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3316782754 e5508f8093 o hibernation


3313861841 8e8e4e257a o medicine

Cold, harsh winters call for warm and decadent cocktails. Thanks, Marcos, for the introduction.

inside looking out… again

3310151371 cb6fc2f19e o inside looking out... again

but from the comfort of home (not my home but a most lovely home none-the-less).

inside looking out

3304670926 761c9bffb9 o inside looking out

Taken from the inside of our mosquito-ridden van on the way home from one of our adventures in Phuket.


3305597092 1cd78b03d5 o konichiwa!

oscar, buddha

3301208469 6452bed52c o oscar, buddha

Both gold and respected, representing a higher place.

chow down

3279099776 706d425b7b o chow down

At a Chinese restaurant in Bangkok, Paul and I were surrounded by mirrors — a little distracting but fun to play with while digesting.

taking a quick break from the orient

3293641331 07f2254940 o taking a quick break from the orient

at the National Gallery of Art with mom to see Pompeii: The Roman Villa. This is the last pic I took before getting “busted” by security.

jump in

3284192307 489ef8b9b5 o jump in
Have pool, have camera, have Paul, take pictures!

girls of thailand…

3284181317 5051e12f03 o girls of thailand...

…or are they boys?

one night in bangkok…

3282134426 d24743f8a5 o one night in bangkok...

…like every other night, was hot, exotic and polluted. And the skyline was full of these creepy, abandoned ghost towers.

pawsing for reflection

3279140384 1970bb9006 o pawsing for reflection

cuteness and technology abounds

3273703754 f33f31f110 o cuteness and technology abounds

in Japan.

and I’m back

3271215464 0ec95fc3f9 o and Im back
from the other side of the earth…