cute couple

1499093200 66ba28b4cc o cute couple

Don’t know them, just took their picture.


guest photographer

1490197669 466ec08442 o guest photographer

My good friends just came back from a trip to Alaska and captured some amazing shots of this glacier. Notice the pockets of bluish-aqua water in between the crevasses and frozen in the ice. Thanks to Rob for letting me post this shot!


by iphone

1484257721 0085136021 o by iphone

After a rousing game of tennis a few weeks ago, I was alert enough to still capture this scene near the east river tennis courts with my phone. It looks so peaceful and quiet in the picture, but I’m standing on a walkway over the FDR Drive/highway and the bridge is rarely silent.


creepy sommelier

1477519028 975c00ce76 o creepy sommelier

Sommeliers can sometimes carry an air of snobbery about them (or maybe we’re just jealous that we don’t get to talk about wine for a living). I wasn’t about to question this guy’s taste for wine for fear he would hurt me.


it’s a plane

1470176047 2c9f56631b o its a plane

I’m not sure whether I was framing this shot just to be different (likely), or I wanted to capture that itty bitty plane in the upper right (not likely, but a happy accident). The concrete ice cream cone with accompanying mermaid tail is another in a bunch of odd sites at Coney Island.


lunch date

1464936689 08dc8e71cd o lunch date

Paul and I had a chance to catch up with friends while we were in D.C. this past weekend at one of our favorite mexican restaurants. Here, Paul (left) is bringing everyone up to speed with his NY stories, but I think Mike is wondering why Paul didn’t try and run a comb through his hair.


exiting the subway

1445206353 80215794d2 o exiting the subway 

Leaving the subway that lands you at Coney Island, you will see some old pictures that have been enlarged and colorized. I like the juxtaposition of old and new transportation methods shown here. BTW, this post is brought to you by my iPhone as the power at my mom’s house has gone out.