nyc’s finest

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Another shot from the NYC Marathon.


pet part

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More from my cat Ernie.



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The mental and physical strength it takes to run 26 miles is staggering. Congratulations to my friend Tulani (she’s the one wearing the flashy foil blanket — given to the runners for warmth, not fashion) for participating in the 2007 New York City Marathon. We (Tulani’s sister, mom, cousin, Paul and I) were all honored to be in the presence of a true athlete.


shedding light on annie

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A few days ago I went to the Annie Leibovitz exhibit in DC. Up until then, I had seen the occasional magazine cover or spread, heard the random opinion of her work and witnessed a whole lot of hype for this photographer. I always find it interesting to see the work of famous photographers that is rarely in the public eye. Ansel Adams, while only known for his landscapes had a fabulous eye for people. In Ms. Leibovitz’s case, the exhibit showed the stripped down portraits of famous people, yet intertwined were images of her personal life as well as some of her quiet and sometimes bleak, oversized landscapes. Seeing all of these photos together, she is now more real to me.



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As we were winding our way towards the Annie Leibovitz exhibit housed at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, my mom and I experienced this mesmerizing light show. In the center of the light-filled circular room was this statue, bathed in colorful lights just like the surrounding walls. Along with the soothing psychedelic music, I could have lingered there for hours.


fraction capture

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There is definitely a pattern where my close-up portraits are concerned. The subject is pushed so close to the edge of the frame. I’m not sure why I do this, but why fight it. Maybe its because it leaves a little mystery to the viewer and you don’t necessarily have to see the whole face to get a good enough sense of a person. Or maybe I’m just fascinated with people’s hair, as that is what usually ends up centered on the page icon smile fraction capture .


lone pierogi

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This Polish dumpling was soon to be joined with at least a hundred more. It was definitely the start of something good thanks to Paul’s mom who graciously shared her special recipe with all of us.