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2454641049 1c962d650e o technicolor

This is a favorite from the archives. The rainbow color on the windows is real — I think a combination of mist and sun reflected on the glass. I did, however, enhance the color slightly in Photoshop for emphasis.


2452700858 f8aa43a8fa o tuesday


2449476339 a10265e85e o monday

dining utensils

2444771774 1e71629cdb o dining utensils

My bro gives my mom a quick lesson in the use of chopsticks at a favorite dim sum restaurant.


2441069131 09ea6b2578 o smaleras

night life

2439097954 0412ea51d4 o night life

travel essentials

2437333718 d6d5fffde5 o travel essentials

Sunglasses, iPhone (w/headphones), purse, camera and furry tote bag.

living room of memories

2435183352 cdaac66a0c o living room of memories

personal portrait

2430693079 b17db370ec o personal portrait
This past weekend I was on the road again, visiting friends who allowed me to photograph them in their homes for a project I’m working on. It was raining outside of Abe’s house and available light was difficult to come by but I think I captured a moment in the life of a man who lost his wife on 9/11.

amazing feat

2423053615 783b9caf86 o amazing feat

As some may know, I’m not a big fan of (human) feet but I have been learning how to embrace them ever so slightly. They have to be pretty nice looking feet to be posted on my blog, however, and these are some of the nicest.

sleepy head

2421829178 c304697886 o sleepy head

warming trend

2416485147 a950ea7018 o warming trend

what lies beneath

2414174443 9b944236cd o what lies beneath

la piscine dans l’hotel

2410669155 a2eb8db0f8 o la piscine dans lhotel

Slightly jet-lagged, I felt like I was in another world at the Holiday Inn in St. Louis last week. The smell of chlorine and humid air trapped by the ceiling added to my overall displacement. I secretly wished my room faced this indoor playroom, but you can’t have it all. (I’m not exactly sure why I typed the title of this entry in french, but I suspect its because piscine is one of my favorite words ever.)

from the flames

2408312272 2ab2a0a86c o from the flames

At approximately 8:30 a.m. yesterday morning in a factory in Missouri, the last 4 benches of the 184 total for the Pentagon Memorial were formed. Poured from 3,000 degree molten ferralium (titanium equivalent) the hardened benches will be polished and shipped to their final destination in Arlington, Virginia.

we were illuminated

2402772143 b1f967e58c o we were illuminated

Always good times with my thirsty friends, Deb and Dina. The table we sat at was illuminated which was a bit annoying but I like the results in this photo.


2401849688 eff59da8e8 o elaine

What a wonderful thing to be able to photograph my dear friend Elaine and her beautiful kids.


2396036319 6b5df38951 o anticipation

Paul’s niece, Frances, about to embark on a super taste sensation.

desperate or creative

2393009337 6df7ed20b7 o desperate or creative

Always looking for people and things to photograph I seem to have hit a slow spot. So I turn to myself in a dirty public restroom. At least my nose, which I’ve never been a huge fan of, is conveniently hidden.

seeing the light

2384637178 93890c0f02 o seeing the light

Just one of those moments when I notice a special kind of light.

it’s dinner time

2383788533 70d7e593df o its dinner time

A pleasant treat awaited me at my mom’s house last week… her home made enchiladas.

another landscape of sorts

2381040767 71199887b3 o another landscape of sorts