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3072147181 e8c4cb2ec1 o hibernation

A dormant roller coaster in Erie, Pa.

color by Mood

3068623443 446713a4e5 o color by Mood

This week I went to Mood fabric store for my artist date. Whenever my mom took me to the fabric store as a kid, I would stare at all the different kinds of buttons. Mood (a Project Runway haunt) provided me a very nice selection. I also wanted to inject some color into my blog before I go back to my usual darker ‘moods’.

double dip

3066642527 b795905dbf o double dip

Action shot from Thanksgiving.

nice puddle

3059235343 191cae2f86 o nice puddle

During the winter I’m usually so cold I don’t want to lift my head to look up and so I end up staring at miles of dirty sidewalks until spring comes.

going with the grain

3056919961 782b07d593 o going with the grain

I paid the price for both the alcohol and the use of a higher ISO to get the shot and a nice buzz.

second look

3053736890 46f73355dd o second look

Stretching my photoshop muscles I worked a little bit yesterday to enhance this photo (deleted an unsightly trash can, lessoned the brightness of the flash in the foreground, highlighted the whites of her dress and skyline, among other things).

as time goes by

3049876217 5193127487 o as time goes by

Yesterday was street cleaning day. Had to move the car. That hour and a half lasts forever.

mother and child

3046680499 d2e5467dc0 o mother and child

A favorite of mine from today’s shoot.

on the lighter side

3040281216 70a9b3b904 o on the lighter side

in the darkness

3036302680 68429afca4 o in the darkness

I wish I had brighter shots to post but most of my pics lately have been taken under darker conditions. Is it because of impending winter or is it a reflection of an inner darkness?

smoke and a pancake?

3031428524 1976c39e4f o smoke and a pancake?

More like a smoke and a Mr. Softee milkshake for the newly married couple, sitting here on the steps of the New York Public Library.

blown out

3023673188 2ba5e05b56 o blown out

I can’t look at a camera right now. (this is actually a self portrait)

enough of color

3023727736 308ffa7faa o enough of color

I’m back in black.

do I dream in color?

3020431391 bb3bae8a35 o do I dream in color?

I love color. Most people do. But it is definitely not my strength when it comes to my photography as I tend towards more monochromatic tones — black and white being my truest love. I guess my subconscious was craving a bit more of the rainbow even though my focus was on the little white church in the middle of this scene in NYC.

heaven on earth, or odd things

3017788118 f11d748618 o heaven on earth, or odd things
I see some strange things in the city. But there are different kinds of strange out in the country.


3014168928 22e1cfb21d o fuzzy

Mike and Annemarie took Manhattan yesterday. A truly beautiful couple, now in marriage, I was honored to help capture their love and the love of family and friends. Today, while I’m feeling a little fuzzy, it is a good kind of tired. (photo by paul)

mountain view

3000355212 1b70aae5df o mountain view

We felt close to the clouds up in the Shenandoah mountains.

president elect

3005660629 7e13812290 o president elect

They just keep getting younger…

call of the wild

3002865530 ac21d7088b o call of the wild

Last week was a much-needed trip to Shenandoah, Va. New York was very far away.

halloween hangover

2992830382 64d82caa22 o halloween hangover

I had yet to see a NY parade… until last Friday. It was a doozy.

I see you

2992840706 cf4d7e368d o I see you