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here comes another bride

2898413129 0564df83e6 o here comes another bride

timing is everything

2899274324 f7dc054c4e o timing is everything
After 6 plus hours of celebrating the marriage of Jeff and Erika, our abilities to capture a serious, tender moment faded.

fax cat

2891535246 174326eba4 o fax cat

The bus was late last evening but at least I had my camera to help pass some time.

end of summer

2887624663 a5c47b0f7a o end of summer

hope springs eternal… and links

2883062479 b5bffbe582 o hope springs eternal... and links

My friend Marcos’s interview with me came at a really good time — Sometimes I feel I have a long way to go with my art, but I need to step back once in a while and acknowledge the things I have accomplished. You might recognize some of these images from previous blog posts but here is the complete collection that appears in the documentary, “A Nation Remembers — The Story of the Pentagon Memorial” which will air on national television sometime next year and can also be purchased here —

i dunno

2882880809 8f84a52997 o i dunno

Today was one of those days where I didn’t know what to post. Nothing really jumped out at me. Looking through my images I sometimes feel there is no common thread, although apparently, I do have a certain style. When I submit to contests, I’m never sure what to send in. Trying to categorize, or fit a few of my images into a group is proving quite difficult. I guess I’ve had a couple of long-term projects with a certain trajectory, but my best work seems to come in fits and spurts. How does a ‘street’ photographer package that into something that is popularly accepted? I feel like a soggy kitty.

soggy, sour kitty

2880436551 bcc08ca254 o soggy, sour kitty

So I didn’t have my ‘real’ camera walking down a west village street the other day, but iPhone to the rescue.

deer caught in the headlights

2876018731 40bf038246 o deer caught in the headlights

Actually a squirrel caught by my flash.

smoke em if you got em…

2868060597 6e07d3e867 o smoke em if you got em...
in a boat on the Potomac if you got that too…

little lamb lunching

2867281514 da40f16a30 o little lamb lunching

I was also able to lunch with my sheep friends (and human friends) at Stone Barns, 30 miles up the Hudson.

along the same lines…

2859680109 076a356fc7 o along the same lines...


2861076913 993ca47284 o america


2857476092 856e519198 o arrival

At the end of this journey stands a most elegant memorial. From the ashes of an event so horrible and hateful to a renewal of soundness and life, this place is like no other — as individual as the people who died on 9/11/2001. My heartfelt and most sincerest thank you to all who contributed.

shaken not stirred

2843452813 bc381e08f5 o shaken not stirred

Paul and I attended a swanky event last eve., posing as the press, of course. Free drinks, celebrity sightings, a spectacular view of the financial district and this intense bartender made the evening more than worthwhile.

building, grass, sky

2835456470 f8d6ab0e71 o building, grass, sky

Just your run of the mill scenic shot taken near the IKEA in Red Hook.

clearing skies

2831682479 dd5b4070d7 o clearing skies
Hurricane Hanna did her thing, and while some of us got soaked and lost shoes in torrents of rain we are now looking forward to a peaceful, dry Sunday.



and now for something cute and fuzzy

2828373428 16a5948eba o and now for something cute and fuzzy


2829903608 f2a92f6233 o glimpse

lots of little things

2824846179 d124efcaff o lots of little things

At first glance this photo has no real drama. But, the interest is definitely in the details. Every time I look at this picture I see something new.

burger bliss

2819705599 69c961c292 o burger bliss

About 5 minutes of pure bliss and 6 hours of after shocks.