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homage to harvey

2624741511 82e3cd8a6b o homage to harvey

When I first really ‘looked’ at this picture I took (the moment I clicked the shutter, I wasn’t sure exactly what I had captured) it totally reminded me of a photo one of my instructors took in Italy (and is now on the cover of his book, Movimento). While I can only aspire to be as talented as Mr. Stein, it was fun for me to capture a sliver of a moment similar to his.

port of call

2617927117 f0f1619e76 o port of call

Last night a bunch of us hit up an outdoor concert at the South Street Seaport. I was so enthralled with the setting and the people, I barely moved two feet from my seat.

the problem with video conferencing

2614152262 13f134c791 o the problem with video conferencing
Photo by Rob

flair and flare

2611683138 7a56acf3bb o flair and flare

Daniel, with the locks of love, doesn’t necessarily blend in to his surroundings — especially sporting this extra stylish getup while on Friday afternoon’s boat ride along the Potomac River.

same guy, slightly more flattering picture

2607692249 55581d00b7 o same guy, slightly more flattering picture

This photo was taken a few years ago, but as you can see in a more recent photo posted in March, I attempted to recreate its look.

happy birthday rob!

2604703152 8fae1eef5f o happy birthday rob!

food and shelter

2602885520 e625842416 o food and shelter

We capped our long journey home from Annapolis at the Corner Bistro, our friendly neighborhood pub where we devoured a rejuvenating meal of burgers and beers.

tech talk

2593616546 cfc0e0788f o tech talk

My brother and I decided to try video conferencing. Of course, we had to take pictures of the event.

so foul and fair a day I have not seen. -Macbeth

2590488356 fb69d80160 o so foul and fair a day I have not seen.  Macbeth

Actually, yesterday was quite fair with hardly any foul except a few minor criticisms of a Polish version of Macbeth, viewed in a gorgeous open air theater under the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.

station stop

2578080537 a5dbd805d2 o station stop

There are times when I know I should take a picture, but if I’m in a hurry, slightly distracted or just plain lazy, I often miss a golden opportunity. The other day, I managed to pause, pull out the camera and photograph the activity surrounding me. Probably one of the most photographed stations in the U.S., I joined the masses and felt the thrill of capturing beautiful Grand Central Terminal and its travelers.


2581235510 98737d0008 o laundry...

… and a clean kitty, who often escapes to the bottom of my laundry basket.

musée d’art

2578903744 d82a007e77 o musée dart

Well, actually a café up in Westchester where my friend Debbie’s work is beautifully displayed. The artist (pictured), my friend Pamela and I shared lunch and a relaxing afternoon together talking shop and taking in the gorgeous surroundings.

congrats to the graduate

2567381497 bc86d56c93 o congrats to the graduate

Last Saturday I had the distinct honor (and about 2 minutes) to photograph my friend’s daughter right before her graduation party.

and back to color

2570237381 a4b019f6c7 o and back to color

subway station in sepia

2568228300 d7e0275c54 o subway station in sepia

Someone had set my G9 camera to shoot in sepia which turned out to be a refreshing switch from my usual color. Definitely a long exposure judging by the blurry figure in the foreground.


2564581573 872e0e7f52 o muffins

These little ones were having a grand time at my friend Elaine’s daughter’s graduation party last weekend, as was everyone else in attendance.


2557628973 d033b32873 o visitor

Last night I dreamt that my dad and I visited the memorial together. To get there we took an elevator from a very high floor of a tall building. It was a fast and fun ride down. When we stepped off the elevator, we were surrounded by shimmering pools of water broken up by patches of grass and stainless steel benches emerging from the ground. My dad then left, but I wasn’t alone.

watching the world go by

2548217581 a4242a0e61 o watching the world go by

It was so nice the other night to sit at Union Square and take in city life.

looking back

2551922106 4fb8fdf70e o looking back

Last evening I shared drinks with an old friend at the Paramount Hotel in midtown Manhattan. The last time I was there was a few years ago when my dreams of moving to Manhattan were about to become reality. I took this photo back then, and while our room was smaller than a large closet, I could’ve cared less because of what lay outside.

in the spotlight

2534138323 cfebaf4438 o in the spotlight

no toy is safe

2546324544 f9f5170769 o no toy is safe

hand over fist

2541095549 81d4bf2b68 o hand over fist

More from the archives but fun to revisit this subject of hands in nature.