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before the massacre

2232333325 011088b9fe o before the massacre

desperate times

2228742761 1db4390023 o desperate times
Little kitty, here, dismembered his red mousy toy. So it was off to the pet store to find a red (aren’t cats supposed to be color blind?), real fur, mousy that rattled, or else. I had turned into the dog owner in the movie Best In Show that had to have the Busy Bee. The pet store owner thought I was nuts.


2227320104 78fb1a4d63 o frozen

As I am attracted to all things clear, this frozen grate on the grounds of the Saint Francis Cathedral in New Mexico captured my attention.

natural filter

2221232671 9919084bb6 o natural filter

Photographing while inside of a moving car does not particularly yield good photographs. Undaunted, I clicked away, using the condensation on my passenger window as a filter.

it happened

2222027968 d69ddbb536 o it happened

I went to Wal-Mart for the first time ever and Nazar captured the moment perfectly.

spin cycle

2219930526 1f45438932 o spin cycle
This is probably one of the pics that I shot literally from my hip. I love how there is tension around the bottom of the photo. Technically its bad to ‘see’ any sign of the photographer in a shot but what the heck. All the things that are wrong seem right to me in this image.

respectfully creepy

2218293540 09aa9c70ef o respectfully creepy
This statue outside the Saint Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, NM had an eerie light around it. Other religious icons in and around the church also had an air of creepiness. Is it intentional or is it just how I see it?

lure of the west

2214676667 5a221960d3 o lure of the west
Yikes. I never intended to go so long without a blog post. Apologies. Maybe it had something to do with being completely transfixed by the New Mexico scenery over the past few days…

en route

2199025304 8117f38785 o en route

After a long day of travels our group has all convened in Taos, N.M.

the white place

2197797677 478b2294b2 o the white place
In keeping with my southwest theme, this is a pic from an excursion to Plaza Blanca, or as Georgia O’Keeffe dubbed it, “the White Place.” A little off the beaten path, the sandstone cliffs and bleached rock formations feel otherworldly. Over exposing the shot emphasizes its natural brightness (I meant to do that icon wink the white place .

snow-capped cactus

2195504581 ee5cf7c7d7 o snow capped cactus
I have winter on the brain. This photo, courtesy of guest photographer Rob Ploger, was taken last year after a rare snowfall in Tucson.


2193911646 9ac986bfb6 o sacked

After a rousing game of touch football on Saturday this is how I felt on Sunday.

new mexican state of mind

2189774587 89b9f39720 o new mexican state of mind

This coming week we’re off to Taos, NM to do a little skiing. I hope this old bag-o-bones is up to the task. I took this pic over a year ago in Taos and I’m very much looking forward to photographing under the amazing light of New Mexico again.


2185351159 88ee87ef12 o super sized

I think Paul is a lot taller than I thought.


2183205739 bbe39495ed o frozen
Last weekend, Paul and I escaped the city — destination, historic Tarrytown. We stayed at the site of the oldest american conference center — Tarrytown House Estate. We had views of the Hudson and were greeted by this lonely statue at the base of our hotel building.

blessing america

2180960580 b4a3bf47a4 o blessing america


2177732387 c72326fb9a o diner
This was taken with my new camera, a Canon PowerShot G9. While it doesn’t quite take the pictures that my workhorse SLR can, it has a ton of handy features, but mostly it gives my shoulders and back a break because of it’s small size and portability. Thank goodness.


2171688307 3d4bafa439 o beige

oceanic ogling

2167591778 0788108b02 o oceanic ogling

I arrived at Coney Island about an hour before the polar bears did their thing. The rain had just stopped and I saw the opportunity for some gorgeous scenic shots by the water. In my rain boots, I trudged down to the water and did my thing with the camera.

stylish polar bear

2164220096 6faaa19a6a o stylish polar bear

This lovely lady is inhaling a few last drags of her cigarette before disrobing and taking the plunge. I love how you can kind of see the bleak ocean reflected in her sunglasses and the touch of smoke emanating from her lips.

random polar bear before the big dip

2160136478 9ac1542e42 o random polar bear before the big dip

heading for shore

2155639533 df7ab921cf o heading for shore

For the first day of 2008 I was determined to go watch the polar bears at Coney Island. They are a lively bunch who run into the ocean, supposedly for their health. Needless to say, with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees, I saw a lot of pink skin.