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lone pierogi

1803484289 0ba96bda1f o lone pierogi

This Polish dumpling was soon to be joined with at least a hundred more. It was definitely the start of something good thanks to Paul’s mom who graciously shared her special recipe with all of us.

wear ‘em if you got ‘em

1799358740 538f9b1df7 o wear em if you got em

It’s time to pull out the cold-weather clothes. This dynamic couple was spotted on our walk around the west village yesterday.

easy on the eyes

1791020074 3bdaabf31c o easy on the eyes

not a photo

1766158724 1534047f7c o not a photo

I know. This is a photo blog, not an illustration blog. After submitting a collection of my work to a design competition today, I can barely look at a photograph now. This is the original illustration I drew that resulted in my w-stop logo.

food as art

1751965598 bf1d97fee8 o food as art

I don’t know if this is artistic, but it meets my food aesthetic standards. Classic pairings — blue cheese, walnuts, pomegranate, endive — and so simple. Anyway, it was also lunch on a photographer’s budget.

music as art

1733776641 89c5b9ea6d o music as art

The craftmanship on some of these instruments on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is mind-blowing. Even the ends of the keys are adorned with hand-carved (I would imagine) decoration.

watch dog

1717986566 aa04ff0dd0 o watch dog

crop talk

1697252402 1d11e3137f o crop talk

Today our photo group got together to discuss and critique each other’s work. One of the topics that kept coming up was cropping. As a sometimes curmudgeon purist, I believe all the cropping that needs to happen is when you press the shutter on your camera, at the exact moment you approve of the area you want to capture. Everything that is contained in that frame is integral to the meaning of the whole photo. Cropping it further, changes the meaning completely — which, as someone pointed out today, is perfectly ok. I also like thinking without borders, as well, and have secretly cropped further at least one or two images in my life — but not this photo of my friend Jo. Although, now that I think about it, maybe a touch can be taken off the left side icon smile crop talk .

subway is the way

1446057126 acce49a7a0 o subway is the way

Sometimes referred to as the Iron Horse, New York’s subway system is convenient, inexpensive and full of character and characters. This shot, however, is one that advertisers might use in commercials — no people, sunny and clean (except for the artful graffiti on the windows). Kind of like those car commercials that show a fast car on an empty road which we all know, rarely happens in the real world. BTW, if you look closely, you might notice the parachute jump at Coney Island through the window.

on exhibit

1660803180 6b9ff1dd2a o on exhibit

Today, I’m embarrassed to say, was the first time I have been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I think I was a little nervous by how overwhelmed I’d be. It was big and crowded and amazing. This photo was a small moment of respite, fittingly, in the Japanese wing.

portrait of a dude

1639755014 7f688c9e07 o portrait of a dude

While at the PhotoPlus Expo yesterday, along with my friends Pamela and Debbie, we talked about how our photographs seem to age or change over time. Pictures that we may have taken months or years ago can sometimes look entirely different than how we remembered them. I have overlooked many a picture, only to discover them in a completely new light. I guess ultimately that is attributed to the changes and growth of the photographer and the distance you are from the actual event of taking the picture. I never gave this photo a second glance a year and a half ago, but now it really appeals to me.

end of the rainbow

1621950073 489a470e27 o end of the rainbow

Definitely not your fine dining experience — hopefully the trucks and tower are more than 300 feet away from the Pot O Gold. The trip home from Pennsylvania last Sunday was a long one but it was nice to have my camera with me to photograph some of the countryside.

through the looking glass

1603535671 2f73a3a52b o through the looking glass

This photo I took of Tomo did not make the cut. The lighting, the framing, the pose, all way off. Definitely the photographer’s fault. But, there is one thing that isn’t my fault. Check out the store employee in the background. I have a feeling a lot of photographers use this particular store front as a back drop and obviously this man objects.


1593166135 54fdfbdf13 o females

This was kind of a lucky shot as I was attempting to capture cool pics of Melanie but the focus was also on the sexy lady on her shirt.

croaking croquet

1584213656 2f0ffdcdcf o croaking croquet

So this photo may look pretty cool, but when you think about it, you might start to wonder what people were doing playing croquet — in the dark (this was taken with an extremely long exposure). I’m not sure I know the answer either. But it was fun for at least a few minutes.

recorded on film

1554878253 d877d4d4e0 o recorded on film

As dependent as I have become on my digital camera, I still like to remind myself that film still captures something that digital cannot. Having a cute and charming subject, like Jess’s baby Ivan, in the frame doesn’t hurt either.

celebrity sighting

1509751129 78cff23ee1 o celebrity sighting

Well, at least I think she kind of looks like Drew Barrymore. It’s entirely possible here in the west village. With the lighting and high grain, Erika pulls it off nicely.

jambon: ham, also refers to the leg

1545658726 df1af00a8c o jambon: ham, also refers to the leg

I recently purchased a stand to hold my light reflectors. It is yet another piece of equipment that at least helps me to look like I know what I’m doing when I take pictures. Once I wore out my welcome photographing Paul, I moved on to the cat to see if there were new ways I could light and photograph him.

no bull

1536678659 f5ad83d08c o no bull

Actually, the sign really says “post no bill” but I like how Tomo hides the letters enough so it looks like it says something else. While most of the shots I took of her were posed, I like that this is unplanned and more natural.

fun assignment

1525647677 68d0ac90c0 o fun assignment

Yesterday my job was to shoot some ‘commercial’ photos for Tomo’s portfolio. While creativitiy is typically held at bay for commercial shots, I very much enjoyed capturing a sunny and beautiful girl in her element.

clear things

1517517311 5f431380c7 o clear things

I have always had this fixation with all things clear — glass, lucite, water, etc. Once I bought a clear plastic trash can because it looked so pretty on the shelf, but it wasn’t so effective in hiding my garbage. Anyway, you can guess that I absolutely love the old glass door knobs in my apartment and thought I’d try and capture their beauty on film (or memory card).

a day in the life

1510684346 16e182c439 o a day in the life

When your bedroom is also your office, one gets creative with all the flat surfaces available to work with. Here, I have to share my space with one cat who doesn’t seem to mind as I edit my working prints into something more cohesive.

cute couple

1499093200 66ba28b4cc o cute couple

Don’t know them, just took their picture.

guest photographer

1490197669 466ec08442 o guest photographer

My good friends just came back from a trip to Alaska and captured some amazing shots of this glacier. Notice the pockets of bluish-aqua water in between the crevasses and frozen in the ice. Thanks to Rob for letting me post this shot!

by iphone

1484257721 0085136021 o by iphone

After a rousing game of tennis a few weeks ago, I was alert enough to still capture this scene near the east river tennis courts with my phone. It looks so peaceful and quiet in the picture, but I’m standing on a walkway over the FDR Drive/highway and the bridge is rarely silent.

creepy sommelier

1477519028 975c00ce76 o creepy sommelier

Sommeliers can sometimes carry an air of snobbery about them (or maybe we’re just jealous that we don’t get to talk about wine for a living). I wasn’t about to question this guy’s taste for wine for fear he would hurt me.

it’s a plane

1470176047 2c9f56631b o its a plane

I’m not sure whether I was framing this shot just to be different (likely), or I wanted to capture that itty bitty plane in the upper right (not likely, but a happy accident). The concrete ice cream cone with accompanying mermaid tail is another in a bunch of odd sites at Coney Island.