aging gracefully

1445170143 fc97b0224a o aging gracefully

Here is another tiny section of Coney Island that is showing its age. The image on this storefront security gate is quite fetching despite (because of?) the peeling paint.


and number 3

1444691702 e0cedc24a7 o and number 3

Unintentionally, I captured lovely butterfly number 3, and a very lovely face to boot.


butterfly, part deux

1440454816 c3679914ec o butterfly, part deux

This one is kind of tricky, but if you look closely, the butterfly will reveal itself. And it was a good excuse to try and catch these leisurely men in action.


favorite things

1435155122 84da2ac3b6 o favorite things

No, that isn’t a spec of dirt on your monitor. It is a butterfly (or purfly as I called it as a child) that I was lucky enough to capture flying next to my favorite roller coaster, the Cyclone. Yes, it was another day for me at Coney Island, this time with my fellow photographers, wandering the now closed park (except on weekends). There were a bunch of these pretty bugs flying around and we must have been quite a sight (or maybe it was just me), swinging our cameras all around trying to photograph them.


pretty woman

1430517062 e839c4c6f0 o pretty woman

Our second night in Vegas, we all sat down to contemplate how we were going to put away 16 oz. steaks and goose fat potatoes at Strip House. I must say that the decor in the restaurant was conducive to our appetites and the lighting very flattering on my friend Doreen.


good morning mousies

1425012062 5795d93f7b o good morning mousies

As I removed the pillows to make the bed I was surprised to see two of my cat Ernie’s little mousies. Those are his favorite toys because they make a rattling noise, which is why I think, in my sleepy haze, I shoved them under the pillow the night before.


model, lisette

1418362765 f0c6426cc8 o model, lisette

Today I went over to the Aperture Gallery to see “Lisette Model and Her Successors.” There was a lot of imagery that I really could relate to, and in an attempt to try and define my own style I noticed a couple of quotes that seemed to speak to me. Model said, “Don’t click the shutter until the experience makes you feel embarassed” and “Exploitation is not my aim, revelation is.” Generally, I’ve played it pretty safe on my blog but I think I need to hold back less and push myself more in an attempt to find some vague boundaries to my art. I took this photo on one of my recent excursions to Coney Island and think it fits into this post quite nicely.