recorded on film

1554878253 d877d4d4e0 o recorded on film

As dependent as I have become on my digital camera, I still like to remind myself that film still captures something that digital cannot. Having a cute and charming subject, like Jess’s baby Ivan, in the frame doesn’t hurt either.


celebrity sighting

1509751129 78cff23ee1 o celebrity sighting

Well, at least I think she kind of looks like Drew Barrymore. It’s entirely possible here in the west village. With the lighting and high grain, Erika pulls it off nicely.


jambon: ham, also refers to the leg

1545658726 df1af00a8c o jambon: ham, also refers to the leg

I recently purchased a stand to hold my light reflectors. It is yet another piece of equipment that at least helps me to look like I know what I’m doing when I take pictures. Once I wore out my welcome photographing Paul, I moved on to the cat to see if there were new ways I could light and photograph him.


no bull

1536678659 f5ad83d08c o no bull

Actually, the sign really says “post no bill” but I like how Tomo hides the letters enough so it looks like it says something else. While most of the shots I took of her were posed, I like that this is unplanned and more natural.


fun assignment

1525647677 68d0ac90c0 o fun assignment

Yesterday my job was to shoot some ‘commercial’ photos for Tomo’s portfolio. While creativitiy is typically held at bay for commercial shots, I very much enjoyed capturing a sunny and beautiful girl in her element.


clear things

1517517311 5f431380c7 o clear things

I have always had this fixation with all things clear — glass, lucite, water, etc. Once I bought a clear plastic trash can because it looked so pretty on the shelf, but it wasn’t so effective in hiding my garbage. Anyway, you can guess that I absolutely love the old glass door knobs in my apartment and thought I’d try and capture their beauty on film (or memory card).


a day in the life

1510684346 16e182c439 o a day in the life

When your bedroom is also your office, one gets creative with all the flat surfaces available to work with. Here, I have to share my space with one cat who doesn’t seem to mind as I edit my working prints into something more cohesive.