monetary value placed on my photographs. The price tag shall remain.

big red

1334099516 d7f4cf9207 o big red

From the moment I woke up this morning, I was looking forward to lunch. BLT and chips were on the menu, although this tomato would have been just fine solo.

game time

1323922906 9d4692233e o game time

It was a perfect evening for tennis and wanna-be photographers like me. With the exception of the drunk woman behind us yelling ‘Go Blake’ every 10 seconds, the men’s U.S. Open match we watched was very exciting, with James Blake eventually winning in 5 sets. I was trying to be sneaky and photograph people in the audience without them noticing. Guess I need to try harder.

day at the races

1315741654 a43c445d76 o day at the races

Finally, after all these years, I made it to the 62nd Bug Out held at the Old Dominion Raceway in Manassas, Virginia. My cousin Beth takes the wheel of this impressive Karmann Ghia (built from the inside out from my other cousin Dave) in preparation for the upcoming drag race. The Plogers were out in force, leaving quite an impression on all the other competitors at the track.

top model

1253675323 b05fc7341a o top model

Another over exposed picture (for my growing collection), but the model is not. Fortunately, Ryan took time out of his ‘real’ job to help me out with mine. He made the restaurant I had to photograph look really fun and good — his photo eventually appearing on the pages of the New York Press.