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Not in a facebook kind of way but in an animal on a farm kind of way.

a man between sexes

3770219747 14c855a4b6 o a man between sexes
Someone had some fun with the subway signage at the Essex Station. The man in the middle is hardly amused.

waiting in line…

3768175410 5bb21b856b o waiting in line...
… offered two rewards – a lovely stare from a child and a delicious scoop of gelato.

social networking

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Today I attended a seminar called Facebook vs. Face to Face, which discussed the benefits of both online social networking and the old fashioned talking-to-someone-in-the-same-room method, in hopes of expanding a budding photography career. Generally conservative in any kind of social networking, I am trying to embrace this new way of communicating via Facebook, Twitter, et al. In certain circles, it’s almost considered rude if one does not share what they ate for breakfast. Do people really care if I’m flabbergasted about how many ingredients there are in a chicken nugget? Granted, this might not directly help my photography career, but I guess it’s a way of starting or continuing a dialogue with my name attached to it. I would love for my photos to speak for themselves, but sometimes a status update from the photographer provides food for thought.

down and dirty

3759946510 bd7d33d922 o down and dirty
Saturday evening came to a head with beers and burlesque after a relatively calm and quiet day.

waiting for the sun

3750616920 c52267ac4e o waiting for the sun
I’m guessing no one is on the beach on a rainy day like today.

a nyc sunset

3747709730 f6d725c1d8 o a nyc sunset

my cutie cousins

3744369300 2690d9f884 o my cutie cousins

what goes up

3739673397 0f49ea092a o what goes up
The earth’s gravitational pull was still in effect, even in the moon bounce. Rocket cars, live music and ping pong were among some of the other attractions at this year’s PlogerPalooza. Calling it all fun would be a huge understatement.

from one hot to another

3729894535 e6c7d01773 o from one hot to another
This weather is reminding me of our time in Bangkok earlier this year. A spicy hot (and delicious) meal would take your mind off the other heat.


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another shot from the phone

more from the animal kingdom

3725105522 4cd7af12a0 o more from the animal kingdom
brought to you by iphone

wide-eyed and preciously pug

3721363699 dbd1e67aa8 o wide eyed and preciously pug

solitude and celebration

3714949057 081de3602b o solitude and celebration
Congratulations to Misaki (pictured right) for her first solo photo show, Solitude Sanctuary! Her beautifully silent images contrasted nicely with all the wonderful friends who came out in support tonight.

tickled by ivory tickling

3710401210 43da319cfc o tickled by ivory tickling

Classically trained, this pianist keeps a number of pianos stored around town and depending on the subway stop he picks on a particular evening, he somehow moves it to a platform of his choice. I could miss many trains listening to his music.

tis the season for rooftop dining

3705452888 140fc0b755 o tis the season for rooftop dining

I second that emotion

3702453210 5dae00515f o I second that emotion
A very fun pic – reminds me of another recent post.

how does your garden grow?

3699414013 16af7588fb o how does your garden grow?

icy hot

3694856613 6b3ec19175 o icy hot
Sammy decided it was time to take a cat nap in front of an episode of Ice Road Truckers.

time to go home

3692995986 3985e9f093 o time to go home
The doors are closing on a pretty good 4th of July weekend.

amazing feet

3684092081 a0038365ef o amazing feet
I checked out the new High Line park the other day and was very impressed with how the architecture melded old New York with new New York, nature with city life.

life of the party

3682481522 4d2a2d47eb o life of the party
This lady (and her free style dancing) made last night’s silent auction a little less quiet.

nice threads!

3678382599 43a6e2f59d o nice threads!
Hats (and heads?) off to Marcos and Gabriel for creating BoroThreads – a totally cool online shop selling NY based tshirt, hoodie and bag designs (I personally love the original dutch-spelled Manhattan and Brooklyn t’s). And I was lucky to be able to photograph the creators wearing a selection of these hip threads. Check it all out at and