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waiting for the bus…

3920245734 8b2c66cf71 o waiting for the bus...
Actually, the train and plane to our next adventure.

creature comforts

3918097724 738b4ca113 o creature comforts

rain and remembering

3913742084 b002dbf578 o rain and remembering

I’ll miss you NY

3906937192 cd18e6da6e o Ill miss you NY
But I’ll be back soon.

not in the mood to share…

3901025889 641633afb2 o not in the mood to share...
… when peaches are in season.

reflecting on love

3891735100 c45ddd63db o reflecting on love
Five years ago, Scott and Tricia met for a first date at a local restaurant. Today they returned to remember where their love began. Congratulations to a fun and wonderful couple, who together, make a mean cocktail.

a feat we got a fish

3889113576 740fc21a70 o a feat we got a fish

so many different pictures

3884979721 ef49cebd53 o so many different pictures
And one beautiful bride.

flights of fancy

3882085607 01be9e2e16 o flights of fancy

getting ready

3880201554 5e2ed4fc7b o getting ready
There are so many things I’ve been thinking about in preparation for my new website. It is clearer to me that while I’m following and stretching my artistic vision, my attempt to fit in to an easily defined category is proving very difficult. Street photographer. Portrait photographer. Wedding. Journalistic style. Fine art. Those are the common, everyday descriptions, and while all true, they don’t define my personal style in an elegant, unique and succinct way.

I posted this photo (adorable ring bearer getting ready for his big task) in order to compare this one to the last (bride and groom on tram). I’m not sure what others think, but to me, this photo is cute, telling the story in a straightforward manner – a more traditional wedding photo, easily defined and expected. The tram photo is not traditional and doesn’t fit into the typical wedding photo mold. Both are clearly wedding photos but the latter is my truer love, and that is what I’m about… whatever ‘that’ is.