natural but not

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Finally, after about a year and a half of living here in NY, I made it to the American Museum of Natural History. It’s said that the museum’s dioramas are the most renowned anywhere because of their attention to detail of animals in their habitats. One afternoon is hardly enough time to see all that the museum has to offer so I’m sure I’ll be back again soon to frolic with the animals.


wonder wheel

896084958 d179379b11 o wonder wheel

The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island offers spectacular views but it is also cool to have a closer look at the old ferris wheel’s construction while one is riding it.


beautiful trash

885615946 a6a0d12f9e o beautiful trash

I admit, I have fallen for the park that was once the playground of the world. Is it because the Cyclone is made entirely of wood and not steel? Or is it the wistfulness one feels on a cold weekday in spring where the only people around are the homeless seeking shelter under the boardwalk and a handful of Russians walking the vast beach? Maybe because, in some ways, it’s a haven for those who don’t want to conform to today’s way of life. Or maybe it’s because I know that everything that is Coney Island now won’t be there in a year. Every picture I have taken and will take is my way of preserving a place that has managed to shrug off change.


new meaning to the words ‘thrill ride’

873287331 269182a13b o new meaning to the words thrill ride

So many pictures have been taken of this ride, but this one beats them all. There is only one Coney Island and only one roller coaster that can elicit this kind of reaction. Once again, this hidden gem of an amusement park did not disappoint.


phone photo

863849495 6772a558e6 o phone photo

My collection of cameras is growing — although I was hoping that the iphone could at least take a halfway decent photo. I’m not complaining as this little expensive piece of technology, that I have been drooling over for the past few months, does so many other impressive things.


nose knows

858265959 7d20d88c13 o nose knows

This pig trash can at Coney Island will gladly eat your garbage.



846299992 d3beb77e38 o bling

My jewelry stash came in handy for this part of the shoot with Tomo. Hopefullly this photo of ‘fake’ bling will translate into real bling for her. I was flattered to hear that she will be using this pic, among others for her upcoming casting calls. Good luck Tomo!