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happy new year!

2152544995 473529a566 o happy new year!


2149629579 47a4950100 o winter

view from the press box

2146738033 c7935a4757 o view from the press box
The other day, Paul and I took an hour-long tour of Yankee’s stadium which included this unique view of the ball field from the press box.

sit and spin, or a variation thereof

2144119928 ba2c29499c o sit and spin, or a variation thereof

Little Frances is showing off her new Sit and Spin (now with music!).

holiday cheer

2141251502 e6e1e9860b o holiday cheer


2132471854 9e95eb8023 o toys!

tradition in food

2132479054 531b58726d o tradition in food
As with a lot of families, there are foods that stick around year after year for better or for worse… eggnog, fruitcake, jello salad, holiday wreath cake, pickled cream herring, my uncle’s special scrambled eggs, etc. I was just reading an article about the English history and tradition of Christmas pudding. While it never really caught on in America, another tradition that originally came from France through the English was pumpkin pie. From France?? Anyway, while my own cooking goes in and out of style, I always try and make a batch of bourbon balls to celebrate the season (from a recipe my friend Melina gave me almost a decade ago).

snack time

2107144165 23335d0a2c o snack time

No houseplant is safe here.

big apple

2126819941 91f6d24a04 o big apple
This was taken on opening night for the new Apple store conveniently/dangerously located in our neighborhood. I thought I’d be able to get my free tshirt and leave, but I couldn’t even get within 20 feet of the door. This post brought to you by my Apple iphone, of course.

medium frame of mind

2125334144 31e3e6387e o medium frame of mind
I’ve been studying and photographing the world through a 35 mm, rectangular frame. After being told by a portfolio reviewer in New Orleans and an instructor at ICP that my ‘eye’ might be better expressed through a medium format/square frame I’m considering making the leap. It’s not like changing brands of soap and it will require money, time and effort on my part. But, if I can ultimately take a better picture, then it’s all worth it. This was one of my very first attempts taken at Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, a couple of years back.

fleeing the scene

2122847508 63155781ab o fleeing the scene
I tried to show Ernie some photos of himself but obviously he could have cared less.

dining in

2119894768 6a3f63b561 o dining in

Vegetable soup was on the menu this evening (and grilled cheese), but let’s just focus on the fact that we avoided the evil takeout menu and enjoyed a home cooked meal in Manhattan.

sunnier days

2117294416 df7bb61093 o sunnier days
Today was windy, rainy and icy, and I was in a class room learning about how my two book ideas have already been taken. On the bright side, I walked away from class feeling excited about my collection of Coney Island and Ernie pics, and with the help and encouragement of students and teacher, will continue to pursue what I love.

made with love

2110569773 e0d8e167ce o made with love

A couple of nights ago, we headed over to the east village for some Ethiopian cuisine. Here is a shot of the owner of Meskel and I must say his cooking is as bright and colorful as his smile.

pet project

2107135143 451c63785c o pet project
This cold weather is rough on wanna-be photographers. And as I type this, I hear sleet pounding the windows. So I turn my focus inward and keep shooting the other animate objects that reside in this warm apartment.

paul and the wonder wheel

2103747711 b7b2829cb1 o paul and the wonder wheel

strange relationships

2101975866 5b9b2083bc o strange relationships

Kind of like pigeons, styrofoam often makes it into some of my shots.

it is what you think it is

2099573328 f0e9e0459e o it is what you think it is
Yes, it’s a self portrait (among other ‘things’). So, as I was editing some work, I noticed that shiny objects can be very revealing (that’s me in the reflection).

looking down to look up

2096530596 39e98ea985 o looking down to look up

At first I was kind of grossed out by this milky water at the foot of the stairs to the St. Louis Cathedral on the edge of Jackson Square, New Orleans. But the reflection and overall tone of the image is subtle and soft.

napoleon house

2093494009 fbc3ed2d33 o napoleon house

A 200 hundred year old landmark that suspends time is one of my favorite places for a sazerac and a muffuletta.

somewhere in the french quarter

2091558837 132d86664f o somewhere in the french quarter


2088991903 19257cd318 o 1608
As we drove closer to the now rebuilt levy in the 9th Ward, we noticed an increase in empty lots as well as stairways leading to nothing.

I am coming home. I will rebuild.

2087508106 cba62560ef o I am coming home. I will rebuild.

This was a fairly typical scene as we drove through the ravaged area of the 9th ward in New Orleans. No more people. No more neighborhoods. House, after abandoned house — all empty shells, most spray painted with codes designating their destiny to be bulldozed or saved.

quiet between two cities

2085790284 1968242ae7 o quiet between two cities
This is a lot of what I saw between New Orleans and New York today. The sky offered up some soothing scenes.

winds of change

2035777938 9bbfe627c8 o winds of change

I’m not sure what to say about this photo, so ‘winds of change’ will have to do.