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along the same vein

2538288053 d2f3896c12 o along the same vein

climbing a rock

2534157515 895cb0993d o climbing a rock

I love photography, but I spend a lot of time indoors in front of a computer editing and marketing the work I’ve done. Maybe, at some point I’ll be at a higher place, but I might as well enjoy the climb.

sight sea-ing

2531323847 ef48251e3b o sight sea ing

fine dining

2528133056 e379838eb1 o fine dining

Pretty view, pretty restaurant, generally pretty people, and pretty food could all be found last Saturday evening at the Old Hickory Steakhouse in National Harbor, MD.

sleepy, but aware

2524998290 5fbe486a0b o sleepy, but aware

Our last stop before heading back to NY was a visit with Paul’s brother’s family.

hair-brained idea

2513874678 ab94d24c01 o hair brained idea

I decided to use the fringe on an old lamp as hair on one of my classmates while in Cape May to help pass some time.

fountain of youth

2512998537 8380d04bf6 o fountain of youth

It’s rare to come across someone as giving and photogenic as this guy.

classy, yet not

2510965539 cc68882a62 o classy, yet not

During our tour around Wildwood, NJ, we saw a lot of fancy cars and blue metal palm trees.

rain has returned

2509734738 97c146de44 o rain has returned

weekend of indulgences

2506430128 b8c7b5921c o weekend of indulgences

It all began last Friday afternoon — a NY celebration of bdays and best friends. Monday afternoon finds me tired and hungover in an empty apartment, but with many delicious memories.

outstanding in the field

2499731210 d3a56cba7e o outstanding in the field

splish splash

2494983453 99e6c606cf o splish splash

Wandering around Wildwood, NJ, during the off-season one will find an abundance of empty swimming pools. Diana, my model du jour, and I made the best of the situation.

bunny behind

2492816834 72f5f1f412 o bunny behind

birth of a blog

2488916913 615ae15bed o birth of a blog

Today marks my 365th post — one year’s worth of pictures.

a real bunny

2485833985 795b1cd17c o a real bunny

walk, don’t walk

2479888822 bed74e3b56 o walk, dont walk

While the weather held out for our photo workshop yesterday in Cape May, NJ, we weren’t as lucky today.

more flowers… and a bunny!

2476847165 ce8a2d41f8 o more flowers... and a bunny!

another posy

2198265883 faa3e40e3b o another posy

scent and sensibility

2467627875 ba244f5db1 o scent and sensibility

Nothing too adventurous about this photo, but to me, the Peony is IT. Today, in the morning light, I was enthralled by my purchase of peonies. The longest used flowers in ornamental culture, they are delicate, rare, seasonal, and soaked with an alluring scent.

almost monday again

2466826538 0d893471a6 o almost monday again

It was a busy and productive weekend, at least for some of us…

ice scream for warmer weather

2462953966 f84df1de7e o ice scream for warmer weather

These cold rainy days are getting real old. The first warm, sunny day I’m taking a leisurely walk to get my favorite dark chocolate ice cream down on Bleecker St.


2457810385 1b78f54955 o thursday