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3151427390 60d4e8cf8d o aberration

A mysterious cat gets in the way of my moon shot.

shoot for the moon

3145065693 6554bb3ec9 o shoot for the moon

I was actually trying to photograph a full moon but only succeeded in capturing the view outside our kitchen window. In New York, one can feel small, but one can also feel kind of safe to see a sight like this.

nothing like a good stretch

3142203192 ee8cf725a5 o nothing like a good stretch

holiday table-scape

3140277788 799daa6528 o holiday table scape

splash of color

3132535916 5a54368fe1 o splash of color

Maybe not so good to have a greenish bride and groom, but for some reason, I find this kind of beautiful.

an example of snuggling

3129461968 72feff26a1 o an example of snuggling

ice capades

3099170508 f76067eed8 o ice capades

‘Tis the season to ice skate (and snuggle).

flash in the pants

3118698851 bc3baa4063 o flash in the pants


3111801719 9f71b0f61b o moonlight

To escape the harsh cold and moonlit sky on the outside, we went inside to a friend’s party where it was just as beautifully illuminated.


3101996054 0b160649fa o ghost

From the archives, taken at a boneyard in Tucson, AZ. I just needed to see some bright, blue sky.

flash of light

3103823388 6057268627 o flash of light

Walking in Soho the other day I noticed a gorgeous pocket of colorful, pink, fast-moving clouds. I quickly fumbled with my gloves, grabbed my G9, adjusted to the appropriate settings but was too late. At least I remember it was pretty.

leggo my eggle

3103982458 36251e8841 o leggo my eggle

I took a portrait class about a year ago and the teacher said a lot of my work resembled that of William Eggleston’s — a photographer known for his mastery of taking pictures of the ordinary. At the time, I was not as impressed with the importance of Eggleston’s work and had troubles identifying my work with his. I have since been more receptive and eager to learn about other noted photographers and today felt ready to revisit Eggleston’s work on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Eggleston says, “I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around: that nothing was more important or less important.” Every detail, no matter how insignificant takes on meaning. It’s taken me a while to get to this point but I’m glad I see the resemblance, but at the same time, the differences are even more pronounced — a sign that my work says Wendy, not William.

fairly common sight around here

3101209141 210d19ab3b o fairly common sight around here

camera and some cookies

3099175414 248a329bcd o camera and some cookies

in the photo, in the photographer

3094545522 3f6da695a7 o in the photo, in the photographer

This picture is overexposed. There is a guy in the reflection looking like he could be holding the white purse, but he’s probably watching me take the photo. There is an apartment building with windows that kind of remind me of the previous waffle pic I posted. There is this kind of rectangular thingy that is on the boobs of the mannequin with the purple dress. I like that the only color in the photo is on the dresses. The mannequin on the left looks like she might be pushing the bicycle. What is in the window is very different than what’s outside. These were some of the thoughts that ran through my head as I was looking for something interesting and different to post. I’ve described the photo, but I haven’t described the photographer — or the reasons why I took the photo. Tonight I attended a ‘conversation’ between two famous contemporary photographers, Catherine Opie (who currently has a show at the Guggenheim) and Gregory Crewdson, who were both able to speak intelligently about their work on a far deeper level. I’m learning that in order to get noticed in today’s world of photography you have to be able to describe your work in a way that is different than everyone else. It is a very difficult thing to do, in part, because you’re basically turning yourself inside out. Perhaps I picked this photo today because I’m not into borders right now and there’s mystery and girlishness beyond the glass.

the white stuff

3090422209 faaa7076bb o the white stuff

We had a light dusting of snow last night.

another “shot” from the country

3077986818 ac70d4429d o another shot from the country

More precisely, above the mantle at a Cracker Barrel somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania.

mmmm buildings

3083468106 5c4c73529b o mmmm buildings

Still on my architectural kick, I had to snap this shot of the Empire State Building from the ice skating rink at Bryant Park (before I got in trouble and had to put my camera away).

kitty with the healthy gums

3080177503 3f3e74839c o kitty with the healthy gums

comfort food

3077086431 517456ff04 o comfort food

Eggs and grits with cheese was just what the doctor ordered for a worried mommy (meowmmy). Ernie, who was with a real doctor at the same time, was getting 4 tiny teeth pulled. Poor little guy.