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wheel of fortune

3674575467 0be2242225 o wheel of fortune
My collection of Wonder Wheel photos grows.

blurring the lines

3672812149 4a9856d8d5 o blurring the lines
I sometimes tire of hyper-focused images and occasionally I’m refreshed by an out of focus shot. Along the same lines, I sometimes go without my glasses (or ‘spectacles’ as my dad would occasionally say) just to take a break from the usual. So this shot was an accident, but a happy one for me. There is something to be seen and appreciated even in an imperfect world. Deep, no?

ladies liberty

3661845448 11862bf2a0 o ladies liberty
New York City and I welcomed mom for a visit last week, and we roamed the city freely.


3658082993 4b3059b7ea o kitties

it’s a wonder

3653335375 dfd7159730 o its a wonder


3648337009 6700edde31 o blue


3644234843 1a9fb28a0f o beauty
Despite the stinky weather, throngs of photographers, including myself, descended on today’s Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. Through the rain shined many a pretty face.

a sign of the (weather) times

3642731670 e36a01a78e o a sign of the (weather) times
Fingers crossed the weather holds for a fun shoot at the Mermaid Parade tomorrow…

fun and dumb

3639355106 7553f337f9 o fun and dumb
Yes, I just had minor surgery on my shoulder but did that stop me from playing on the bars at the playground? Nope. (photo by Jess)

new york, my love, I’m home

3636166733 741a576844 o new york, my love, Im home

my muffin

3619895117 7c1eaef1d1 o my muffin

another strange face

3617853275 bae2088bcf o another strange face

strange but true

3615165183 58c4748392 o strange but true
So I’m probably going to get in trouble for posting this but I had to do it. This scene is just too funny. It kind of reminds me of a post from a long time ago titled ‘Angry Pig‘ . . .

going up

3611040285 724a4003b3 o going up
A camera always makes things more interesting when one is stuck with nothing to do.

mint julep anyone?

3609697576 8680550ec7 o mint julep anyone?
Finally, the weather allowed a few nice days on our back deck.

guy smiley

3601521292 f05c950c11 o guy smiley
This little puppy looks very happy.

aint it grand?

3600865795 f73d298655 o aint it grand?
If you happen to be in New Orleans, check out “Forever Hold Your Peace” an exhibit of select wedding photographs – including this one I took in Grand Central.


3599726454 443ba1468d o break
Time to unwind and play some pool.

crop shot

3593425144 dbe9f9d35e o crop shot

Yes, I know this would not pass muster with some folks for obvious reasons, but I love this shot. It completely captures the personality of this fine and funny guy.

around the corner

3578867260 58a94a588b o around the corner
Apologies for my absence. I’m in Providence, R.I., where I find myself photographing buses and banquets. New York is not too far but I feel a million miles away.