fuzzy ernie (and bad use of auto focus)

9202097953 07e2a3e0df o fuzzy ernie (and bad use of auto focus)

taking flight

9146090703 c8c9a79206 o taking flight
It’s a matter of time before Alex takes off. Thanks for modeling and enduring the High Line heat!

time to step outside and have fun w friends

8726042477 c8388abb25 o time to step outside and have fun w friends

a feel good event on the inside and out

8722709941 e30cd96e92 o a feel good event on the inside and out

derby damsel

8718102710 147b309f68 o derby damsel

balloon in her sights

8694633636 6bbb5a2221 o balloon in her sights

timeout tulum

8678937466 134dd8c963 o timeout tulum
The sky gave us a show on our last night in Tulum.

pure whit

8655080231 bb0b5fd5b2 o pure whit

moving moment

8570225504 b15ab7b777 o moving moment
An unexpected surprise in my portrait class, I was reunited with Tomo, my beautiful friend and model who helped me build my portfolio many years ago.

she is woman

8544227472 b8c422dd69 o she is woman

party time out

8537040985 15813a738a o party time out

“the private is consumed as such, publicly” -Barthes, reflections on photography

8518317517 c9f150ee1c o the private is consumed as such, publicly   Barthes, reflections on photography

looking up

8509779745 846a92aaea o looking up

one of the more colorful events that I’ve been to

8474818080 85e90e7261 o one of the more colorful events that Ive been to

model in the shadows

8455042692 cf25ae7764 o model in the shadows

surreptitious shot of sarandon

8409268040 b23cfe6e8d o surreptitious shot of sarandon

last saturday seems so far away

8405069155 65c5307049 o last saturday seems so far away

my feelings on winter

8384390187 c8f54c541c o my feelings on winter

she wants to lead the glamorous life

8368306000 d9ce493479 o she wants to lead the glamorous life

end of the party

8364996049 e771d4d0a2 o end of the party

trying to be someone I’m not

8285935410 e6d9d8899b o trying to be someone Im not
When I started photography in earnest I tried to do all the things you’re not supposed to do while taking a photograph – over expose, shoot from the hip (literally), crop people’s heads, arms, feet off, etc. in an attempt to be different. Now, I see this photo – it is in my eyes, exactly what I was trying not to do. But hey. At least I know I can do it with aplomb. It’s a straight forward, posed, well-lit, well-framed shot. Why can’t I do it all? (Plus the client wanted it) Thanks to the beautiful Tessa Kiwanuka for posing.

miss park slope – in case you were wondering

8262330379 93048e2265 o miss park slope   in case you were wondering

doing the dip

8249404209 5a7494597a o doing the dip

Bill Cunningham sighting – the master at work.

8231872509 7fcd2967ef o Bill Cunningham sighting   the master at work.

bringing some extra sunshine to Fall.

8241993249 fcc66ea87a o bringing some extra sunshine to Fall.

adventures in event photography

8232934586 7c24d2f7b4 o adventures in event photography

foliage fun

8203135599 20e6e63444 o foliage fun

seen on the seine

8167986466 04a2c72710 o seen on the seine

chavella’s (and I) get it right!

8125491011 8401f8286b o chavellas (and I) get it right!
I have just been informed that Chavella’s has been named one of Brooklyn’s best restaurants by The L Magazine. It was one of my first jobs as a photographer to capture the newly opened restaurant for the NY Press back in 2007. It was also one of the few restaurants that didn’t close after I photographed it.

bearded dude talking to a woman

8048315570 de19303a3c o bearded dude talking to a woman
This almost works. I really wanted to show the guy w the beard a bit more. And the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t work when it comes to photos.

my pride and joy

8044553024 a091a4d006 o my pride and joy
Somehow this rare chocolate chili (named because of it’s rich color) grown on our back deck escaped the squirrels and pigeons. I can hardly believe it.

cuteness in the crowd

8030073579 07b40b6df0 o cuteness in the crowd

speeding into fall

8027972295 cfb9bab906 o speeding into fall A photo from the archives of the english countryside back in 2009.


8004445150 a75abb1b25 o dude

no photos please!

8000141295 f7ebdc532e o no photos please! One of the hazards of my job. But really. You’re beautiful, in a public place, probably spent a lot of time picking out your outfit… your photo will be taken. You know that. (Snarky post, I know.)

greek kitty w tasty fish

7997064252 b2392b3b18 o greek kitty w tasty fish


7755288504 7727f109e8 o chaos

challenging subject

7736063578 f54c85b4d5 o challenging subject

for the love of soccer

7687758900 4950cec07c o for the love of soccer
One of the players from the Tottenham Hotspurs soccer team absconded with my camera while I was photographing an event in Grand Central Terminal. Did I care? Nah.

sweet sammy

7651686262 f07e9a30c1 o sweet sammy

wonder wheel keeps on turning

7563175570 3479bbf2a6 o wonder wheel keeps on turning

summer love

7550348440 14ae55a655 o summer love

pretty in pink

7550347684 872d5d444c o pretty in pink

gallery gal

7535733434 626aaaf742 o gallery gal

this land is our land

7488268438 34db590595 o this land is our land

soaking in silver

7488269106 842f1cd889 o soaking in silver

get a jump on the weekend!

7467996982 a32f2b42d7 o get a jump on the weekend!

mermaids a gaga

7442227598 4bac9351ca o mermaids a gaga

good day to be a mermaid (or a sailor)

7435688062 d9b9aefac0 o good day to be a mermaid (or a sailor)
The weather and the costumes were grand at this year’s Mermaid Parade.

tan, woman, shocked

7187515143 ffbc0687df o tan, woman, shocked

new york f’in city (at least that’s what it says on the dude’s shirt)

7362330660 b24e8bcdc3 o new york fin city (at least thats what it says on the dudes shirt)

air smalera (smalaira?)

7349171002 c2915a2dd9 o air smalera (smalaira?)
he’s got talent too.

she’s got talent

7342139984 cb3d476ece o shes got talent

reflecting on bikini weather

7304098438 634cc967c7 o reflecting on bikini weather

modern dinner

7297548018 c9d23b671c o modern dinner

miss sunshine

7248953262 2258bc706a o miss sunshine

hug and a warm blanket (or towel)

7161182886 c7335903d2 o hug and a warm blanket (or towel)
This cloudy, damp weather is traveling deep into my bones. Cruising through my photo library I saw this photo that warmed me up.

how not to hold your camera

6987645790 88901edf24 o how not to hold your camera
I’m all about live and let live. But I offer this one tiny piece of advice for the aspiring photographer. For all those thousands of dollars you put into your camera and long lens, it might be a good idea to invest in a camera strap, no matter how cool you might think you look without it.

sporting a certain look

7133730153 e047a8787e o sporting a certain look

space. the final frontier.

6972857236 87d95f02a4 o space. the final frontier.
In honor of the space shuttle’s last flight. (From the archives, my bro imitating a landing on the moon in his own backyard.)

q-tip and a kennedy

7116426429 58ae1414ba o q tip and a kennedy
Yes, a boring posed shot but whatever.

colorful girl

7096582803 52cd0a1b2c o colorful girl

serving wine

7094164921 eb20b408f6 o serving wine

trapped in midtown

6944798438 a4fc44443c o trapped in midtown

bubbly and bows

7088274893 6aa87a8a8c o bubbly and bows


6937796726 fecc9ddb17 o legs

persistent with the pigeons

7071294759 a649943e52 o persistent with the pigeons
My pursuit of capturing the perfect picture of a pigeon continues. I’ll pat myself on the back for taking this with a cell phone and getting some awesome wing placement but the garbage cans kinda mess it all up.

room with a little view

6922877724 94fb02f533 o room with a little view
This was taken from the penthouse of the Gramercy Park Hotel, a gem of a place which hosted a Montblanc reception this morning (who knew they did more than pens?). For more photos of trendy people and jewelry, go to

I guess you can take my picture

6915660038 10db406ff1 o I guess you can take my picture

bun bun

a fly on the wall

7050604657 fcc6e1fbe6 o a fly on the wall

standing out in the crowd

6899797146 57b0a40eb7 o standing out in the crowd
one from the archives…

pigeon investigation, part two

6878303012 b126dd678e o pigeon investigation, part two

pious pursuit of pigeons

6872558424 3e650c3c11 o pious pursuit of pigeons
Yes, I was in Rome, at the Vatican and what was I doing? Chasing pigeons.

girls just wanna have fun

6864964282 35315a949c o girls just wanna have fun
And fun they had at the Audrey Grace Pop-Up party put on by the talented Small Girls. See more photos on the Guest of a Guest website!

it’s time for summer whites

7009032935 cc94267c1d o its time for summer whites

lil pup

6859803608 26bb4204bc o lil pup

no choke… this was delicious.

6856988116 6e58dac80b o no choke... this was delicious.
Deep friend artichoke in Rome – highly recommended.

Romeward bound

6831413524 2342728d1e o Romeward bound

picking cactus spines out of a water bottle

6964854029 cae9283b07 o picking cactus spines out of a water bottle
against a stunning back drop, in Tucson, AZ with my bro.

on the right looking for light

6964853661 5757cd9b55 o on the right looking for light
photo by rob ploger

adventures in event photography

6955938573 7f73b5b000 o adventures in event photography

picture purrfect

6800581946 fb7bf58d92 o picture purrfect
On my way out from a shoot last night, I set my camera on the table to put my jacket on and was quite startled to realize the cat on the table was real – it was sitting so perfectly still. I slowly reached my hand out to press the shutter without looking thru the viewfinder and was pleasantly surprised how well the reflections lined up on the table top.

shadows and flowers

6938947653 7aca079647 o shadows and flowers

through the water cooler

6878387595 6e30a9b272 o through the water cooler

it must be love

6872094899 7ce3aee747 o it must be love

owning it

6802020411 9b624c885b o owning it

a parisienne projection

6839171591 7103d64238 o a parisienne projection

shooting with shades

6802019931 444d62bef2 o shooting with shades
the cool way to take a picture.


6792633547 23457bda06 o winter.

scene on the streets of jersey

6778838319 38fb488307 o scene on the streets of jersey

below bar

6767341135 aa9706dc7b o below bar
and not because of overconsumption. I was just looking for new ways to shoot an event.

I think I ate too much pizza last night.

6762260177 a4c2c77c5a o I think I ate too much pizza last night.

on the move

6757622779 10e45698ac o on the move

posted without comment

6730957975 a7f5a8ac2e o posted without comment

won’t you join us for breakfast?

6730955435 7eaf3cbce5 o wont you join us for breakfast?

time for a coffee break

6720280241 f376ac19cb o time for a coffee break

birds of a feather

6715175525 2bc7d5271e o birds of a feather
How lucky I was to be able to photograph my dear friends Erin and Brian. Their happiness is infectious (I literally jumped up and down when I heard of their engagement). While it was a blast to capture their energy and excitement, I also liked those quieter, unguarded moments.

royal subjects

6689904177 8248d75f82 o royal subjects
At a gallery opening last night I was quite taken by the photographs as well as some of the attendees, and thought the two went well together. If you get a chance, see the show at Danziger Gallery in Chelsea – it is a wonderful collection.

scene from the train

6680610865 d52950c15e o scene from the train

skylark in hibernation

6668219037 aa01a0a288 o skylark in hibernation
Another photo from my recent trip to Wildwood, NJ. For more go to

time for a perky little puppy. just because.

6643445029 a614c83519 o time for a perky little puppy. just because.

wildwood in winter

6636871265 d6115028d6 o wildwood in winter
My friend Christina and I decided to go on a photo adventure in Wildwood, NJ. The locals thought there was nothing there for us to photograph but we thought otherwise.

coney character

6629093647 f95a0cc626 o coney character

a smoke then a swim

6616877781 b18350c836 o a smoke then a swim
at this year’s annual polar bear swim at Coney Island.

alternative water fountain

6603491671 5332cdd162 o alternative water fountain

tis the season

6583244803 341bf0a7ea o tis the season

dreaming of a white christmas

6521332775 7c80fb6738 o dreaming of a white christmas

social climber

6521331405 369a9ba1ae o social climber

more reflections on reflections

6516664721 8e89b00c5e o more reflections on reflections
from the world of Bergdorf.

buck up

6512454875 931b7542e2 o buck up

blonde ambition

6508690101 3c21561b4f o blonde ambition
At another beautiful party with beautiful people.

in the sky with diamonds

6479303235 aa12e7987b o in the sky with diamonds

find the chipmunk

6466761901 acb251e64a o find the chipmunk
(My sad attempt at trying to photograph a chipmunk.)

it’s getting dark way too early

6466765091 0722ce43a3 o its getting dark way too early

take a walk on the wild side

6450481781 ef56a69d50 o take a walk on the wild side
On a whim, my dear friend Lori and I decided to stroll on over to Salon 94 to catch an exhibit by Marilyn Minter. Her large images of shoes and babies splashing in gold and silver paint are gorgeously grotesque. Glad we went.

it’s a wonder

6426135151 34d3001487 o its a wonder
that I even got this shot. lucky.

no floor models sold here…

6420576657 463417ed58 o no floor models sold here...
but I would take a previously owned, well-worn kitty any day.

kitty love bordering on kitty fight

6384535599 893751abed o kitty love bordering on kitty fight

now it’s a party

6377331363 ae440ee5ac o now its a party
After a slow start to an event I was asked to photograph, these two came to the rescue.

tasty treat

6367341137 2fca439fd3 o tasty treat
I believe this is the first photo I’ve posted to my blog taken with my new iPhone. It’s very delicious.

in a fog

6355198169 0d24b6f913 o in a fog
Maybe it’s the cold weather but my camera feels extra heavy these days. Perhaps watching the documentary “Bill Cunningham’s New York” will inspire and feed my creativity…

“what do you mean my hair looks funny?”

6315767182 1ff7cf4cd8 o what do you mean my hair looks funny?

up close and personal

6310520612 d34d702991 o up close and personal

if you got it…

6307347086 5019e7fa9e o if you got it...

love is black and white

6302802562 fffa144ef9 o love is black and white

herbie has it

6288997132 6b96d86071 o herbie has it
I’m not big on shooting concerts but when it’s Herbie Hancock, I’m alright with that.

hair apparent

6280265959 46cda4f0a2 o hair apparent
Beautiful models, great lighting and gorgeous hair – my dream job.

shoe guard

6276808734 2183455e73 o shoe guard

far flung fall fun

6250934707 3ea122f82b o far flung fall fun
Nice tung twister. A good apple was hard to find yesterday, but our persistence paid off (no apples were harmed in the making of this photo… maybe).

resolute in red

6238747854 a367797bf8 o resolute in red
Probably one of the last photos I will take with my trusty original iPhone.

scene in new york

6235115896 7149f1aeea o scene in new york
View from the High Line.

playful reflections

6205378837 ffc3845f08 o playful reflections
Thanks to everyone who came to the Jersey City Artists’ Studio Tour this weekend! And a huge thanks to the lovely Laura for hosting!

directing dog

6176120354 69b37b8230 o directing dog
Once again, in an attempt to get this cute pup’s attention, I take the photo with my hand in the way. I’ll have enough of these photos for a series someday…

rainbow rump

6176120668 e79efa2935 o rainbow rump
A splash of color for a cloudy day.

I’ll be your mirror

6172309173 dea7905bd3 o Ill be your mirror
A friend of mine recently reminded me of a film about photographer Bill Cunningham. In response to those who feel fashion is a frivolity that should be done away with, Bill says, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” It’s one of my favorite quotes of his, and as an event photographer, I love nothing more than to walk into a party where individualism is expressed by the clothing people wear.

back to the future

6127219118 cd7224dc0c o back to the future
While I wait for my computer (and photo library) to ‘freshen’ up with upgrades I thought I’d post an iphone photo from a recent foray into my mom’s closet. More posts should be on the way soon…

summer is running away

6153777394 5c91f518fe o summer is running away

by far, the cutest accessory at fashion week

6150398237 9c60f30b91 o by far, the cutest accessory at fashion week

fashion forward

6149129912 b84f53b8f7 o fashion forward
Not many girls can pull off this look, and how grateful I was to come across this lovely girl waiting for the Anna Sui show at fashion week before all the other paparazzi got a hold of her.

badass and beautiful

6145526856 aea81b5e88 o badass and beautiful
What I like in a flower girl.

taking off

6127218728 42b1b29ce3 o taking off
A decade ago your flight plans changed. And while you can’t return, you have landed safely in your Wendy-san’s heart. (Dad and Rob, launching an X-wing fighter during our California days).

morning light via the blackberry and the sun

6127219444 6e9ff61ca8 o morning light via the blackberry and the sun

while you are sleeping

6100139963 136a1fd5ed o while you are sleeping
What kitties do at night.


6104590363 251f4e4678 o standstill

party fail

6104590145 caab266d71 o party fail
The other night I was asked to shoot the arrival of Kim Kardashian (and new hubby) walking into their 2nd post wedding party. The fans, my fellow photographers and I waited for their arrival. And waited. Three hours later, I left and got a beer. No one got the shot.

kitty love

6100685100 6148a72207 o kitty love

the calm after the storm

6096437841 bf764dbb33 o the calm after the storm
A relaxing day spent courtside at Arthur Ashe stadium.

hurricane blues and greens

6090211820 273b6367b2 o hurricane blues and greens

storm watch

6078039330 4d0a4026e7 o storm watch
It was getting a little dull around here without any more exploding transformers or earthquakes.

patio abstract

6077499075 e23dca0694 o patio abstract

serenity in the skies

6073442563 b76a525bff o serenity in the skies
spectacular display from the nation’s capitol where things have been a little ‘shaky.’

street surfin’

6057723956 da36973f4b o street surfin
More rain is in the forecast!

photo fail

6054168550 87afcbe350 o photo fail
I temporarily lost my photo-taking abilities (and my sobriety) on our wine tour through the North Fork a couple weekends ago.

raining cats and a doggie

6045935575 abc4db93bc o raining cats and a doggie

cloudy with a chance of smoke

6046484618 ea390e6016 o cloudy with a chance of smoke
Exciting times in the hood, yesterday. In the middle of a torrential rain storm, the main transformer underneath our street basically exploded and burned for hours. Good excuse to go see a movie and eat out.

a blast from the past…

6026751936 fbf77a1293 o a blast from the past...
taken only last week.

demure with daisies

6002697751 1c104c7120 o demure with daisies

fleeting and fabulous

5994271582 5c8fee00b3 o fleeting and fabulous

me, again

5988746804 96e6803f78 o me, again
When I am fresh out of subjects, and it’s just my iPhone and me, well, it’s time for a little narcissism.

catching whit

5982417243 d9369338b9 o catching whit
There are many facets to a person – particularly someone as multi-talented as Whitney. But how does a photographer capture, in one photo, the truest essence of a person, without imparting one’s own influence on the subject? A facial expression can change in a millisecond – completely altering the mood of the photo. And something about posed photos more often than not, look fake – particularly for the ‘industry standard’ head shot. Of course the lighting, environment and framing all have to jive too. Maybe this isn’t The One shot but I see a lot in this that says Whitney.

so bad, so good

5977649699 6b3785cc83 o so bad, so good
I know the streets of New York would destroy these shoes (and probably my feet) but, alas, these sinful heels ‘somehow’ found their way into my heart and onto my feet.

fighting the heat effectively

5971782538 51e0c43f68 o fighting the heat effectively

hot stuff!

5971783046 94c4bc3903 o hot stuff!
Congrats to Paul and Marcos for winning 3rd place in the Most Popular category for their Zia Dog – a hot dog on a buttered corn tortilla, topped with corn salsa, roasted pork, honey and highly prized new mexican chili flown in specially for the event from the Salazar Ranch in New Mexico.

cute but deadly

5958297421 ec38aa3096 o cute but deadly
Ernie’s paw.

graphically speaking

5958857366 52d54b7ce0 o graphically speaking
I sometimes wonder how much my experience in graphic design affects my photography. I like this quote by photographer Albert Watson who says, “There is a lot of similarity between graphics and photography because both disciplines tend to work with, and within a rectangle.” (or square, in this bathroom still life)

summer is flying by

5954673353 c0e55eee7d o summer is flying by
much like this puppy.

where there’s heat, there’s fire

5952313116 9526317106 o where theres heat, theres fire

glow in the dark

5940917378 978a275ea5 o glow in the dark
Not the most interesting party photo but it was fun to let the cell phone illuminate this lovely girl’s face rather than my flash at last night’s Casa La Femme party.

pretty in pink and bubbles

5910468936 d3f0f29a45 o pretty in pink and bubbles

sitting sweetly in the shade

5916902000 3771f55d02 o sitting sweetly in the shade

a tough subject

5927104326 1a5abee886 o a tough subject
You’d think it’d be easy photographing the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. It’s not.

maiden in the shade

5926543417 2cd2988489 o maiden in the shade
Hats were a good call during this outdoor concert last Saturday. For more photos of hipsters in the heat (in heat?) go to

peeping pups

5916902410 5c8fb61ef6 o peeping pups

cat days of summer

5910468584 1af93f0e6e o cat days of summer

a man and his cat

5909910419 00541fe9aa o a man and his cat
I dig this portrait of Patrick and his kitty, Clementine, forging ahead with their relationship.

miriam as muse

5905149360 2b181d81c6 o miriam as muse

what I see first thing in the morning

5891520156 1b001cb572 o what I see first thing in the morning

why does he keep calling me?

5888460391 475e57418a o why does he keep calling me?

bunny wants a drink

best use of eyeshadow at the Pride parade

5877066951 40660a6e40 o best use of eyeshadow at the Pride parade

pole dancing

5877067833 52662745a1 o pole dancing

the rainbow glows from the empire state

5870019526 39c4bdf6c5 o the rainbow glows from the empire state

a little something from the animal kingdom

5866183617 ff95f0e0ac o a little something from the animal kingdom

posting, just because.

5863062397 7fa1a13db1 o posting, just because.

crossing from one side to the other

5860109392 f9e5e94538 o crossing from one side to the other
and doing it in style. From City Hall, to Shake Shack to the Lamb’s Club – Tricia and Scottbabe know how it’s done. Congrats to a most handsome and loving couple.

tiger tamer

5853636364 6c4ae47cc9 o tiger tamer

the little mermaid

5850972130 85ee4a79a4 o the little mermaid
The Mermaid Parade seems to double in size (the number of photographers triple) every year but that hasn’t kept me away. It is a wonderful thing to see – big or little.

cloud spotting from the train

5842395119 b9078608c4 o cloud spotting from the train

when in manhattan…

5833554703 605ac4eca1 o when in manhattan...

down time at a shoot

5830077269 2276de894f o down time at a shoot

pointing in the right direction

5822532926 42158ff86f o pointing in the right direction

how the cards fall

5814671001 5344d2bb7b o how the cards fall

say cheese

5804619167 b4592dbcbb o say cheese

putting on a show

5804619591 722db31d77 o putting on a show
The other night I went to an art opening where the attendees were more fascinating than the art hanging on the walls.

old and the beautiful

5790576367 9b7c8b113b o old and the beautiful
I spotted a beautiful butterfly the other day and it reminded me of this photo I took a few years ago at Coney Island.

a rare opportunity

5790577311 3a4848de5a o a rare opportunity
For a change, I was the party-goer and not the photographer. Paris and friends were debuting her new show on Oxygen, er something. I was just happy with my free drink and stunning views of Manhattan from the top of the Gansevoort Hotel. For more bad iPhone photos of Wendy’s night off, go to

looking for spring

5782415997 14ed0d2839 o looking for spring
Feels like we’ve jumped straight in to summer.

on the small screen

5782969786 cd5a43cedf o on the small screen
Just following up with my previous post – I found that Woodlene’s photo translates well, even on this very tiny screen shot of my photo blog bookmarked on my iPhone.

the sun shines on woodlene

5768781183 0c7857fbb0 o the sun shines on woodlene
Thanks to the beautiful Woodlene and her super hubby, Joseph, for an awesome shoot today!

soaking in the sun

5758201897 86965c3400 o soaking in the sun

strange bird

5740209201 752d295c55 o strange bird

is that the sun I see?

5737188209 5404247017 o is that the sun I see?

an umbrella: c’est necessaire

5726725841 4cd2951b49 o an umbrella: cest necessaire

an american in paris

5722819790 2fbb196ba6 o an american in paris

paris in spring

5717306000 513c0bde72 o paris in spring

paris calling

5690255203 241641defb o paris calling
I must answer.

Kristen, Chelsea and… me?

5686741991 38205e8ffc o Kristen, Chelsea and... me?
I feel right at home shooting on the street but the red carpet, well, not really my thing. Kind of hard to pass on an opportunity like this, tho. And the gathering was for a really great cause. Friendfactor, an organization which supports the rights of lesbian, gay, bi and trans, are asking folks to set up a Friend-setter page on their website, to help raise awareness.


5680434869 32d9dd7dde o cheese

night at the museum

5670248728 79f4a19c9f o night at the museum
I arrived at last evening’s event at the Natural History Museum a little tired and uninspired. Three hours later, I had blown through one of my memory cards (which I rarely do) and walked away feeling energized and very satisfied. That is what photography does to me. For more photos from last night’s Natural History Museum’s dance party, check out


5657821461 1723bd89e1 o coupling

pretty and not famous

5657820821 1cd3bfbf86 o pretty and not famous
It was another night of attempting to take the perfect picture of celebs like De Niro and Brody – eye contact and full body shot. Ha. Imagine vertically- and equipment challenged blonde (me) standing on a tiny stool behind a mob of seasoned red carpet shooters. So, this woman gets out of her limo/suv and one of the (dude) photogs is like, “Who is she?” and another responded, “Who cares. She’s hot.” Can’t really argue with that. For more attempted celeb shots of Naomi Watts, Zach Braff, etc., check out Guest of a Guest at .

legs crossing

5640180197 e70f70e5cb o legs crossing

up close and impersonal

5643447349 2cbdaa011e o up close and impersonal
Sure it’s cool to see famous peeps in the flesh but the thrill lasts for about a second particularly when surrounded by 20+ photographers all vying for the same shot. For more celeb shots from the Tribeca Film Festival last evening, check out

on the street

5640179743 666fc1b65c o on the street
Water towers – another NY fixation.

looking back

5634980794 2edd4662be o looking back
I’ve been reading a lot on the history of NYC and this photo I took a few months back sort of has that blast from the past look.

great idea

5632327181 6e77db1d35 o great idea
poor execution on this self portrait. I wanted it to work so badly. If you look closely, that little rectangle is my iPhone (on my lap) reflected on the mirrored ceiling of a hotel lobby.

not quite rosey

5623015116 7756444247 o not quite rosey
Spring keeps taking one step forward and two back.

photographing beauty

5612578313 138cfa3367 o photographing beauty
Last evening I saw and photographed a lot of beautiful people but perhaps the most beautiful sight of all was Bill Cunningham riding off to the next event on his bike. To get a closer look at a most inspirational and kind soul go see the documentary Bill Cunningham New York Go. Or Netflix it.

sammie sweetheart

5607166710 b74e7181e8 o sammie sweetheart

two girls and a guy (safe for work)

5598366862 970954b083 o two girls and a guy (safe for work)


5598340930 46382a1315 o girls


5596612572 7ed579dc6a o hope
I think Frances wants warmer weather too.

finding shelter

5580425900 9bc614bef9 o finding shelter
I agree with my friend, Diane, who says she’d like to throw her winter coat in the garbage.

pretty, kind-of-drunk girl (and my hand)

5583454692 ac3448f06a o pretty, kind of drunk girl (and my hand)
Another note to self: make sure when I’m trying to get someone’s attention my hand isn’t in the frame of the photo.

pillow fight

5582867951 ca49de8d72 o pillow fight
Note to self: Don’t place yourself in the middle of a pillow fight with an expensive camera. Or pricey glasses. Both came out miraculously unscathed. But I’ll be plucking feathers for a very long time.

no joke

5580425682 3963659e15 o no joke
This flower is real – colors and everything (spotted at the New York Botanical Garden’s orchid show).

boys on film

5576450637 0b3d99fe1a o boys on film
Yesterday I photographed beautiful flowers at the Botanical Gardens and Duran Duran. Not a bad day. For more Duran Duran and fun party pics check out the Guest of a Guest website.

double take

5565870933 c856bfbf89 o double take
Just something I’m looking out for these days – a combination of interior and exterior shots. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone (and it’s the original – soooo old!) but I think I will have to revisit this site and take another look at this abandoned space in midtown through a better lens.

keeping some distance

5561347175 778c537818 o keeping some distance
I often hear that a photographer should always get closer to the subject, both physically and psychologically. The results are typically more interesting and engaging. While I agree and strive to do just that, I am also a firm believer in some breathing room, depending on the image one wants to create. Space around the subject can be just as important to the story and/or mood of the image. Just as in graphic design, white or negative space can be an integral and effective part to what takes place inside the frame.

a doggie

5566449202 452c9cf578 o a doggie

flushing things out

5561934210 5a23776465 o flushing things out
This cold weather belongs in the can.

a quiet moment

5559642754 d91ec06583 o a quiet moment

another mousy down

5552916085 6862a9ecf6 o another mousy down

cool cloud formation or spaceship?

5549580473 810b987314 o cool cloud formation or spaceship?

taking a hard look

5546989560 051352d925 o taking a hard look
Never before have I looked so critically at my work. I’m not as satisfied with my images as I used to be. It is clearer to me now what makes an image successful, and I wonder if I can make my images better. If not, it’s a little scary because I have to ask myself if this art will fulfill me. Ultimately, I think I will come out ahead – photography still feeds me so I will keep moving forward. (Thanks to Andrea, left, and Johanna for working w me last Saturday. Photography allows me to meet amazing people like the two of them, so why would I ever want to stop?)

birds of a feather

5537487479 4b2ba17d1e o birds of a feather

face lift

5535451115 fc5ff59519 o face lift
Yes, a bit narcissistic with the self portraiture, but I love how these iPhone apps hide the lines.

the other side of the world

5532063816 6a42be60ca o the other side of the world
Thinking of one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been to.


5529229141 77028a2124 o shoes
an obsession.


5525623307 c4abffd7ff o enduring
This photo stands out for me for many reasons. There’s a lot that’s off about it – her expression, my shadow, maybe the framing is all a little uncomfortable. The end of the day is nearing, she’s alone with her best friend and lover. It has a timeless quality – raw beauty in a tough climate (actually she’s just enduring a serious hangover).

mmmm donuts

5520361480 7f7ca97646 o mmmm donuts
at Dough in Brooklyn.

doing the do

5517780683 64807672c9 o doing the do
I’m not splitting hairs by saying they win the cutest-couple-attending-an-art-opening award.

reflections on one workshop

5514933526 04d7742738 o reflections on one workshop
Taking pictures of dogs, reflections and particularly babies, very bad. Meeting some amazing students who taught me just as much as the instructor, most valuable. What I learned from myself, be who you want to be and take the pictures that make you happy.

waiting for my flight…

5478465211 067e0917fc o waiting for my flight...

dumpster diver

5470681981 9109061f4d o dumpster diver

lighting up in good light

5471272720 8fa3d6e343 o lighting up in good light

waiting in line

5466204164 665f65fcea o waiting in line

brush with fame

5450545759 5061e5043a o brush with fame
So, I had a camera, and a famous person was within close proximity – Karolina Kurkova, a well-known model in the industry (gawd, she’s more gorgeous in real life, if that’s possible). There were like 30 tall men with cameras in front of me catching the posed shots. Being vertically challenged, I just held my camera above my head and tried to get something different.

sophisticated lady

5456428126 da92d8a632 o sophisticated lady

the money shot

5454491916 e30254d911 o the money shot

if you have an itch…

5451155458 fe0e0529e4 o if you have an itch...

mercedes benz fashion week, ny, 2011

5446139519 500a1c5d5d o mercedes benz fashion week, ny, 2011
the photo doesn’t really need a title since it shows all that info anyway – kind of a lucky shot.

and now for something completely different

5443982382 7e42d72505 o and now for something completely different
Not something one would normally expect to see in a suburb of Phoenix, but definitely a treat to meet Clyde, the camel.

so far away

5419780256 060b3033a2 o so far away
This marks my 1,000th blog post!!!!! Perfect time to take a short break. Tomorrow I’m off again – this time to the southwest where many good photo ops are to be had (although my heart shall remain in Brooklyn).


5419107151 fdc89ff119 o caught
while freshening up my street photography skills.

change in latitude

5412551538 5447110a80 o change in latitude

as my great aunt was known to say, Isn’t this goddamn snow beautiful?

5393556882 530e1d9e43 o as my great aunt was known to say, Isnt this goddamn snow beautiful?

how one knows they’re in a post office in brooklyn

5391312566 bd90077ed2 o how one knows theyre in a post office in brooklyn

all that glitters

5388390527 203881816c o all that glitters
is pink.

jumping through the air with the greatest of ease

5383983595 2ca1a33a06 o jumping through the air with the greatest of ease

mid spin

5370653540 db8841fb61 o mid spin
It’s one of those moments I’ve been trying to capture – the head spin – and I lucked out on this one.

aiming high

5370653808 d892e0e8e8 o aiming high

city sidewalks

5364358146 0ba5eddd73 o city sidewalks

head flip

5363747529 3591997783 o head flip

snow daze

5352753875 8611e89640 o snow daze


5352753389 569488363a o fractured
Self portrait courtesy of the Met.

a toy story

5348876727 c5c3c4272b o a toy story
in central park

I don’t want to see you go

5346197398 8f4021d190 o I dont want to see you go

lone rider

5343312694 f4ac1fa5d7 o lone rider

warm fuzzies on the subway

5334140344 77c4c8fbeb o warm fuzzies on the subway
Sure the trains are often late and/or contain some unsavory smells but as I was riding home last night I actually felt like the subway was my home away from home – me and a variety of folks just hanging out, no judgement, reading their paper or cell phone. It was very comforting.

the hard truth

5327232273 ea185a8c78 o the hard truth

sexy woman on a mission

5321288166 c9704e4820 o sexy woman on a mission


5321287820 37c782c32e o pink

tough girl

5317122946 da123b8169 o tough girl

wet and wild

5313221815 d1297662a9 o wet and wild
Ah, the Polar Bear Swim. A terrific way to bring in the New Year – if one feels so inclined.

thrill of the hunt

5310283952 fb64d29cd0 o thrill of the hunt
Thanks to Miriam’s wonderful suggestion, we took our cameras to the streets (and department stores) of Manhattan satisfying my need to capture life as I see it.

re building

5302946063 c83cda6c8e o re building
I tire of snow talk and prefer to focus on one of my favorite buildings.

storm on deck

5297586534 66a41bf4fc o storm on deck
Last Sunday night, anyway.

a little breezy

5296988803 716c0d5698 o a little breezy

snow white

5294338601 6feddf5951 o snow white
With the blizzard on our heels, we made it home to the kitties just in time. Safe travels for all.

shoppers de light

5287512963 3b0b16f670 o shoppers de light
in Grand Central Terminal

I want warm weather. now.

5285876456 30828a5baf o I want warm weather. now.


5277736920 83052434de o iced
If DC does anything fast it’s to completely shut down with a light snow fall.

dog’s eye view

5263032411 1f6c163c0a o dogs eye view

bundled blonde

5263032179 40c6f5a382 o bundled blonde


5260670267 4b855c7c02 o nosey

lunch time

5258238146 21aaacf18e o lunch time
UTZ chips, mortadella sub from City Sub (hot and toasty), pickles and a cream soda to wash it down.

ernie again

5249207174 6daa27f2a0 o ernie again

wall flower

5244768750 4528403175 o wall flower
I can identify with the following quote which I think pairs nicely with this photo I took recently… “I am not a reporter. I prefer indefinite situations. My aim is to photograph the simple reality of things with both distance and empathy.” – Thierry Girard, Street Photographer

dudes not working it

5238179107 b4e2aa2f25 o dudes not working it
For my friend Becky.

some holiday cheer

5238354819 045f9549be o some holiday cheer
at chelsea market

new series calling

5226086199 63992801be o new series calling
iPhone photos? Fine art? Why not. Sure, one can’t make over sized prints with them… yet. But who has the space anyway in a NYC apartment? My new series, New York Calling is “on the line” and ready to be viewed. And purchased. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for yourself or a loved one, any of these pics can be yours for the special price of $40 (already matted and ready for a standard frame).

brightening things up with a smile

5226681024 9d71ef3490 o brightening things up with a smile

going out on a ledge

5224530286 690a689fce o going out on a ledge
but I’m guessing someone in our hood had a good time.

incredibly fantastic

5221932234 4caaea75fa o incredibly fantastic
Ben Marra, a very talented dude, has just released his latest comic, “The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd” (a work of satire and fiction) Imagine this ruler in Ben’s hand as a sword along with some amazing graphics in the background and you have one awesome author’s photo as seen in the back page of his latest masterpiece.

spicing things up

5218736705 7c1f549d38 o spicing things up

in the hot seat

5212186255 bc60ac07d9 o in the hot seat
with a cold drink

somewhere in pa.

5212210169 825fc6ce32 o somewhere in pa.

magical light, photo not so magical

5201675316 c9d51320de o magical light, photo not so magical
It’s subtle, but the light here to me was absolutely gorgeous. I think it was a combination of the early morning sun filtering through the trees of Central Park from one side, and the reflection of the sun off the high rise buildings gently lighting everything else. When I see this kind of light, I’ll just start shooting and hope it translates through the camera.

posted without comment

5198616794 f604302602 o posted without comment

blow out

5192479481 ff1bdb2c79 o blow out
Our original plans for a shoot in Central Park quickly changed due to the cold and wind. But that didn’t stop David and me from finding other creative outlets.

hamming it up with some wine

5190675780 fa66c1111f o hamming it up with some wine
She was not camera shy but camera sly.

pickle pusher

5181852465 43da9e5770 o pickle pusher
Selling pickles is tough, but someone’s gotta do it.

I was walking down the street one day

5179765381 01dd9e0c31 o I was walking down the street one day
Plain ol’ iPhone photo, no filters or tricks, plus one beautiful neighborhood in Brooklyn.

jambon 2

5172861267 01461d7205 o jambon 2

my very own NY iphone photo tour coming soon

5169148203 9812765cd7 o my very own NY iphone photo tour coming soon
So I’m in the middle of prepping a new series for my website that will be photos of NY taken with my iPhone. Yesterday, I see this… Ah, well, someone got there first. Definitely not stopping me, tho.

baby’s got blue eyes

5168000140 97877efed0 o babys got blue eyes


5149198321 59c48b3c52 o pensive

pigs in blanket

5162149686 8a69b7f8d7 o pigs in blanket
Fette Sau in the fall warms the belly.

passing by

5158791692 2cd75b6560 o passing by
“I believe that the photographer’s job is to cut a frame-sized slice out of the world around him, so faithfully and honestly that if he were to put it back, life and the world would begin to move again without stumble.” – Quote by Raghu Rai, Street Photographer, from the awesome book, Street Photography Now. And how lucky that I live so close to the path of the NYC marathon!

last name Guy, but she is all girl

5156310280 a8d0083f0f o last name Guy, but she is all girl
Thanks to Leah for a great shoot on Saturday!

natural reflection

5149164673 397e8b9cfa o natural reflection
I looked at a lot of concrete today so this is a nice break.

portrait of who

5125800585 1ffff753e1 o portrait of who
I have been thinking a lot about portraits these days – it’s what I love to photograph most. But what makes a portrait mine? Are my portraits more about lighting? Environment? Personality? I feel like the trend now is the straight on serious stare, which I like, but it’s not exactly me. Others may like it because it’s in style. Is the picture about me or the subject or both? It’s definitely a collaboration, and the successful photo likely captures the essence of both parties. But is this a Wendy photo? And what does that even mean? And does it matter? Probably getting in too deep here…

picked off

5139724532 0b4d94ddab o picked off
I just read this morning that the game, Shoot the Freak, a Coney Island staple, has 15 days to leave the park, never to return.

scary! and pink?

5137056722 65dbfa58e3 o scary! and pink?


5124453413 9caea52da2 o beacon
The Empire State Building never fails to inspire me. And it’s inspiring me to upgrade my camera-uh, I mean, my phone. Best to view this photo at a tiny size.

puddle pundit

5121723194 2654b87d5c o puddle pundit
This puddle says it’s a cloudy day in Manhattan.


5117220247 3c5a367d8e o fall

a leopard ‘spotting’ in nyc

5113771481 8e0caa115c o a leopard spotting in nyc
More from the animal kingdom, the natural history museum and my iPhone.

heart officially melted

5104673895 1dd1c12fcb o heart officially melted

staring contest

5103200258 d105938640 o staring contest
They win.

donut diaries

5100739374 df2e50b272 o donut diaries
Oh Top Pot, how I love thee.

in-flight entertainment

5095631822 7d40176e46 o in flight entertainment

high line highlight

5080831549 db6776e14d o high line highlight
The High Line park is so beautiful on it’s own but what makes the experience more fulfilling is the view afforded by it.

sharp dressed man

5075685664 e8d7eb9ac2 o sharp dressed man

he’s got the look

5071689672 31c815989a o hes got the look
David and my camera became fast friends.


5065061227 df99105fe7 o yes

good taste

5062943756 f957312251 o good taste
I like what this guy has on tv.

sun shower

5060129909 936fe7529e o sun shower

unleash the hound

5058456439 1eb29eeb06 o unleash the hound
Sure the woman in the trench was beautiful, but the dog stole the show during a photo shoot in Grand Central today.

this ship has sailed

5054578858 47fbf9a4d8 o this ship has sailed
And now it’s a restaurant in Philly.


5051048391 dfc83e992e o glee
Thanks to everyone who came out to Jersey City this weekend! And a very special thank you to Laura for allowing me to showcase my photography in her gorgeous home. I couldn’t have asked for a better venue or a more generous and beautiful host.

don’t get caught with your pants down

5034758482 662d5b3442 o dont get caught with your pants down

summer hangs on

5034758572 03cc6fac29 o summer hangs on

the moment presents itself

5029985396 c817b2e8e9 o the moment presents itself
It’s that one amazing photo among hundreds of so-so’s that keeps me hungry for more. And I can never predict when that will happen.

pounding the pavement

5020812638 e5b997304f o pounding the pavement

into the mouths of babes

5015444397 282b6e1290 o into the mouths of babes
A close look at my friend’s dog, Rocket.

back in black

5002304984 47a85964be o back in black
It was a colorful night backstage at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend which made this chiseled dude stand out even more.

doppler 100,000

4998145089 4accfc3aa9 o doppler 100,000
Tornado. In Brooklyn. Well, not confirmed, but winds clocked at 100 mph last night seemed to point towards a significant weather event. Cats and I were under the bed.

a horse of course

4996221606 ddb58e0d41 o a horse of course
An unusual sight in midtown.

street beat

4992798397 e2c47387e4 o street beat
Exercising the ol’ portrait muscles today with aspiring actor, Chris.

rise and shine

4985975767 41cb5e751e o rise and shine
and caffeinate.

the past is present

4980861377 6d98083a51 o the past is present
Today, like any day, is a day of remembrance.

the world is in new york

4964847486 115bdc4635 o the world is in new york
Something I stumbled upon while walking through Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the other night. Just posting for some positive NY publicity after The Onion’s wildly popular (and funny) article…,18003/

weathering the storm

4953660825 8e7b21ef98 o weathering the storm
Safe travels for all this holiday weekend.

some local color

4949626714 7d90c5c8d3 o some local color
If you dare, look closely on the right hand side of the photo for a little extra exposure.


4940181594 346e7067e3 o sunday

picture perfect

4932181474 469833951d o picture perfect
It was movie night at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The weather was ideal, the movie was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the view of the Manhattan skyline was sparkling, and my friends, equally so.

end of summer, end of caterpillar

4927762082 057602d573 o end of summer, end of caterpillar
Last week I was completely fascinated by this exotic creature on our tomato plants. I would check on this little guy everyday and actually became emotionally attached to it, although a bit curious as to why it wasn’t doing very much. Turns out, with some help from the internets, these cute little guys kill tomato plants. And the cute little white things on the caterpillar? They are wasp eggs which use the caterpillar as an all-you-can-eat buffet. I am sad but I understand.

what was

4923937163 3c508220e3 o what was
A recent pick up at the local flea market, this photo had me the second I laid eyes on it. It’s a snap shot of my neighborhood in Brooklyn, perhaps taken in the 50s or 60s. The most recognizable aspect is the Williamsburg Bank on the far left. Of course present day Brooklyn would show a skyline filled with buildings. The rest of the photo is just an amazing snap shot of history – from the sunlight on the guy’s back, to the run down building which houses an old fish market. I do believe the image was burned (overexposed) in the dark room in order to enhance the market as it is unusually lighter in that area of the photo. And of course the kid left alone on the sidewalk with an extra stroller makes the photo that much more intriguing. It was worth the $5. Photographer unknown.

start with the end

4920028958 8bcee3d753 o start with the end
Your Monday morning wake-up photo.

therein lies the rub

4910683233 8809b8f3b2 o therein lies the rub
for the next batch of meat at our fav bbq joint, Fette Sau.

summer in the city

4904862135 641fb9d75b o summer in the city
dressing so fine and looking so pretty

continuing down the passage way

4905452956 7f52a177f8 o continuing down the passage way
Even the alleyways in Cooperstown, NY look picturesque. This marks my 900th blog post.

soft self

4898062811 58500fbb81 o soft self

defying age and gravity (temporarily)

4898082697 7ba34f9e36 o defying age and gravity (temporarily)
Happy birthday my love!

you can go with this or you can go with that

4838377386 a0f6f221e0 o you can go with this or you can go with that
I’ve been thinking a lot about editing and how important it is. I’ve been told, and would tend to agree, that a photographer has to be just as good at editing their own work as they are at photography. But it can be an extremely difficult thing to do… and is it better to have someone else edit your work? Someone who has a completely unbiased perspective? I took about 5 pics of this scene above but had to pick one. This routine is common for most of my blog posts. It’s definitely good practice.

reflections of marriage

4881927357 81354bd32b o reflections of marriage
Agnes and Lucas said “tak” (“yes” in english) on a lovely summer day in Manhattan. Congratulations!

on a court far, far away

4876011561 bde4fdac4b o on a court far, far away
A week ago I was in DC watching some awesome tennis at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic, thanks to my friend Jo. Has it really been a week already?

faux palm trees and a blimp

4872149260 0dc7d7f2be o faux palm trees and a blimp
spotted at Governors Island last eve.

the same night in bangkok

4864393648 598ace41ae o the same night in bangkok

one night in bankok

4864393772 5a67fae23e o one night in bankok
from the archives – plus I can’t get that song out of my head

spinning a tale

4861739960 6a1e258a49 o spinning a tale
I was definitely psyched to get this shot – little Rory is a fast moving girl.

silly and not so silly

4858323828 641eca6c64 o silly and not so silly

sidewalk style

4838397212 8cbbe4e7d8 o sidewalk style
Hitting the streets I spotted this lovely lady. I think she falls into the ‘working it’ category, as my friend Becky might say.


4837764515 46baf635e0 o doglet


4834563493 5d1c01db3d o courtside
Having found a willing tennis partner in Jane, I’m back on the courts with the east river on one side, the Williamsburg Bridge on another (pictured) and the FDR Drive on a third. So there are some cars around and one kind of feels like they’ve smoked a pack of cigs in the space of two hours but you can’t beat the grand scenery.


4828396643 37f0d6ed1e o adaptation
Where there is a will and a disposable grill, there is a way. Sidewalk veggies and a nice pinot grigio made for a pleasant summer meal.

can’t get enough

4820989343 80fde61c39 o cant get enough
of the Empire State Building or this cool iPhone app.

who’s that girl

4814774441 61b8e3e524 o whos that girl

easy on the eyes and the profession

4809154253 89e541dc81 o easy on the eyes and the profession
I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the lovely Laura this weekend. And what I do is called work?

stylish, savvy, sophisticated, sexy…

4793963335 01efec4a50 o stylish, savvy, sophisticated, sexy...
and mad. Mad Men, that is. In one week, it begins again.

kind of hazy

4794595788 0b28fcf706 o kind of hazy
The sun came back out today but it’s hard to tell through such dirty windows.

berry sweet

4793963209 b9f6aa880d o berry sweet
One way to get your daily fruit share.


4780762514 2591c4aed4 o buddies

summer is gold

4783052811 06f0185ec8 o summer is gold
Another favorite from the Mermaid Parade – expresses nicely how I feel about summer.

I’m on a boat

4780762640 43ff8f40e3 o Im on a boat
Another NY icon photographed yesterday from the Staten Island Ferry on the way to a minor league game. Major fun.

empire state of intoxication…

4777010101 b197236a6e o empire state of intoxication...
after a couple of glasses of wine.

a nyc sunset

4765372774 505761a1b0 o a nyc sunset

phoning it in

4768878816 79381063bf o phoning it in
It’s weird to see 3 digits for NY weather on the iPhone. Tucson, sure. Good day to hang with the AC.

crab wars

4764737375 c996eed28e o crab wars
We won.

happy birthday

4754312349 ed158c39fb o happy birthday
In Philly last weekend a friend pointed out this amazing costume shop, nestled within the birthplace of America’s independence.

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

4752705779 235039ce40 o a beautiful day in the neighborhood
as Mr. Rogers might say

standing in the middle of a situation

4749322447 050ceb9574 o standing in the middle of a situation
My friend Maria checks her cell phone in between two interested parties.

a perfect saturday afternoon

4746142595 74bf355fe4 o a perfect saturday afternoon

getting a tan

4742659816 9e86605f94 o getting a tan

more where that came from

take a walk on the wild side

4731472223 ddcc404cee o take a walk on the wild side

little mermaid

4727882826 42a6616976 o little mermaid

good coverage

4725028804 bf41412d45 o good coverage
I probably had the better view of this mermaid applying suntan lotion but at least she was ‘covered from behind’ by another admirer.

diamond in the rough

4719443054 157be498ea o diamond in the rough
Yesterday at the annual Mermaid Parade, I saw all shapes and sizes, tall, short, young, old and this gem.

same but different

4709351907 baf88cd221 o same but different
Same subject photographed two ways – one with an iPhone, one with my ‘good’ camera. It’s tough to pick a fav but interesting to see them together. I do wonder if photos I take with these fun iPhone apps diminish, or cover up my distinct style as a photographer by distracting the viewer with a lot of special effects I don’t have control over. Something for me to ponder, I guess.

her pleasure, and mine

4706619666 4b9c5c3308 o her pleasure, and mine
So many photos in the art world seem so serious these days. My response? The photo above. Today’s post was inspired by this pleasing collection of photos… (thanks, Paul)

justifying this pairing

4699369287 edd3a7f06a o justifying this pairing
What is it about this pairing that I think makes it work? Well, there are the visual similarities – light/pale yellows against darker backgrounds, the flower is facing the same way the gent is, his hair is kind of ‘flowery’ looking. Beyond that, I see a beautiful flower just past it’s prime, compared to the guy who is alone, pretty and slightly askew in his getup. There is a pensiveness and moment of quiet between the two. So is this pairing ultimately successful? I’m still not sure.

speaking my language

4699369551 5a90aff2cb o speaking my language
Sure, a nice pose and smile are always welcome but what I’m finding equally enjoyable are the simple gestures and language the human body speaks.

profile pics

4690321491 dea630f28b o profile pics
Taking yesterday’s photo 2 steps further.

fur in the frame

4686294395 cb7cebec30 o fur in the frame

easy rider

4661264583 884bb24d00 o easy rider
Another Rolling Thunder participant.

mouse and a moustache

4679015940 cd47ac388f o mouse and a moustache
Coney Island never disappoints.

a butterfly flies in brooklyn

4671796385 4e09635f7b o a butterfly flies in brooklyn

radio city,

4645876004 2e36169dec o radio city,
beautiful city.

ghost rider

4665836301 2f82266fec o ghost rider
Just getting fancy with the iPhone.

good looking guy at wine bar

4661885230 7e317fac0f o good looking guy at wine bar
Paul, thankfully, puts up with my incessant picture-taking.

sunny with a good chance of thunder

4656649221 93d470d7b3 o sunny with a good chance of thunder
It was a hot and humid day as thousands of decorated folks and their motorcycles gathered at the Pentagon for the annual run of Rolling Thunder. As stated by RT’s National Organization, “All are united in the cause to bring full accountability for POWs and MIAs of all wars, reminding the government, the media and the public by our watchwords: “We Will Not Forget.”

pattern of pairs

4647539911 491049e772 o pattern of pairs

oh lovely light

4645876114 cf3272f9c9 o oh lovely light
And pretty kitty.

quite a pair

4643386270 ba712c3605 o quite a pair
Someone suggested I play with photo pairing on a daily basis (thanks Maria) just to further explore my desire to find meaning between my images (see Inside::Out at Some of you may recognize this particular pair originating from a series I was playing around with a while back pairing food with people. More to come. I hope.

at home with hipsta

4640561744 95b0fc91fa o at home with hipsta
This iPhone app can make any place look extra special.

heroes welcome

4635663722 166fbe5154 o heroes welcome
Congrats to Ben for the launch of his 3rd installment of Night Business – appropriately celebrated with the Naked Heroes.

just passing the time

4627961694 d34a68ae0f o just passing the time

rainbow rider

4625039290 5e6f01b809 o rainbow rider
It’s a perfect day for a bike ride, so why am I sitting in front of my computer? Anyway, I like how colorful the lens flare is on this pic taken in the hood a couple of days ago.

no despair over state of disrepair

4618779347 ee0cb7cd0b o no despair over state of disrepair
Last weekend we took a walk to Admiral’s Row in Brooklyn, where neglected Navy housing, dating back as early as the Civil War, stands behind its prison of barbed wire. Preservationists would like to bring it back to its former glory but engineers say the old structures are past the point of repair. I marvel at the melding of nature, decay and man’s former presence. Like a time capsule preserved in ivy, many secrets will never be told but hints of a past existence still remain. For more photos, go to


4615670601 6668da46c6 o peekaboo
One of the more lighthearted photographs featured at this year’s New York Photo Festival.

a flower

4613058962 82f573417f o a flower

going to Bed 2

4603600533 ec7e45e524 o going to Bed 2
My very talented friend, Debbie (, will be showing two of her delicious photographs at the Bed 2 opening tonight at Umbrella Arts in the East Village. Curated by Harvey Stein, come see all the interesting things that happen in or around bed.

brooklyn by design

4601826318 43c1313905 o brooklyn by design
Last Saturday my friend Erin and I braved a windy day in Dumbo to check out Brooklyn Designs featuring a warehouse full of innovative and often environmentally friendly furniture designs. Check out the ever cool Salvaged Grace for photos and descriptions of the event.

me, mom and gram’s gams

4598924793 b9a3041106 o me, mom and grams gams
Taken a few years ago.

posted a day late, but who cares

4596736599 9e3279f85f o posted a day late, but who cares
How fitting that I should get to photograph Diane and her two beautiful kids on mother’s day. There were so many good pictures I had a tough time deciding which one to post. Let’s start with this one.

bunnies and bubbles

4587084791 967d4b6111 o bunnies and bubbles
Oh boy do I love bunnies, especially in this amazing photo I saw today at the Affordable Art Fair. If only it were a little more affordable. The photo is by Zhou Hongbin of her one bunny who loves to swim, apparently.

more iphone and feline fun

4584151585 67cc12efe2 o more iphone and feline fun
I used an application called Old Camera for this photo of a lazy cat.

food flashback

4581975603 a927ce42ab o food flashback
A distant cousin to the Under-the-Sea jello salad, perhaps?

where in the world is matt?

4578670715 5d4b34bf0c o where in the world is matt?
Walking down Canal Street yesterday, my friend Matt got caught in a swirl of tourists. Can you spot him?

two words:

4561050291 b66abd4dbd o two words:
Sample Sale.


4561050481 11ed794e17 o gluttonous
A little food porn for you – unless you are a vegetable. eater. I was just reminiscing about a recent episode of No Reservations, titled, Food Porn 2 – best watched while eating.

he’s got the look

4555701487 cee9085954 o hes got the look
Sometimes I wonder if there’s a difference between photographing guys and gals. While girls are certainly prettier, dudes have their own appeal and I think they are often more comfortable in their own skin. Chris here, looks straight out of an ad for an expensive cologne or Ralph Lauren ad. And he wasn’t even trying – we were actually marveling at the tree that had burst through the asphalt parking lot (see April 23rd’s post).

rain and birds

4546736174 15f2e4ae03 o rain and birds
Someone, I presume, was expecting both.

life will find a way

4546772478 e9ce525596 o life will find a way

everywhere but here

4543088159 3238cac428 o everywhere but here
Beautiful, resilient and too young. I hope you are on a warm, sunny beach with a mai tai in your hand. You will continue to live on in our hearts and be forever safe.

chest hair

4539849294 635896cb50 o chest hair

and only a few miles from our idyllic hood (see yesterday’s post)…

4535511459 de84f57e5e o and only a few miles from our idyllic hood (see yesterdays post)...
…Times Square, which has it’s own special beauty.

green pastures

4531891311 58f788b9e6 o green pastures
I love our neighborhood – this was taken at Fort Greene park today.

here comes the rain again

4524567794 fbd7cf589c o here comes the rain again

hipsta hello kitteh

4522312166 2c31cbb190 o hipsta hello kitteh
Ok, so yeah, I paid the $1.99 for the iPhone Hipstamatic photo ap. It is cheaper than a Holga, tho (which is also very cheap).

nature can be red hot

4519045418 e8af0f9ed8 o nature can be red hot

striking scene on stage

4512468006 30b3d27c01 o striking scene on stage
Talented musician, Zach, strikes a pose at the end of his gig.

of the cute dog persuasion

4507967781 deff56c177 o of the cute dog persuasion
Phoebe looks quite puppy-like in this pic, having just tackled a stuffed beaver.

street smart

4493977285 0e5a0d7381 o street smart
Last Saturday I attended a talk discussing the work of 31 new and emerging women photographers. The collection was a cross section of styles that are apparently ‘hot’ right now. While I admired and appreciated the work that was up on the walls around us, something was missing. There was not one image from a street photographer. All of the work was staged or had a lot of planning and forethought. So I asked one of the panelists why this was and feared the answer. It’s all been done. Maybe someone will get a lucky shot once in a while, but street photography has run it’s course. Aint that a kick in the head. But that is one person’s opinion. I love the spontaneity of photography and the photos are as unique and new as the person taking them.

shake it up

4494617290 2a716502aa o shake it up
It’s that time – at least here on the west coast. And I mean cocktails, not earthquakes.

good medicine

4481766906 df779ca8d7 o good medicine
This delicious weather makes me feel like riding the waves.

just passing by

4473846130 65ee334eca o just passing by

black and white with some grey

4376170397 dac395b78b o black and white with some grey
I thought I was going to DC (via Baltimore, of course… hence the photo) tomorrow, then I wasn’t, then I was, now I’m not sure. It’s nice when things fall into place, but that can often be oh-so-dull.

whiter shade of pale

4458546318 7c9b9343e8 o whiter shade of pale
In contrast to the ‘dark’ post, I thought I’d try and find it’s opposite. Ernie, of course, looking mighty soft and cute. If you’d like to see one of my first attempts at video, check out (the background music was purely accidental).

turning to the dark side

4454293799 3d59b65d3f o turning to the dark side
Unlike my previous blog post, I am discovering that I occasionally take these ultra black and white photos with just a hint of expression or information. Given enough time, this growing collection of images could turn into a new series, which might be kinda interesting. Or maybe, because of the rain, I’m not feeling as ‘sunny’ as I was last weekend (although this pic of Erin and Brian does make me smile).

gap girl

4450410489 cc2d040c21 o gap girl

leaving the inside behind

4443930952 45e4168297 o leaving the inside behind
Today I sought out blue skies and sunshine – even got a tiny sunburn on my nose.

things are looking up

4440946159 bc8367f666 o things are looking up
Sunny and warm today – winter is fast becoming a distant memory.

night at the museum

4438520499 74a5076eb8 o night at the museum
Complete with flying tigers.

fading to grey

4436360552 e7b127b987 o fading to grey
Coney Island continues it’s disappearing act.

in her own (glamorous) world

4427832738 44e9a5af18 o in her own (glamorous) world

speakeasy on the eyes

4425160553 d248834153 o speakeasy on the eyes
I haven’t picked up my camera for a few days so I’m going to liven up this lull with some lovely ladies from the Shanghai Mermaid party I attended a couple of weeks ago.

white way

4419499465 c2c0e42a2a o white way
Playing with overexposure again – not sure what my attraction is to it. Probably just one of those things that enable me to look at my images in a completely new light.

white to warm

4416568207 ab9d2117c8 o white to warm
Hard to believe this was our back deck two weeks ago. And check out how high the snow was stacked on the thin railing. Now there is no trace of snow and temps are flirting with the 60 degree mark. I like snow and all, but I like this warming trend even more.

one nightstand

4412565286 52040ca3a5 o one nightstand
So it’s a dresser. But it was one night/morning at an old hotel in the mountains of NY before a glorious day of skiing.

sun sets at the smithsonian

4406672445 2344d3f467 o sun sets at the smithsonian

delightful dioramas

4404945224 347a855b0f o delightful dioramas
Can’t stay away from cute things for too long.


4399837898 c0e06b993b o shanghaid
Love this dude from the Shanghai Mermaid party last Saturday.

snow white and a little bit of yellow

4395498531 e3edc042eb o snow white and a little bit of yellow
Another pic from my delightful train ride.

murphy’s law of cameras?

4391086306 12fa0c093f o murphys law of cameras?
So I go down to DC and haul all of my camera equipment because I think it’s going to snow and I want to photograph the Pentagon Memorial in all of it’s snowy glory. It doesn’t snow in DC but rather in NY when I’m not around. Anyway, I mention to my dear friend Elaine, that it seems to me when one doesn’t have their camera with them one misses the amazing photo ops. But when one HAS their camera it’s almost a guarantee that nothing exciting will happen. Well, my trip home from DC proved me wrong. I think I annoyed everyone on the quiet car of the train as I clicked a gazillion photos. I’m such a photo nerd.

cat on cat

4385208277 850f9dbe7b o cat on cat
Ernie admires a picture of himself.

it’s alive (or live)

4382448465 1ffd569386 o its alive (or live)
My photos have a new home! If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to for more unusual pairings, mermaids and weddings!

wild hare

4376577115 74eb724893 o wild hare
spotted at Target today

my big outing of the day

4371689408 b2bc0d771b o my big outing of the day
was to walk down the stairs, open the front door and drop off the garbage. Spring, where might you be?

design is in the details

4369151794 1405737e06 o design is in the details
One pays attention to the little things like the view across the street from our warm and small NY apartment on a cold, winter day.


4366386428 8f67fac3f7 o blues
Another cold day in Brooklyn.

tender touch

4363437687 83767c7cab o tender touch
There is something about a baby that makes the immediate world a softer place.

the great white

4360718688 92d2e3b859 o the great white
A relatively minor casualty at my mom’s house due to snow.

fun do

4358660576 04a4d28d7e o fun do
The snow hardly stopped us from having an awesome weekend with friends culminating with last night’s fondue party. Thanks Lor and Angela! (photo courtesy of Paul)

like ants

4344174233 1431d10f04 o like ants
Living in NY one usually sees people at close range so it’s nice to step back… or up a bit, for a different perspective.

in a different light

4341510545 523b5aa840 o in a different light
Taken with natural sunlight this time, with emphasis on this kitty’s cute, but deadly paws – at least to any nearby crickets or spiders.

tongue and cheeky

4335371594 a5aea2c710 o tongue and cheeky
I got a new toy for my camera! It’s basically a soft box for my flash, so of course, I had to give it a spin on my in-home models. Not sure if Ernie is a fan, tho. Thanks for the cool gift Rob!

baby it’s cold outside

4332128989 9ea972d283 o baby its cold outside

tomo to tokyo

4322542959 010fcd8976 o tomo to tokyo
My gorgeous friend and talented model is headed back to her home in Japan. This was one of the first pictures I took of her at Coney Island a few years back. Kouun wo o-inori shite imasu. I will miss you Tomo!

no. 2

4322724950 85b36af367 o no. 2
Kind of a lame twins shot, but it’s a little different – I really wanted faces, tho. Anyway, it was one of those times where you have 2 seconds to pull out your camera, turn it on and click the shutter before your window of opportunity closes.


4321988439 4fc7d86da5 o odds
As most know, my thin California skin has never quite adapted to the cold winters of the east, and as such, my outdoor shooting pretty much slows to a crawl. So, it’s back to the archives where I stumbled upon a couple of photos of twins that I took back in warm L.A. some years ago. It was really weird – a coincidence, I believe – that I saw two sets of twins within an hour of each other (maybe there was a convention somewhere). Here’s the first set.

crazy for kalvar

4319563273 75f5b3b4e5 o crazy for kalvar
Sigh. I love this photographer. He says, “I’m not crazy about the term “street photography” to describe what I do, because it’s not necessarily done on the street. The pictures can be taken on a farm, at the zoo, in an office, and so on. Let’s say we consider the general category of “unposed pictures of people” (or sometimes animals or even inanimate objects when they happen to be possessed by human souls), and then the subcategory “with nothing particularly important going on.” If we further narrow it down to the “play” sub-subcategory, we get into the domain I’ve worked in for forty years. That’s what I like to do: play with ordinary reality, using unposed actors who are oblivious to the dramas I’ve placed them in.” -Richard Kalvar (Photo by Richard Kalvar)

train squatting

4316830884 34a8657b25 o train squatting
I spent a total of 8 hours on 4 different trains yesterday but I didn’t mind the chance to sit and relax while I watched the world go by.


4310891594 c0d332bd66 o coupling
A classic case where my memory of this scene is much stronger than the actual photo. Two couples happened to be making out and whatnot on either side of the pillar across the tracks from me in the subway. Fun to watch, difficult to capture. Probably just as well.


4306962335 ab74a2dbf6 o hoarding
Today I watched a program about hoarders – people who collect things to the extent their lives and the lives around them are miserably altered. I was transfixed by this condition wondering how and why this could happen. I don’t think I’m an obsessive collector of ‘things’ (except maybe shoes and glassware) and feel good about keeping a fairly trim apartment. But then I realized I am a major collector of memories – hence my drive to take pictures. Thank goodness for the digital age.

a little zooey

4305187298 2809469cac o a little zooey
I recently received a book of photographs by Garry Winogrand, whose humorous and odd journalistic style speaks to me in many ways. In the book, is a quote by Winogrand in response to the question, “What is Art?” asked by one of his students. Winogrand says, “Art makes you question your conceptions. That’s what puns do. You don’t really laugh at a pun because anything’s funny. You laugh because you realize you’re not getting killed. Basically, a pun upsets you. Language is basic to your existence and a pun calls into question what you believe a word means and you laugh out of relief.” (photo by Garry Winogrand)

artificial light

4285549915 0f9c3f6f69 o artificial light
A sore replacement for the sun, but I’ll take it.

the weekend is here!

4295116779 f027725e51 o the weekend is here!

bow or bust

4290138209 f21b008765 o bow or bust
Kind of a useless shot – but I think it speaks of my tiny craving for the glamorous life.

on the ‘cheep’

4286396048 274af8b4f4 o on the cheep
Yesterday was orientation at the Park Slope Co-op, the largest co-op in the U.S. hovering around the 14,000 member mark. Offering ridiculously cheap, locally produced food, it has a mountain of rules which must be followed or you may find yourself suspended quicker than you can fry an egg. The selection is impressive, but I didn’t see any quail eggs (a favorite snack of mine) like they have at the outdoor markets in Thailand. I’ll make do.

not as cute

4279896528 a5015f5d16 o not as cute

also very cute

4275907766 5cceacff5f o also very cute

cute overload

4272096277 10a87a0f6a o cute overload
After a trip to the dentist, I thought I’d treat myself to some cute things from this awesome Japanese book store in midtown. I can never have enough cute things in my life. Even the word ‘cute’ is cute to me.

beauty in the middle of winter

4269377531 1daa4bca98 o beauty in the middle of winter


4266210487 65b22c1ab6 o nosey

nose to nose

4263599487 78ab34b066 o nose to nose

disco may not be dead but these deer are

4259566723 c58f43c975 o disco may not be dead but these deer are
These are just a few of the unusual finds at the Brooklyn Flea Market not two minutes from our apartment. Located in the former Williamsburg Savings Bank, it’s one of the coolest locations in our hood, thankfully preserved for the general public to enjoy.

through the woods

4257454448 9501757941 o through the woods
Just your pretty, outdoors-y nature shot.

and now for a special food announcement

4248573361 6a8cc69d86 o and now for a special food announcement
Flatbush Farm and Bar(n) in our hood serves up a mean brunch – and if their dinner is anything like their brunch, I’m there, fork in hand. This was my duck confit with warm lentil salad and two eggs before I completely demolished it.

making a splash

4249373018 517ce63f5f o making a splash
Another shot of some brave “polar bears” quickly running out of Coney Island’s icy waters. Glad I wore my plastic boots.

eye spy

4247172702 f5d6ceaf10 o eye spy
Back to my mysteriously abstract and blurry ways. In part I was inspired by a set of photographs taken in the 60s in France by Tom Palumbo.

standing out in a crowd

4241859741 510946fc6d o standing out in a crowd
How cool that I was able to start the new year with a shot like this. A guy like him does not come around that often. He was definitely prepared to stay dry while the Polar Bears did their thing in the freezing cold ocean at Coney Island on New Year’s day.

wet your whistle

4236141032 35d0a1f966 o wet your whistle
A visual and sound sensation at Pratt to bring in the new year.

time keeps on slippin

4192613353 5da15bc6d3 o time keeps on slippin
What happen to 2009? This year went by so fast.

kitty comes first

4222174871 9e8ac87a9e o kitty comes first

snow white

4222948556 3f13f6b550 o snow white
I once had an instructor tell me that during his own training in photography he took a class where his teacher asked him to take only photographs of white. You can pretty much interpret that any way you like but it sounded like a good exercise to me. I thought I’d try my hand at photographing snow. It’s harder than you’d think as any camera set on automatic will ‘correct’ the abundance of white and turn it gray (it’s hard to explain). The trick is to set your camera on manual and overexpose to make the white of snow more white. I’m dreaming if I think I explained all that properly. And I’m not sure if this is a good example. But it’s fun to play.

christmas kiss

4209020837 6aeb4d4081 o christmas kiss

still a little fuzzy

4206672928 de6cd1cac2 o still a little fuzzy
Maybe its the time of year…

if only

4201296322 e92e303a49 o if only
the snow were sand. But I’m super glad my girls made it (and the old hood does look kinda cool coated in snow)!

the edge of night

4198816626 3208853ff2 o the edge of night
From dream to reality then back to a dream. Our flight to the Bahamas has been canceled – although our return flight is still optimistically booked. This shot was taken a few minutes ago outside our back deck. It doesn’t show the snow but more of an eerie storm glow. Hopefully the next post or two will show blue skies, palm trees and sandy beaches….

times square times a hundred

4194821821 1b63538893 o times square times a hundred
Sure, Times Square is usually electric and energetic, but it was particularly so last evening.

one way to market your dog photography business

4193450676 8ce1b08795 o one way to market your dog photography business

subtleties in shadow

4190076163 2226bcba30 o subtleties in shadow
I know. Flash can be my friend. But not in this photo. My friend Dina looks super cool in this lack of light.

barking up the right tree

4188571384 905ec1f1f4 o barking up the right tree
Hot dogs and champagne. A most delicious pairing – and we had many – at Bark’s champagne and hot dog tasting party last night.

bright lights, big kitty

4179518926 34c941598d o bright lights, big kitty

stopped in their tracks

4176607319 ed738b9273 o stopped in their tracks
When you gotta go, you gotta go.

turning over a new leaf on the same tree

4173858798 b44b757229 o turning over a new leaf on the same tree
A spookier version of the previous blog post.

here comes the rain again

4170407592 d73fed02e9 o here comes the rain again
But Seattle can make it look so good.

living in a cave

4167514394 5d5fd6f563 o living in a cave
It’s a cold, dark Monday. At least I can get work done without feeling like I’m missing a good walk in the sun (or a cartwheel). -photo by my bro, Rob

challenging norms

4164749070 045d16d48c o challenging norms
Do you consider this a bad photo? Ok, so don’t answer that. I can take a picture or two but a lot of times they are too blurry, too dark, etc. Does that make them unsuccessful photos? Often, probably yes. But I think we’ve been taught and trained to think that just because a photo is blurry it’s bad and we write it off. I’m continually drawn to this particular photo despite it’s faults. Our eyes and emotions see things the camera can’t so why not play with the camera and accept it’s limitations…and mine (smiley face goes here).

cutie waiting for the q train

4160828255 8b5c1682a6 o cutie waiting for the q train

polar bear is king

4157956641 e2a8d90b9f o polar bear is king
More from the world of windows.

windows of wondrous worlds

4155929215 ee0b82b158 o windows of wondrous worlds
Winter in New York City has it’s perks.

just a big, brown, furry puppy

4153889471 783641a073 o just a big, brown, furry puppy

transparent schedule

4150717181 189e814830 o transparent schedule
Because it keeps getting darker earlier, does that mean happy hour starts sooner?

sunny side up

4148522950 0342cbd114 o sunny side up
The light frames Saga and her breakfast beautifully.

there once was a boy (or two) in Nantucket…

4145825468 dcf1ea0e9c o there once was a boy (or two) in Nantucket...
…and a few other friends who all enjoyed a fun and windy Thanksgiving together. A big thanks to Elliott and Petra!

incredible, edible eggs

4131256075 8a0a55c34d o incredible, edible eggs
And a Top Chef sighting (Robin) at Cafe Campagne in Seattle.

not so distant past

4129475151 91b5c6b665 o not so distant past
The cold and rain of Seattle felt especially beautiful paired with the warmth of friends.

trying to look up

4115244721 bae7c0f10c o trying to look up
Ah, the curse of a street photographer – how does one accurately define one’s work in 20 images or less when one has taken thousands of photographs of thousands of subjects? This scene in Bryant Park yesterday reminded me that within the confines of galleries and websites the sky is the limit, and I should not be deterred.

turned to stone

4008078577 b0c5eab503 o turned to stone
This sculpture in the Louvre reminds me of the cats in winter – how they like to snuggle under the covers and put their icy cold paws on your warm skin.

great gotham

4098617973 ae4783fe65 o great gotham
The skies have cleared and the sun shines on NY once again.

furry feline face

4098714879 bb49e241eb o furry feline face

so close I can taste it

4098780247 410c75fcff o so close I can taste it
Friday, 4:22 p.m.

going into the closet

4099330944 49dbb1ffda o going into the closet
Cold weather means lots of trips to the closet. Organization is key. (Photo by Paul)

sweet csa

4095859111 7c6ed59577 o sweet csa
We only have a few apples and a couple of squash left from this year’s local farm share.

decorated dog

4093079764 0bc1695c9d o decorated dog

talk to chuck about your money problems…

4078345835 bbb2d6a40d o talk to chuck about your money problems...
…or just take a nap.

take a picture. it will last longer.

4079105454 5529fa50b6 o take a picture. it will last longer.

portrait of a puppy

4075435340 3bdf4bd7f6 o portrait of a puppy
I took my new 85 1.8 lens out for a spin yesterday. Considered ideal for portraits, it distorts very little and has a short depth of field.

urban wedding

4070886126 ecfc2c1051 o urban wedding
I saw two brides on Halloween but this one was most striking against the backdrop of the trees and road by the entrance of Prospect Park.

back in black

4065687591 8ca7e930bf o back in black
Time for hot toddies and warm socks.

welcomed guest

4060135502 f6c484f6ce o welcomed guest
on a typical subway ride

falling for yellow

4056792764 1242cfa2d9 o falling for yellow
Amongst the grey and and concrete of Manhattan today, I was stopped in my tracks by this gorgeous splash of yellow – my favorite color in the whole world.

all is quiet

4054704214 f1189c7ae9 o all is quiet
I need to take more pictures and make some noise.

pretty lady with funny hat

4050401917 3d153f8645 o pretty lady with funny hat
Organizing older photos I came across this favorite…

in a small apt in brooklyn…

4048462922 9f7fe83369 o in a small apt in brooklyn...
…kitties seem larger than they really are.

nothing has turned into something

4044308730 9ab207d98c o nothing has turned into something

photo blog and home shopping network

4041572846 5caaf878fb o photo blog and home shopping network
Anyone want to buy these lovely, patent, french heels? Rare. Never worn. And yes, very comfortable. European size 39.5 (8.5)

style on the sly

4035904130 66ce6d6521 o style on the sly
I was totally diggin’ this woman’s ultra sophisticated style but I was scared she would catch me taking her picture.

candy stripper

4033162654 cfa0cd2dd5 o candy stripper
Actually just a party goer in freezing cold Liverpool who forgot her pants.

danish delight

4028259562 3d9c386bc9 o danish delight
I haven’t posted a food pic in a while… The aebleskiver is delicious and hardly nutritious.

good day for soup but I don’t think she’s sharing

4023991367 5299e7bfd0 o good day for soup but I dont think shes sharing

yesterday seems so far away

4021480386 670f3f2249 o yesterday seems so far away
From 70 degrees to 40 degrees, wine country to wet country.

the education in wine continues

4006720848 df8708ebc6 o the education in wine continues
First France, now it’s off to the land of Pinot Noirs in Southern California. It’s rough.

dissecting a look

4002481859 f2ec8e3084 o dissecting a look
Presence. It’s one of those qualities that is so elusive and cool. I’m pretty sure Tony, here, knew I was taking his picture so there is a slight hint of awareness, but he also has that impressive manor that is mostly unguarded, open, striking and approachable.

remaining morsels of summer

3999394757 6d400c2e80 o remaining morsels of summer

she’s got legs and dog knows how to use them

3995742593 5919f74078 o shes got legs and dog knows how to use them

fan of fans

3992415189 c77d52d6cc o fan of fans
Through a certain chain of events, Paul and I ended up at the Yankee’s game last night. While it was fun to watch the players, the fans in front of us were just as entertaining.

still running like the wind

3987767041 3ec7e92427 o still running like the wind
This marks my 701st blog post. Do I have burnout? Nah. Pictures are still my thing.

no respect for privacy

3983377279 b804bd292f o no respect for privacy
As a photographer you are always looking for that one amazing shot. Of course, when the opportunity presents itself I often wonder… Am I offending someone – or their religion? Am I going to get into serious trouble? I had a few of those moments while in Israel.

on a train to nowhere…

3972049079 c87c9ed0dd o on a train to nowhere...
At least that was my experience on the NYC subway today.

time for bed

3972072157 15296362d9 o time for bed
Back from two weeks in London, Paris and Tel Aviv, I should give up trying to figure out what time or what day it is and take a cat nap.

waiting for the bus…

3920245734 8b2c66cf71 o waiting for the bus...
Actually, the train and plane to our next adventure.

creature comforts

3918097724 738b4ca113 o creature comforts

rain and remembering

3913742084 b002dbf578 o rain and remembering

I’ll miss you NY

3906937192 cd18e6da6e o Ill miss you NY
But I’ll be back soon.

not in the mood to share…

3901025889 641633afb2 o not in the mood to share...
… when peaches are in season.

reflecting on love

3891735100 c45ddd63db o reflecting on love
Five years ago, Scott and Tricia met for a first date at a local restaurant. Today they returned to remember where their love began. Congratulations to a fun and wonderful couple, who together, make a mean cocktail.

a feat we got a fish

3889113576 740fc21a70 o a feat we got a fish

so many different pictures

3884979721 ef49cebd53 o so many different pictures
And one beautiful bride.

flights of fancy

3882085607 01be9e2e16 o flights of fancy

getting ready

3880201554 5e2ed4fc7b o getting ready
There are so many things I’ve been thinking about in preparation for my new website. It is clearer to me that while I’m following and stretching my artistic vision, my attempt to fit in to an easily defined category is proving very difficult. Street photographer. Portrait photographer. Wedding. Journalistic style. Fine art. Those are the common, everyday descriptions, and while all true, they don’t define my personal style in an elegant, unique and succinct way.

I posted this photo (adorable ring bearer getting ready for his big task) in order to compare this one to the last (bride and groom on tram). I’m not sure what others think, but to me, this photo is cute, telling the story in a straightforward manner – a more traditional wedding photo, easily defined and expected. The tram photo is not traditional and doesn’t fit into the typical wedding photo mold. Both are clearly wedding photos but the latter is my truer love, and that is what I’m about… whatever ‘that’ is.

letting her hair down

3875083579 6f043bcfc9 o letting her hair down
In the most sweetest of gestures, the groom helps his bride take down her lovely hair while riding on the Roosevelt Island Tram back to Manhattan.

age of innocence

3868143937 b6b3c63999 o age of innocence
I’m just a proud mamma gushing over her fuzzy boy, Ernie (again). Here he is just a week or two after I adopted him. So tiny, he could have been a snack for the bird in my previous post.