subway is the way

1446057126 acce49a7a0 o subway is the way

Sometimes referred to as the Iron Horse, New York’s subway system is convenient, inexpensive and full of character and characters. This shot, however, is one that advertisers might use in commercials — no people, sunny and clean (except for the artful graffiti on the windows). Kind of like those car commercials that show a fast car on an empty road which we all know, rarely happens in the real world. BTW, if you look closely, you might notice the parachute jump at Coney Island through the window.


on exhibit

1660803180 6b9ff1dd2a o on exhibit

Today, I’m embarrassed to say, was the first time I have been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I think I was a little nervous by how overwhelmed I’d be. It was big and crowded and amazing. This photo was a small moment of respite, fittingly, in the Japanese wing.


portrait of a dude

1639755014 7f688c9e07 o portrait of a dude

While at the PhotoPlus Expo yesterday, along with my friends Pamela and Debbie, we talked about how our photographs seem to age or change over time. Pictures that we may have taken months or years ago can sometimes look entirely different than how we remembered them. I have overlooked many a picture, only to discover them in a completely new light. I guess ultimately that is attributed to the changes and growth of the photographer and the distance you are from the actual event of taking the picture. I never gave this photo a second glance a year and a half ago, but now it really appeals to me.


end of the rainbow

1621950073 489a470e27 o end of the rainbow

Definitely not your fine dining experience — hopefully the trucks and tower are more than 300 feet away from the Pot O Gold. The trip home from Pennsylvania last Sunday was a long one but it was nice to have my camera with me to photograph some of the countryside.


through the looking glass

1603535671 2f73a3a52b o through the looking glass

This photo I took of Tomo did not make the cut. The lighting, the framing, the pose, all way off. Definitely the photographer’s fault. But, there is one thing that isn’t my fault. Check out the store employee in the background. I have a feeling a lot of photographers use this particular store front as a back drop and obviously this man objects.



1593166135 54fdfbdf13 o females

This was kind of a lucky shot as I was attempting to capture cool pics of Melanie but the focus was also on the sexy lady on her shirt.


croaking croquet

1584213656 2f0ffdcdcf o croaking croquet

So this photo may look pretty cool, but when you think about it, you might start to wonder what people were doing playing croquet — in the dark (this was taken with an extremely long exposure). I’m not sure I know the answer either. But it was fun for at least a few minutes.