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letting her hair down

3875083579 6f043bcfc9 o letting her hair down
In the most sweetest of gestures, the groom helps his bride take down her lovely hair while riding on the Roosevelt Island Tram back to Manhattan.

age of innocence

3868143937 b6b3c63999 o age of innocence
I’m just a proud mamma gushing over her fuzzy boy, Ernie (again). Here he is just a week or two after I adopted him. So tiny, he could have been a snack for the bird in my previous post.

bye bye birdie

3865157188 6733c1f9fa o bye bye birdie
I’m hardly a nature photographer but that doesn’t mean I can’t try and take pictures of it.

not so easy being green

3862530351 88b0d57d6a o not so easy being green
or being photographed.

super cute

3859773774 1b55461d9e o super cute

super bad

3859680146 7c5e456465 o super bad
We all want to take really good pictures all the time. But. That just isn’t reality for most of us. I’m wondering if it’s possible to take a really bad photo that is so bad (bad lighting, composition, color, mood, etc.) it’s actually kinda good. As a rule I never delete any of my photos. I’ve been keeping this one in my back pocket as a so-bad-it’s-good photo. I think, well, I know I have plenty others but I’ll save them for another time.

dishing out veggies

3846277754 a8f28a688d o dishing out veggies
Today was my day to volunteer for the local CSA. Knee deep in beets, celery and eggplant, I was still able to sneak a few pics.

city kitty on the prowl

3842880465 f90a15b60a o city kitty on the prowl

taking a wider angle

3837408709 47afa1ed1c o taking a wider angle
Yesterday I thought I’d take my 20mm, wide angle lens for a spin. While I absolutely love how much I can capture in the frame of a photo, I missed a golden opportunity to zoom in on this adorable girl’s face with my usual lens. So it goes.

still standing tall after all these years

3828937606 2e31f78b87 o still standing tall after all these years
Parachute drop. Coney Island. Beautiful day or night.


3834168354 8c9b8b38cc o overexposed
Here is a more artsy shot of Paul, taken a few years back. The film was ‘ruined’ by airport security in London but I fancy the results.

a man and a multipurpose mower

3828948478 cd5000352a o a man and a multipurpose mower

waiting to use the loo

3824081067 c9e9cb5a99 o waiting to use the loo

funny by accident

3820835829 4667c2aab4 o funny by accident
This shot is kinda funny but nothing compared to this…

delicate flower caught in traffic

3818266481 9fdfb2a1da o delicate flower caught in traffic

silly spectacle(s)

3798486695 9526cfc4e3 o silly spectacle(s)
hmmmm. I wonder if I haven’t posted this pic before… Well, anyway, I like it enough for a repeat post.

bee in the middle

3805426396 87b2c335cd o bee in the middle

nose and toes

3801200367 ca97839f3b o nose and toes

back in the game

3798084343 dbc533fb52 o back in the game
I’m excited to have my computer back – almost as excited as Ernie is chasing this ball of paper (shown right).

hold the phone

3681668403 2811f66500 o hold the phone
After a dropped computer and subsequent hard drive crash I am still trying to recover all my faculties (and my photos).

listen closely

3769476251 dc1621d4cf o listen closely
Some bunny loves you.

at the whim of the wind

3780950715 50c562afe4 o at the whim of the wind
Last week, while I was at Stone Barns, I was lucky enough to capture a couple of shots of the elusive butterfly (there aren’t many in the city, for sure). I’m also in the process of redesigning my website (woohoo!) and thinking more critically of my particular ‘brand’ and how I should market myself as a photographer. A friend asked me the other day, “What made you decide to use the butterfly as your logo?” I think I gave a pretty lame answer, if one at all, because I had never really thought about it. I guess, in part, it reminds me of my childhood – I grew up with a yellow painted room with butterfly wallpaper trim. To take it further, a butterfly to me, is small, delicate and colorful, the head turner of the bug world, yet it’s always at the whim of the wind. My photos are generally colorful (perhaps more figuratively than literally) with a delicate sensitivity, and while they are also spontaneous, they incorporate my sharp calculation of the world around me. Anyway, I’m sticking with this beautiful bug and hopefully the wind will carry it my way more often.

armed and not very dangerous

3777284977 dc59fc28c1 o armed and not very dangerous
One sees a lot of interesting things on a daily basis in the city, but this woman and her gorgeous mosaic stopped me in my tracks. Thank goodness I had my iPhone. Gawd, do I love New York.