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3489828554 7e010c9b8d o breathless
A somewhat uninspired photo of the Brooklyn Bridge but I was so out of breath/out of shape trying to keep up with Paul on my bike as we crossed. I ‘highly’ recommend a trip on foot (or bicycle) as the views are quite stunning.

up close and personal

3486280446 1b00337f72 o up close and personal

from the Lyon’s mouth

3481513083 4471ccb85d o from the Lyons mouth
In the never-ending search for the meaning and truth of my photography, I came across this quote that struck a chord: “I wanted to change the world and preserve humanity… But in the process I changed myself and preserved my own.”
Danny Lyon, Photographer, from his new book, Memories of Myself.

the after party

3477822985 15efb8780f o the after party


3472928223 963ec8c111 o transitioning
to the outside.

treasures in mom’s garage

3468644287 54e16ffd66 o treasures in moms garage
I finally claimed my deck furniture. Next I’d like to rescue the ’67 VW.

a foggy night in fort greene

3467206528 74c25d673d o a foggy night in fort greene
and two guys acting casual.

we’re getting there

3463126589 ba80164ae4 o were getting there
Ever closer to deck weather.

elevated train ride

3461772346 8793009f60 o elevated train ride

analyzing expression

3448070927 d30e2a2640 o analyzing expression
I’ve taken classes where we’ve spent at least an hour talking about a single photograph (and sometimes not even a complex one) but lo and behold, one can say many things about it. Of late, I’ve become more fascinated with a person’s expression. An expression can change within a millisecond and interpreting the captured moment becomes crucial whether in editing or admiring. This particular photo of my brother is a good example because I see or interpret a high level of complex emotion, making the photograph more interesting to me. First, it’s important to separate my feelings from the exact moment I took the photograph, if others are to see it. I’m able to discern a genuine acknowledgment of the photographer’s presence, serious, and perhaps unmoved with a hint of question and furrowed brow. Yet there is an ever so slight humor in the eyes and mouth. I use photography as a way to express myself. Understanding expression hopefully makes my photography stronger.

buds for everyone

3450909568 1b3a400775 o buds for everyone
But particularly for my friend Debbie.

let the sun shine in

3448944872 edfecab2e0 o let the sun shine in
Today we had sunshine and I’m feeling a bit more creative. (photo by bro Rob)

a sign to stay off the roads

3446393144 a2e4a125d6 o a sign to stay off the roads
It was slow going on the way back to Fort Greene yesterday.

an eggselent easter

3443079244 884d212360 o an eggselent easter
with Paul’s family (and can you spot me in the photo?)

the kitchen is open

3431909149 a21b56007b o the kitchen is open
and its smelling good.

old landmark

3429373196 796fb989a3 o old landmark
The Target located right behind it has now become the new landmark in Fort Greene.

day one…

3425238806 2c903ec153 o day one...
…in the new apartment. Ernie wanted nothing to do with anything.

shot in the dark

3313577155 d1d547b2e8 o shot in the dark
A simple picture but taken quickly in manual mode, no flash, on the roof of someone else’s car.

everything in its place

3304686366 69745727f0 o everything in its place
Slowly but surely the apartment is coming together. While we probably won’t attain the visual perfection of the Japanese, I hope that our place is cozy, clean and welcoming.

climbing the walls

3314837430 ecb12085ba o climbing the walls
The kitties are still adjusting to their new surroundings but are less timid than a few days ago.

moving, yet standing still

3389267837 c7f0c9a6c8 o moving, yet standing still
No internet until Wednesday. Maybe I should read a book or contemplate the meaning of life.

waiting for the rain and the cable guy

3398157421 7b71a23652 o waiting for the rain and the cable guy
Hopefully the cable comes first.