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2813425293 2ac427390b o thirsty

The DC area finally got some much needed relief in the form of rain. While it interfered with my photo plans, I wasn’t going to whine about it too much.

subway rider

2800583782 73e274bb5c o subway rider

the country

2803231633 5057290921 o the country

the city

2795836435 0dfd155a26 o the city

in the spotlight

2793145781 9af00b56e1 o in the spotlight

A rare, but, if I might add, effective use of flash used on super star Frances.

looking around

2787469154 7d2752a24a o looking around

Not much going on in the middle of this photograph, but top and bottom reveal a little more interest.

picture this

2785175516 7e456197e3 o picture this

Sometimes having the camera annoys me because I can get lost in a moment and then think, “oh, I need to take a picture of this” and my special moment is lost in getting my camera and fixing my settings, etc. But then I get home and look at the results and find I have that special little moment forever.

parking space

2782584260 56a874a2e5 o parking space

on the rail again

2778438379 97cb3e821f o on the rail again

Train or the Turnpike? I choose train. Gave my brain a rest from reality and got a lot of reading done on my trip home today.

little airplane…

2773358708 6062f7b738 o little airplane...
big weekend of sailing.

happy birthday paul!

2769431462 71f1966a38 o happy birthday paul!

motion of the ocean

2766140495 38b9877ed8 o motion of the ocean

Today was our first day of sailing lessons. We learned about luffing, beating and jibing. I also learned I’m still swaying even though I type this from terra firma.

cooling off

2762984501 bd8ab3f4b0 o cooling off

After spending some of the afternoon in the steamy NYC subway system, I needed to look at something that would cool me off — not that I want winter back or anything.

look left

2760349047 b626a772ca o look left
Just a random people shot taken on the IKEA ferry back to Manhattan last Saturday.

storm chasers

2757188437 58a4d194b6 o storm chasers

Riding through tornado country in Ohio, my friend Jess and I suddenly became very nervous when we spotted this suspicious formation of clouds. Glad I had my camera and glad I’m here to talk about it icon smile storm chasers .

empire state building and me

2753943501 e81a5a53e0 o empire state building and me


2750926248 021295a512 o street wise

Some fancy duds on this lovely little lady. I love New York.

just plain cute

2744588404 ca44578a7e o just plain cute


2741474313 3616bf0be8 o digestion

Ivan, clearly, was done with his breakfast.

take off

2739549529 b72cb1c6d2 o take off

I was in flight again today, this time returning from a very nice visit with my dear friend in Dayton, OH.

yellow is gold

2729645786 f06ac8dccd o yellow is gold

We were in Boston this weekend attending an opening at a gallery in which one of my photos was featured. Taking a break from the cramped gallery space, I spotted this Bulgarian beauty just outside, wearing my favorite color.

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