my boy

2060733812 e9f528097f o my boy

Pensive and pigeon-toed.



2057529222 bb876b4026 o thanksgiving

I’m not sure who took this picture yesterday, but I kind of like it in its nondescript sort of way. A terrific combination of football, friends, turkey and pumpkin pie made for a very satisfying thanksgiving.


a rose is a rose

2052956397 107b474fec o a rose is a rose

They are a bit tired and destined for le garbage but they’re still roses. My reflection in the mirror of me is blurry, but its still me.


little sunshine

2050417583 a34ca6c41d o little sunshine

This past weekend we spent some precious time with little Frances, Paul’s niece, who can light up anyone’s day.


mixed cat

2047669317 84166c2a49 o mixed cat

My family hasn’t had much luck with purebred cats. They are more prone to health issues due to the intense and controlled breeding processes purebreds go through. Callie, my mom’s current cat is a siamese mix — healthy, a good mouse hunter and one of a kind.


trapeze artist

2045477486 75f9e5fbac o trapeze artist
A squirrel-proof bird feeder is a tough thing to find. As we were eating our breakfast, this little guy took a flying leap to his (hers?).


cloud over katz’s

1848796856 7d46684b8c o cloud over katzs

I took this photo about a year ago for my roll-a-day class (actually on my way to class). When I was in the east village yesterday I noticed that the building that was under construction then is now complete. I hope that all this “progress” doesn’t encroach on what makes this neighborhood so full of character.