back to cat

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tv dinner

1055065501 63298f11a5 o tv dinner

Paul made a trio of gazpacho, avocado and cucumber soups for dinner the other evening. I was so impressed, as was the guy on tv.


something completely different

1044393218 2981227c68 o something completely different

I couldn’t wait to post this picture. My brother, a builder of all things beautiful and unique, decided one day to construct a replica of Stonehenge using Twinkies (my favorite fake food snack) based on a haiku that his friend, Jim, composed.



1033057804 c97e48f17f o toes

This was a lighter moment during my ‘nude’ workshop over this past weekend. I had my model (also a dancer) spread her toes (because I loved her feet) which made her laugh. I took 500-plus photos altogether and am happy with the results. I thank the two beautiful and accommodating models for all of their hard work. They made it look easy, but continually jumping (among other things), just so us amateurs could get the shot was an impressive feat (feet?).


apple’s illumination

1021175637 480515806f o apples illumination

I think there are two things that are interesting about this photo taken last evening. The first would be the glow of the computer screen lighting up Paul’s face during the last natural light of the day, and the second would be the framing of the shot (I find I’m directed way to the right of the picture where I rest for a couple of seconds then slowly make my way back past the wine bottle and mirror). Otherwise, the pic is a little on the dull side.


nudey class

1007505626 169b8804ab o nudey class

Yesterday was the first day of a 3 day intensive course on photographing nudes — something I’ve been wanting to do and finally have the opportunity. It is a lovely thing but I feel like it’s all been done before. I want to put the two beautiful girls we have as models in a completely different setting, but it is nice to have the 10-20 minutes each to shoot each day.



996314887 b515c30118 o poser

Ernie looks almost like a person here. It reminds me of an Olan Mills photo where you can almost here the photographer directing the cat to tilt his head slightly and lower his chin. I must say the natural light in this room of our apartment is dreamy.