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catch a whiff of this

2301658788 6ba9f0f412 o catch a whiff of this

The Lazy K Bar Guest Ranch in Tucson, AZ, has many unusual smells particularly for a city dweller like me.

from 70 to 30

2298918684 74cf578776 o from 70 to 30

It’s back to the cold after a warm vacation out west.

on the move again

2282689758 01d678c982 o on the move again Phoenix to Tucson today, on a bus (not running).


2281907233 93b25ee438 o airborne
Leaving the snow behind, I find myself in the southwest again to visit friends and my bro (pictured).

into the sunset

2282685966 8104e3b8da o into the sunset

Generally, it was a crappy ride down to DC until I witnessed this amazing sky.

ride home

2280301688 88db17b886 o ride home
The trip home is always long, but I just made the train and spent minimal time out in the blustery cold.

john and paul

2229370992 efe8d735cb o john and paul

neighborhood joint

2270122874 e884f447d5 o neighborhood joint
Weekends usually mean at least one breakfast at Le BonBonniere, a scruffy diner in the west village. This “temple of grease” attracts movie stars and average folks like ourselves.


2266763717 51b1074612 o love

cat and kertesz

2264639925 cf9d813290 o cat and kertesz

sleeping in distant lands

2262413346 516137c3b2 o sleeping in distant lands
Our room at the Sagebrush Inn, Taos, N.M.

tough guy…

2259334516 48fec44a80 o tough guy...
…and the people who dared to photograph him. This guy and his buds were at Coney Island to watch the Polar Bears do their thing.

food, sort of

2255468236 0187a2bdce o food, sort of
I haven’t posted a food shot in a while. As much as I have been avoiding all ‘fast’ food I will make the occasional exception. This was my lunch on xmas day. It tasted about as good as it looked, which isn’t saying much.

more from the range

2251771796 1ea9b5a165 o more from the range

on target

2249310428 3b6cf4f128 o on target
A trip to the West Side Rifle Range, hidden in the middle of Manhattan, was like visiting another world.

show time

2244756612 76e560bf31 o show time
Tonight will be the opening night of a gallery show featuring a variety of work from up and coming artists, including five (5!) works of my own. Come to the HPGRP gallery to see!


2244058365 5bcb69193b o fans

Not an artsy shot but relevant. I spotted this cute couple the night before the big game.

a grand terminal

2242831524 e3f0c8f57b o a grand terminal

Today my photo group took a tour of Grand Central Terminal (if you call it a station you’d actually be referring to its original name pre 1913 or the current post office nearby). We learned lots of interesting historical facts. Back in the late 1950s, in order to bring in revenue to a struggling depot and in response to the space race with Russia, Grand Central erected an American missile in the main concourse. The missile was a few feet taller than the ceiling, so a tiny black hole was cut to make it fit. You can still see the hole in the midst of the (backwards) constellations and even our tour guide could not explain why the hole was never filled in. This photo doesn’t show the hole but is only representative of just one corner of the ceiling.

had my cake and ate it too

2239489132 a61072f849 o had my cake and ate it too
Another bday for the record books. I was trying to think of something deep and meaningful to write for this post — how bdays are great but suck, etc. I’m over it. Simply put, I had my gin (with one olive), cards and notes from all my loving friends and family, and that was just right. Dinner at Babbo was icing on the bday cake.


2234251023 d20b72e562 o dirt