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again with the moving

3400053896 e7bc226f25 o again with the moving
After our stints in the east and west villages we are now crossing over to Brooklyn. Tomorrow. Sammy, the kitty, would rather just be there already.

sight for sore eyes

3394753935 f8c1822965 o sight for sore eyes
Coming out of the PATH station the other day I was shocked to see how much progress had been made at the World Trade Center site.

moon landing

3394224190 cb112a0b48 o moon landing

for reals

3385588861 e368d16a21 o for reals
Although I occasionally make some minor adjustments to my photos these days, this one has not been retouched. The cactus is really this purple.

cool, not-so-cool, dull

3386411766 190bc2fd72 o cool, not so cool, dull
Jury’s out on this photo. I like it but it doesn’t do that much for me. I had to satisfy my need to take some beauty shots, tho.

shy bunny

3383301466 1319b0e643 o shy bunny

antisocial bunnies

3379452187 d7aec7f54d o antisocial bunnies

not so far away

3377792728 a34856d38d o not so far away

As of late, my posts have not been as frequent as I’ve liked. Bear (boar?) with me as I plan on getting back to a more regular schedule. And yes, I was so close to these javelina that I could smell them. One is not far from the wildlife at my bro’s house.

prickly, dry, harsh and beautiful

3370559461 1c8a57249e o prickly, dry, harsh and beautiful


3347175165 bd8d86b29d o new irk
Home to the airport then home again. “Delays due to congestion,” so I had the option of sleeping in Chicago, Dallas or home tonight. I’ll try this again tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll have some brighter pics to post once I finally arrive at my intended destination in the great southwest. (A very nice person on the tram this afternoon offered to take my picture so I tried to look pensive and annoyed. I think it worked out.)

getting ready for another fresh start

3344460277 fe19e49f45 o getting ready for another fresh start


3342445255 438695c614 o monday

no strings attached

3339435908 b819ede13b o no strings attached

little doggie, big picture

3335984514 9a429e8d42 o little doggie, big picture
This pic of Jumbo, my friend’s totally cute doggie, has a bit of a Juergen Teller feel about it with its slightly blown out exposure and straightforward gaze of the subject.

another picture in picture

3314673118 a82a3d424f o another picture in picture
Kamala, I miss you.

mexican hat dance

3328280033 7469390a82 o mexican hat dance
Cabin fever sets in as my bro and I try and show each other the cool stuff we have while video conferencing.

snow day

3323823720 5733410001 o snow day

fun to look at but…

3320267953 97a42a6401 o fun to look at but...
Skittles vodka? Colt 45? I know times are tough but c’mon. Clearly Paul has expressed his opinion on the whole thing.