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out-of-office reply

3216092223 17e54e08dd o out of office reply

Jetting off to the motherland of all things Hello Kitty, and checking out the finer techniques of massage in Thailand (not to mention taking a bunch of new pics for the blog). Back in about two weeks…

lacking curb appeal

3218900295 bfc5f640e5 o lacking curb appeal

But I found these properties on a busy street in Queens, quite fascinating. There are even columns flanking the front door of the far house. Could be hot property again, someday — close to amazing ethnic restaurants, literally in the shadow of the elevated train line, etc. Time does strange things.

night light

3216819102 0441e6cf35 o night light

Snow and darkness — a common sight. But this does seem a little odd what with the bushes and seafood sign — part Tikki Room, part Brooklyn in winter.


3213437023 b41d4f43f2 o fruit

Look at those oranges. Taken by guest photographer Ryan.

human booger…

3211101343 3dc24752f0 o human booger...

…played by my bro who just told me that the putt putt course this Easter Island look-a-like was at just closed down. I’m soooo upset I have to blow my nose.

hello, goat. say hi to your mother for me.

3203737283 506e0694df o hello, goat. say hi to your mother for me.

a chicken

3202357942 aa836ecb10 o a chicken

true blue

3200371196 766864f448 o true blue

The clouds broke and we saw that the sky is still beautiful blue.

look into my eyes

3197975082 6f576a51e7 o look into my eyes

rad abstract

3195173177 58f15f172e o rad abstract

Photo taken by guest photographer (and talented writer) Paul Smalera.

more comfort food

3180666832 94bc9d6706 o more comfort food

dream cream

3188910450 92cfd9f780 o dream creamBrought to you by Russ & Daughters. Go there.


3185609066 f4190405ca o sleeping

As cold and rainy as it was, there was also a peaceful and quiet calm while walking through the cemetery of St. Paul’s Chapel next to the World Trade Center site.

right about now

3182996494 94aec9f504 o right about now

The beaches of Phuket are calling my name.

as the world turns

3173532711 f51eff6802 o as the world turns

On a cold, dull, winter evening, my attention, yet again, turns to the cat. And the cat’s attention is clearly not turned towards me.

the aftermath

3166467769 c7e4184bc6 o the aftermath

start of a party

3163234167 2d99df2bf4 o start of a party

happy new year

3160515082 8225da6a96 o happy new year