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cruisin’ for a bruisin’

2720725476 154fe82b26 o cruisin for a bruisin

In the back of a cab the other night, I noticed that the low evening light really accentuated the hues of my lovely bruise. I think this sucker is going to be around awhile. Maybe I should give it a name. The cause of this monstrosity was…

random restaurant patron

2716370367 0890f031c2 o random restaurant patron
Sometimes I wonder if I’m being too sly and underhanded sneaking photos of people without them knowing. But I like to think of it as simply capturing an honest moment. And yes, it is slightly blurry, but something I’m working on icon smile random restaurant patron .

beer here

2710861475 f1f263da5b o beer here

This is probably the view if one has had too much to drink. Fortunately just my camera was that low to the bar.

a good egg

2700884305 85572d2434 o a good egg

down in the hole

2699787176 60e371fc68 o down in the hole

For those of you that watch The Wire, this is probably a familiar sight. From the view of my train, I saw with my own eyes that these corners in Baltimore really do exist — and this particular one is for the taking. Mos def.

cool pool

2696845516 487729cd4a o cool pool

Yes, another pool shot, but I’m loving the late afternoon/early evening light.

beating the heat

2693890930 051026f290 o beating the heat

colorful callie

2690914806 78ec34942d o colorful callie

My mom’s kitty feeling cozy in her tissue paper bed.

remains of the day

2686223485 5c9e756ef1 o remains of the day

On a more temperate night last week, we rode our bikes up the Hudson and stopped at one of my favorite landmarks, or should I say watermarks. Float Bridge No. 4, built in 1911, transferred rail cars to barges. “One of the most significant marine structures remaining in the city… showed less inclination to dump boxcars into the river.”


2682344735 a8a445ac05 o extremes

From the overly air conditioned car of my train, I gazed at the hot, hazy scenery outside my window.

bad kitty

2633548089 25a00ea557 o bad kitty

Kitty’s claws got trimmed today.

good doggie

2671788275 4c5d8ab450 o good doggie

dahlia who?

2669239960 b03e0c69f4 o dahlia who?

This little one has many names — fizzy, Ava Grace, monkey, dude, Dahlia (her real name, but only when she says). Here she makes her debut as the Little Mermaid.

little cows

2666433450 edcfe74f8c o little cows

One of the cute sights we saw in Connecticut over the weekend.

fly away

2657945467 cdb5aac8d6 o fly away

I could go on and on with these Tucson beauty shots, but I should probably get back to earth with some other subjects.


2652835823 49aba5a5d2 o sighting

One of many amazing sights from my brother’s backyard.

singing in the rain

2649510403 36ff294949 o singing in the rain

As some may know, I’m a weather nut. Needless to say I was completely enthralled with the show the skies put on for me in Tucson.

patriotic pants

2647036138 316c93e8af o patriotic pants

This 4th of July weekend was spent at my brother’s house in Tucson. I have always wanted to experience the extreme heat of the desert during summer but temps only hovered around the high 90s. Good enough for me and thank goodness for swimming pools.

open door

2633448519 d65a6c4b23 o open door

Just another day walking through the west village.

chin up

2631627797 53c3e572f9 o chin up

Yes, I’m having a fine time with this 14mm lens. Ernie wanted to check it out too and took a big sniff.

high five, er four

2628959804 a8f95dfcce o high five, er four

My dear friend Pamela has let me borrow her camera before I actually take the plunge and buy a 5D for myself. It’s a good sign that this camera is the one for me when I capture a shot like this.