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happy halloween

2990293466 9e70aaeeda o happy halloween

Hopefully this is a scary enough picture. It’s sometimes hard for me to overcome my cute, and sometimes sweet sensibilities.

something seasonal

2959700823 695d245ce1 o something seasonal

living history

2975210166 a55c8b2a7f o living history

Yesterday I went to the Museum of the City of New York to fulfill another artist date. With my growing fascination of New York’s history (also in the midst of reading The Fountainhead) I am much more aware of the buildings that surround me on my daily walks through the city.

to Manhattan, head east

2972062660 e143a8ccf6 o to Manhattan, head east
From the photo archives.


2968767734 58e2f46022 o schooling

After a day of classes and trade show gawking at this year’s PhotoPlus Expo I became a bit bleary-eyed. The shiniest part of the day was having dinner with my favorite college professor, Sue Bloom, whom I hadn’t seen in like, a lot of years.

a prettier section of the east village

2956236398 ee55e52401 o a prettier section of the east village

Except for the leaves on the ground, it almost looks spring-like.

high light of my day

2960525402 23d4f6fa1e o high light of my day

When times are tough, go and support your local salon.

part of a non-nutritious lunch

2952794370 c3dcc43f42 o part of a non nutritious lunch

I have started the Artist Way, which includes a series of exercises that will hopefully make me more creative. One of the lessons is to have an artist date with yourself once a week. It can be anything that you want but it should have a very personal meaning. This past week, I went to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee and and ice cream sandwich (I had to make due with a Pop Tart in lieu of the ice cream). When I was growing up, it was a weekly ritual for me to walk to the local 7-Eleven with my hard-earned allowance. I was hoping to recapture those days and to some extent I did but I also took home a slightly upset stomach. All very worth it, upset tummy and all.

so close, yet so far

2951854057 dc7b966072 o so close, yet so far

somewhere else

2950156564 bbbd036884 o somewhere else
Colder weather and shorter days make me feel a little bit sleepy.

i got nothin’

ring envy

2945381135 964ec93ec5 o ring envy

hear me roar

2942130357 7c47272e0b o hear me roar

Yes, I’m still experiencing some weird computer problems which is most annoying. Fortunately, I was able to walk away from them and observe a bunch of photography at the Art Director’s Club’s annual show. I’m all photo’d out now, so I thought I’d post an illustration on my blog instead of a photo. But now that I look back on this pic I drew a long, long time ago, it is fairly photo-real. Probably a sign of my future in photography.

remnants of a good time

2937653201 c96cb61f42 o remnants of a good time

A last minute trip came together perfectly. Yesterday a group of us waited in long lines to ride some of the most exciting roller coasters I’ve ever been on. I almost lost my glasses on more than one occasion and can barely comb thru my wind-blown hair, but what a blast. No pictures to show, unfortunately, just remnants of memories.

lift off

2932413050 21e7122444 o lift off

fractured meanings

2928074014 62066a0a6b o fractured meanings
So, blogs. About a year and a half ago, I was encouraged to design a website to showcase my portfolio. A blog soon followed, but it was for me, family and friends — a tool to keep my photography fresh. As the world of blogs evolve, they are becoming a greater selling tool for photographers (I highly recommend this interview with Ryan Schick, as it further illuminates the influence of blogs in the photo editing world, plus I want to kiss some ass). Will this change the way I view my own blog? Well, I do want to earn a living. But, while a lot of people could care less about my cats and what I think of the weather, I hope that my work still stands out as unique and can be enjoyed by all. Very tricky thing to do.

easy on the eyes

2924668680 dc7f69eb96 o easy on the eyes

While I experience frustrating technical difficulties with my workflow, I need something soothing to look at.

human love

2915835446 a16532b307 o human love

puppy love

2915830278 fb6bd36e1a o puppy love

ah, the life

2909341293 3b8392814e o ah, the life

Until they become a gourmet dinner at Blue Hill.

a rare giant squirrel

2899266480 cb6758bbd1 o a rare giant squirrel