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sunny side up

4148522950 0342cbd114 o sunny side up
The light frames Saga and her breakfast beautifully.

there once was a boy (or two) in Nantucket…

4145825468 dcf1ea0e9c o there once was a boy (or two) in Nantucket...
…and a few other friends who all enjoyed a fun and windy Thanksgiving together. A big thanks to Elliott and Petra!

incredible, edible eggs

4131256075 8a0a55c34d o incredible, edible eggs
And a Top Chef sighting (Robin) at Cafe Campagne in Seattle.

not so distant past

4129475151 91b5c6b665 o not so distant past
The cold and rain of Seattle felt especially beautiful paired with the warmth of friends.

trying to look up

4115244721 bae7c0f10c o trying to look up
Ah, the curse of a street photographer – how does one accurately define one’s work in 20 images or less when one has taken thousands of photographs of thousands of subjects? This scene in Bryant Park yesterday reminded me that within the confines of galleries and websites the sky is the limit, and I should not be deterred.

turned to stone

4008078577 b0c5eab503 o turned to stone
This sculpture in the Louvre reminds me of the cats in winter – how they like to snuggle under the covers and put their icy cold paws on your warm skin.

great gotham

4098617973 ae4783fe65 o great gotham
The skies have cleared and the sun shines on NY once again.

furry feline face

4098714879 bb49e241eb o furry feline face

so close I can taste it

4098780247 410c75fcff o so close I can taste it
Friday, 4:22 p.m.

going into the closet

4099330944 49dbb1ffda o going into the closet
Cold weather means lots of trips to the closet. Organization is key. (Photo by Paul)

sweet csa

4095859111 7c6ed59577 o sweet csa
We only have a few apples and a couple of squash left from this year’s local farm share.

decorated dog

4093079764 0bc1695c9d o decorated dog

talk to chuck about your money problems…

4078345835 bbb2d6a40d o talk to chuck about your money problems...
…or just take a nap.

take a picture. it will last longer.

4079105454 5529fa50b6 o take a picture. it will last longer.

portrait of a puppy

4075435340 3bdf4bd7f6 o portrait of a puppy
I took my new 85 1.8 lens out for a spin yesterday. Considered ideal for portraits, it distorts very little and has a short depth of field.

urban wedding

4070886126 ecfc2c1051 o urban wedding
I saw two brides on Halloween but this one was most striking against the backdrop of the trees and road by the entrance of Prospect Park.

back in black

4065687591 8ca7e930bf o back in black
Time for hot toddies and warm socks.