wear ‘em if you got ‘em

1799358740 538f9b1df7 o wear em if you got em

It’s time to pull out the cold-weather clothes. This dynamic couple was spotted on our walk around the west village yesterday.


easy on the eyes

1791020074 3bdaabf31c o easy on the eyes


not a photo

1766158724 1534047f7c o not a photo

I know. This is a photo blog, not an illustration blog. After submitting a collection of my work to a design competition today, I can barely look at a photograph now. This is the original illustration I drew that resulted in my w-stop logo.


food as art

1751965598 bf1d97fee8 o food as art

I don’t know if this is artistic, but it meets my food aesthetic standards. Classic pairings — blue cheese, walnuts, pomegranate, endive — and so simple. Anyway, it was also lunch on a photographer’s budget.


music as art

1733776641 89c5b9ea6d o music as art

The craftmanship on some of these instruments on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is mind-blowing. Even the ends of the keys are adorned with hand-carved (I would imagine) decoration.


watch dog

1717986566 aa04ff0dd0 o watch dog


crop talk

1697252402 1d11e3137f o crop talk

Today our photo group got together to discuss and critique each other’s work. One of the topics that kept coming up was cropping. As a sometimes curmudgeon purist, I believe all the cropping that needs to happen is when you press the shutter on your camera, at the exact moment you approve of the area you want to capture. Everything that is contained in that frame is integral to the meaning of the whole photo. Cropping it further, changes the meaning completely — which, as someone pointed out today, is perfectly ok. I also like thinking without borders, as well, and have secretly cropped further at least one or two images in my life — but not this photo of my friend Jo. Although, now that I think about it, maybe a touch can be taken off the left side icon smile crop talk .