burger beacon

1414726904 397e27e64a o burger beacon

This is the real reason to come to Vegas. In-n-Out. Actually, we didn’t quite make it on this trip which, while heart breaking, is probably better for our hearts.


build ‘em big

1410574264 3753cc3875 o build em big

Beyond the beautiful fountain display at the Bellagio are numerous cranes building what will eventually be City Center — the largest something ‘r other in Vegas and even the world.


for the love of a bug

1323764172 a6f267b5ca o for the love of a bug

Here’s another shot from the 62nd Bug Out a few weeks back. In addition to the drag races, people from all over would come to show off their pride and joy (notice the mirror to reflect how beautiful the under side of this Volkswagon is).


spectator sport

1390170436 aa09d99126 o spectator sport

I often struggle for words in my blog posts. This is one of them.


looking up

1381015938 43fc9e7531 o looking up

Tomorrow. Vegas. These guys here are enjoying the show at Fremont Street.



1384672398 c2e58be0e6 o focus

Again, I post another blurry picture. I think I’m experiencing a lack of focus where my photography is concerned. I’m not sure whether I’m genuinely uninspired or just need a break. Even pictures of Ernie aren’t doing it for me. I also just attended an afternoon seminar on the business of photography, and while I learned a thing or two, my camera seems extra heavy. Well, I’ll just let it run its course and hopefully an interesting picture will find me if I don’t find it first.


around and around

1375351227 944652d598 o around and around

I just read an article in the NY Times about the possibility of preserving and restoring the carousel at Coney Island. If I understand the article correctly, the horses you see here, carved in Brooklyn pre 1930′s have been disasembled and are already in storage. A debate continues to be played out by developers and city officials who want to preserve the amusement district. Lets hope history prevails.