game time

1323922906 9d4692233e o game time

It was a perfect evening for tennis and wanna-be photographers like me. With the exception of the drunk woman behind us yelling ‘Go Blake’ every 10 seconds, the men’s U.S. Open match we watched was very exciting, with James Blake eventually winning in 5 sets. I was trying to be sneaky and photograph people in the audience without them noticing. Guess I need to try harder.


day at the races

1315741654 a43c445d76 o day at the races

Finally, after all these years, I made it to the 62nd Bug Out held at the Old Dominion Raceway in Manassas, Virginia. My cousin Beth takes the wheel of this impressive Karmann Ghia (built from the inside out from my other cousin Dave) in preparation for the upcoming drag race. The Plogers were out in force, leaving quite an impression on all the other competitors at the track.


top model

1253675323 b05fc7341a o top model

Another over exposed picture (for my growing collection), but the model is not. Fortunately, Ryan took time out of his ‘real’ job to help me out with mine. He made the restaurant I had to photograph look really fun and good — his photo eventually appearing on the pages of the New York Press.



1285540709 089c91b8b9 o babe

I took an all-too-short vacation to Dayton to visit with my friend Jessica and her new baby boy, Ivan. I was smitten from the start.


juicy, sweet imperfection

1253683225 b5e478fa67 o juicy, sweet imperfection

Just plain, or with my favorite combination of bacon, mayo, lettuce and bread. These are the real deal. None of this perfectly shaped and uniformly red mealy crap you get at the grocery store any other time of the year.


heat of the night

1253544193 da2f7c263a o heat of the night

A couple of beers, good friends and a camera gave me this shot (taken on the rooftop of a friend’s party last Saturday).


head in the clouds

1234171334 e1d4addd4b o head in the clouds

At least they are spectacularly beautiful ones.