after the rain

1233380675 1b3171f819 o after the rain


sweet kippy

1222765266 6d6c994a3c o sweet kippy

Many years ago, we found her, skinny and thirsty — or more precisely, she found us. Plump and healthy she was lovingly described as Rubenesque. While she had the sweetest disposition a cat could have, she was also the toughest cat I’ve ever known. May the sun shine on you forever.


a little off

1206154861 faf4dec170 o a little off

Paul and I don’t really have any good pictures of the two of us. We still don’t. This self portrait we took during our hike in the Catskills this weekend has some definite issues. On the bright side (so-to-speak) this pic kind of fits in with my whole over exposure phase that I’m currently going through. Maybe I won’t delete this one.


and finally, for you goat lovers

1195725953 7843edf00c o and finally, for you goat lovers


and for you pig lovers…

1185663491 81086884bd o and for you pig lovers...

A stop to a farm on our way home from the Catskills was in order. We picked up some dairy and meat products and said hi to the pigs (from a distance).


for you dog lovers…

1174174351 75ad991ef0 o for you dog lovers...

and even if you’re not, I’d say it is impossible for anyone to resist this ridiculously cute saint bernard puppy. Paul and I took a vacation away from our cats and away from the city over the weekend up in the Catskills (maybe it should have been called Puppyskills) and had the pleasure of meeting little (soon-to-be-big) Ozzy.


more from the Bistro

1150068128 8044683899 o more from the Bistro

There’s no pussy-footing around at the Corner Bistro. Get the Bistro burger, complete with a mound of Bacon (spelled with a capital B), cheese, ketchup, lettuce, etc.