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what was

2378026606 cb2c42e242 o what was

As I learn more and more about the history of NYC and the surrounding area, I always try and imagine what it would have been like a mere 200 years ago. From historical accounts, the area was teeming with wild life and there was this amazing, unmistakable floral scent. Oysters a foot long could be plucked out of the water. I know it will never be the same, but I hope that our ugly human tracks can be covered with nature once again.

beach boy

2375694074 82b1e4805e o beach boy

midair mousie

2365745611 f4c3f24bb2 o midair mousie

ernie and bunnies

2364020307 5ee991e43e o ernie and bunnies
Ernie was so relaxed, he didn’t realize he was slipping off my lap. This pic was a tad difficult to take, but thanks to the simplicity of the iPhone, I was able to capture the moment.

yay for rob!

2362082910 9653893677 o yay for rob!

Somewhat similar in nature to my previous blog post and just as fun to photograph. I realize he’s without arms, but I love the dust coming off his shoes and the light reflecting off his hat.

yay for ernie!

2356944334 6601bfa864 o yay for ernie!

a moment

2353211522 9cb71861d0 o a moment

behind the veil

2348155064 e309347a84 o behind the veil

Taken from my table on the second floor of Merkato 55 last night in the west village.

the good life

2347056884 71726ca43a o the good life
Last night we went to Fette Sau to “pig” out on some amazing bbq. Once our food coma set in, I pulled out the camera. Lately, I’ve been shooting from the hip (avoiding looking through the viewfinder) and it seems that people react differently to the camera. I like the look on Josh’s face (pictured, right) — he looks genuinely content.

me too!

2335968559 452f93bc37 o me too!

Ernie usually gets all the limelight but its about time Sammy Sam got some too.

not austria or virginia

2340625563 96e3890361 o not austria or virginia

But sausages. Vienna Sausages (said to contain riboflavin). Dedicated to my friend Kelly.

helen’s granddaughter

2336063949 9f94d76804 o helens granddaughter


2334391926 e0782766e6 o helen
The lovely lady is my grandmother. My mom and I recently went through a collection of old photographs, and this one is my favorite. What modern camera can take a picture like this? And, at the time this was taken, photographs were usually posed whereas this image capture was more spontaneous. There is hint of a farm house in the background, and I love the figure(s) on the right.

phoning it in

2331236558 7679e6b129 o phoning it in
Always on the lookout for bright, shiny objects, I spotted this little heart of glitter in the middle of a pocket of filth on the sidewalk. As I was taking a closer look at it, someone stopped next to me thinking I had dropped something, but when I tried to explain I thought this would make a cool picture, they quickly turned on their heels and walked away. (Taken by my iPhone).

sunshine and cat are back…

2326560127 98c715dcc9 o sunshine and cat are back...
Taking advantage of the soft afternoon light I shot this slightly overexposed photograph (intentionally) just a few minutes ago. Making the bed is never really an option when the cats have fresh-out-of-the-dryer sheets to play in.

Spring is welcome anytime

2324986644 5ec9bcfe73 o Spring is welcome anytime

This was taken a couple of Fridays ago as our plane was being de-iced. Miraculously we took off (and landed) with ease, but a bright warm sunny day is the stuff of dreams right now.

fine craftsmanship

2311971379 903ddcc8cd o fine craftsmanship
This gorgeous cocktail table (or coffee table, depending on your preference) is almost done. Courtesy of my bro, this priceless bday gift will soon find its way into my living room.

and god created cactus

2319097652 87a65ed7e1 o and god created cactus
Photo courtesy of Rob Ploger.

I was kidding about the ‘one more shadow’ thing…

2315174249 52c39a2b46 o I was kidding about the one more shadow thing...
I picked up my black and white film from the lab yesterday (one of the rare labs left that still develop b/w film). I took about 600-700 digital color photos during my last trip to AZ but only two rolls of 36 with black and white film (I’ll talk about editing in a future post). Because I know that b/w film is a little more precious these days, I was being a bit more careful with my shots, but was surprised that my percentage of good photos increased compared with the digital. I’m not sure if this pic is one of my favorites, but I thought it would be interesting to compare with the previous blog post. In addition I was sort of attempting to recreate a photo I took of my bro a couple of years ago (another future blog post) with the black and white. While I think the photograph is somewhat successful, I also think I could use a new scanner if I want to get rid of the muddiness and sharp contrast that is typically absent in a darkroom print. Anyway, I could go on but I’m a bit chatty this evening, so I think I’ll sign off since this is a “photo” blog after all.

and yet one more shadow shot

2311974403 abe1cb4d87 o and yet one more shadow shot

more on shadow

2309402542 53083e741d o more on shadow

In keeping with yesterday’s post, here is another shadow shot. BTW, taking pictures with a heavy camera while riding a horse is a little on the difficult side. I’m just glad my horse, Notch, kept her cool.

kitties and bunnies

2306166254 5dca12f3f4 o kitties and bunnies

My brother’s cat, June, found a yummy crumb on the table. Her shadow looks kind of like a bunny. I like bunnies.

fun with focus

2302644441 8b83ce94be o fun with focus

Fuzzy portrait of my brother, Rob.