the bistro

1150095162 c87939a4ce o the bistro

Continuing Paul’s bday celebration yesterday, we migrated over to our favorite burger spot, the Corner Bistro.


sneaky fur producers

1140483623 a216bee37d o sneaky fur producers

In an attempt to save space, we placed baskets under the bed to store our clothing. The cats believe we’ve installed 6 new comfy beds for them.


rail rot

1129060594 f97ad6f41f o rail rot

My mom shared with me this odd scene that she had noticed on some of her walks around her neighborhood. She wanted me to take a picture of it for her but I didn’t have my camera at the time (and I kind of dropped a hint that she could just as easily take a picture of it herself). Anyway, I was also intrigued by this creepy railing that just sort of ends in midair, so on my drive out of town, I hopped out of the car and stole a shot.


window seat

1110637621 3c4de3bbaa o window seat

As a sometimes keen observer of the world, I can look out the window of an airplane for many, many hours. Amazing how one can be so high above the earth with the help of some aluminum parts and a little engineering.



1098998505 1a12fb8919 o jersey

New York was just a short train ride away, but walking down the street in this small town in Jersey made me feel worlds away.


night lights

1089020462 273c32e131 o night lights

Coney Island takes on a whole new feel at night. I like this shot because a security vehicle was off to the right illuminating the people in the foreground, which gives the picture a little extra dimension.


kitchen is open

1074917884 6ed0da1ef3 o kitchen is open

So this might not excite you so much, but I just had two of my copper pots retinned (over time, and if not treated properly, the tin lining in copper pans can weaken and fall off creating a potentially poisonous cooking hazard). I shipped the lusterless pans off to a specialty shop in Colorado and within a few weeks they came back all sparkly and new.