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pensive paul

2075181496 33f3be22dc o pensive paul

shapes and flowers

2074374567 44f3d50943 o shapes and flowers
Another pic of the beautiful model from my nude class a number of months back.

don’t act like I told ya

2072640754 2d911e1473 o dont act like I told ya
From singing at the top of your lungs in a dark, nondescript numbered room with a phone to order your booze, to eating caviar and drinking the finest champagne with a commanding view from the Time Warner building, we enjoyed the weekend from one extreme to the other. Karaoke and Per Se are a great way to experience the nightlife in NY.

two kitties

2070180096 4c9346bbfe o two kitties

per our desire for good food (and wine)

2066189723 ab724ab317 o per our desire for good food (and wine)

Last night was the night. We had waited two long months but it finally arrived. Our reservations at Per Se were cashed in (and I mean cashed) and we were transported to another world of taste. Food and wine pairings have never been more pleasurable.

my boy

2060733812 e9f528097f o my boy

Pensive and pigeon-toed.


2057529222 bb876b4026 o thanksgiving

I’m not sure who took this picture yesterday, but I kind of like it in its nondescript sort of way. A terrific combination of football, friends, turkey and pumpkin pie made for a very satisfying thanksgiving.

a rose is a rose

2052956397 107b474fec o a rose is a rose

They are a bit tired and destined for le garbage but they’re still roses. My reflection in the mirror of me is blurry, but its still me.

little sunshine

2050417583 a34ca6c41d o little sunshine

This past weekend we spent some precious time with little Frances, Paul’s niece, who can light up anyone’s day.

mixed cat

2047669317 84166c2a49 o mixed cat

My family hasn’t had much luck with purebred cats. They are more prone to health issues due to the intense and controlled breeding processes purebreds go through. Callie, my mom’s current cat is a siamese mix — healthy, a good mouse hunter and one of a kind.

trapeze artist

2045477486 75f9e5fbac o trapeze artist
A squirrel-proof bird feeder is a tough thing to find. As we were eating our breakfast, this little guy took a flying leap to his (hers?).

cloud over katz’s

1848796856 7d46684b8c o cloud over katzs

I took this photo about a year ago for my roll-a-day class (actually on my way to class). When I was in the east village yesterday I noticed that the building that was under construction then is now complete. I hope that all this “progress” doesn’t encroach on what makes this neighborhood so full of character.

pho what ails you

2021666437 697f9c9d92 o pho what ails you
Whenever I’m feeling under the weather a good bowl of Pho usually does the trick. This delicious Vietnamese national soup is a combination of heady broth, chewy rice noodles, sweet spices and scintillating herbs and can be further boosted in flavor with the addition of thin slices of beef tendon, tripe, brisket and the like. Koreatown, on 32nd St. is where you can find the best.

street cleaning ballet

2005725496 00fd35fd55 o street cleaning ballet

The main characters in this dance are the street cleaners, those unfortunate enough to have a car in the city and the parking police — all set in a typical NY neighborhood. Twice a week, I get in my car not 2 minutes before 11:00 a.m. when the street cleaning is to begin. I pull out of my space and drive around the neighborhood for at least half an hour or until I see the wet brush marks of a street cleaning truck alongside an empty curb. Along with the dozens of other cars circling around we begin to pull in, grabbing the prime spots. Then we wait. Books, magazines, cell phones, beach chairs (I’ve seen it) — anything to kill the time in or around our vehicles until 12:30 p.m. (they will ticket you if you are not in your car before the street cleaning time is up). Three days later it begins all over again. This was my view from the car for about an hour and a half.

forgotten cart

1987529324 60c942b88d o forgotten cart

During my hard-core black and white days, I took this shot in Tucson, Arizona. It was a photo that at one point was included in my repertoire but has since lost favor. As my photo library grows by leaps and bounds some images stick around and some, unfortunately, get edited out.

lazy sunday…

1954968196 3f98832e1f o lazy sunday...

lazy post. But it’s my boy, Ernie, who I never tire of unless he wakes me up at 5 a.m.

cookie lane

1955037272 9d4cb24324 o cookie lane

Today is the perfect day to stay in and bake cookies.


1936055483 15efe72d86 o whiskers

And again, I had another successful photo shoot with my cat. I really need to get out more.

mom and her kitty

1922778188 58a883e112 o mom and her kitty

Mom needed a photo of her and her cat Callie to put on this year’s holiday stationary. I was happy to oblige.

nyc’s finest

1874777584 062b5c3484 o nycs finest
Another shot from the NYC Marathon.

pet part

1888988987 dbd303ad83 o pet part

More from my cat Ernie.


1874881108 57337bfc66 o congratulations!

The mental and physical strength it takes to run 26 miles is staggering. Congratulations to my friend Tulani (she’s the one wearing the flashy foil blanket — given to the runners for warmth, not fashion) for participating in the 2007 New York City Marathon. We (Tulani’s sister, mom, cousin, Paul and I) were all honored to be in the presence of a true athlete.

shedding light on annie

1844456460 1d880fac4d o shedding light on annie
A few days ago I went to the Annie Leibovitz exhibit in DC. Up until then, I had seen the occasional magazine cover or spread, heard the random opinion of her work and witnessed a whole lot of hype for this photographer. I always find it interesting to see the work of famous photographers that is rarely in the public eye. Ansel Adams, while only known for his landscapes had a fabulous eye for people. In Ms. Leibovitz’s case, the exhibit showed the stripped down portraits of famous people, yet intertwined were images of her personal life as well as some of her quiet and sometimes bleak, oversized landscapes. Seeing all of these photos together, she is now more real to me.


1831245100 1e3e7355d4 o enlightening
As we were winding our way towards the Annie Leibovitz exhibit housed at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, my mom and I experienced this mesmerizing light show. In the center of the light-filled circular room was this statue, bathed in colorful lights just like the surrounding walls. Along with the soothing psychedelic music, I could have lingered there for hours.

fraction capture

1807630937 6ae5ea0dbb o fraction capture

There is definitely a pattern where my close-up portraits are concerned. The subject is pushed so close to the edge of the frame. I’m not sure why I do this, but why fight it. Maybe its because it leaves a little mystery to the viewer and you don’t necessarily have to see the whole face to get a good enough sense of a person. Or maybe I’m just fascinated with people’s hair, as that is what usually ends up centered on the page icon smile fraction capture .