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not a kitty

3578069935 b247b16c2b o not a kitty

rolling rolling rolling

3577180670 2888c29020 rolling rolling rolling
A dude rolling his moustache at Rolling Thunder.

yet another cat and window

3570042141 012eb2c0fa o yet another cat and window

getting a tan

3570858610 78697c8ce1 o getting a tan
My mom’s cat, Callie, always finds the best spot in the house.

motorcycle bling

3563339897 77feedd2b4 o motorcycle bling

early beauty

3563361141 5626e33253 o early beauty

calm after the storm

3561674924 f2095793bd o calm after the storm
Today was a heavy camera-use day. Rolling Thunder, an event that brings together thousands of motorcycle riders in hopes of raising awareness for Vietnam and other vets, certainly had the ‘wow’ factor. I had planned to post a photo of one of the amazing riders but somehow I needed to step away and post a rather ordinary shot — maybe because it just simply soothes my soul.

she’s got legs

3461671118 d1de40bd1b o shes got legs
Finally – I think it’s officially shorts weather.

3549986978 ced80407d8 o

meetings can be fun

3547621220 5167d46f72 o meetings can be fun
Thanks to Harvey today for helping me navigate some unfamiliar waters with sensitivity and smarts. Tomorrow I look forward to another gathering of talented photographic minds in hopes of a future show.

quick sniff

3542993465 aa06e2dfb6 o quick sniff
of my favorite flower, the peony, before its season ends

go ahead and jump

3540573150 48b8305c63 o go ahead and jump
This weekend I attended a number of lectures and galleries in search of inspiration and a little push. While it can be daunting at times to be reminded of all the other photographers out there fighting for the attention of galleries and clients I also see that all that is stopping me is myself. (As a side note, I often revisit this series of nude photos I took a couple of years ago, searching for that elusive photo that shows just more than the human form. Finally, I found one that has an ounce of meaningful expression. Even though it was always there in my library, today was the day I discovered it.)

girls at a pizza place

3533605019 de1b35ec5a o girls at a pizza place

missing food

3523623570 cf5aa458d8 o missing food

flurry of blurry

3525699293 69cd652732 o flurry of blurry
Rather than looking up at all the cool architecture above me in Grand Central Terminal today, I decided to focus downward at all the legs and feet hurriedly going to their respective destinations.

mother’s day

3521585281 3d653f1045 o mothers day

standing around

3516735304 1ca68392c7 o standing around
Another shot I took while waiting for a train.

subway stories

3512577849 5fa34c761a o subway stories
This may look like a fairly ordinary shot of folks waiting for the next train. But not two minutes before these innocent people took a seat, Paul and I watched a chick pull down her panties and wiz right next to the trash can. Lovely, no?

yes, I floss

3509391572 f0c5d2c04b o yes, I floss
Despite what I think is good dental hygiene, I’m still spending way too much time in the dentist’s chair.

a seriously cool dude

3505291676 a8c254cf25 o a seriously cool dude

5 borough “walking” tour

3498722921 d3fe459ae4 o 5 borough walking tour
We attempted the 42 mile ride but the tour was fraught with rain, flat tires and too many bottlenecks. The bagel break at the beginning of the course was probably the best part.

cherry blossoms

3495327789 dc919ca76a o cherry blossoms

my little dumpling

3491656629 b3ea3be3c8 o my little dumpling
Not Paul, although he is a special guy, but the delicious packets of fried goodness from Vanessa’s in Chinatown.