storefront story

980760151 770b6caf15 o storefront story

I had been eyeing this window display for a number of months now, but finally, I had my camera and grabbed the picture. It is kind of crazy to think how many window displays are in NY and how each (sleek or tacky) tries to tell the story of what is inside the store its representing.



974344163 d89360c2f9 o fans

Sitting behind us at the game last night were a team of Japanese kids supporting their man Hideki Matsui. Matsui gave them a real show by hitting two homeruns leading the Yankees to a 16-3 win against the White Sox.


puppy love

958108158 bcac9f9084 o puppy love

After a week of not picking up the camera (so bad), I finally found a subject that inspired me. As I entered the home of the host of our first photo group yesterday, I was greeted by countless doggies. This was one of Jimmy’s cuties.



829459120 4bc6f6a107 o summertime

I don’t care how hot it gets. I would take a summer day over a winter one, especially if it means having a perfectly grilled hamburger while lounging on the grass.


lights still shine

859118806 d00a21d566 o lights still shine

Detail of Coney Island.



930127278 cbba5ed532 o rose

Something pretty to look at.


shapes and shadows

917331028 9780b41db7 o shapes and shadows

The silhouette, a technique I have rarely attempted in photography, at least intentionally, can be effective if done right. Again, Coney Island provided the perfect back drop, so with a few adjustments on my manual setting, this is what the camera saw.