eye on us

846140923 57cf793645 o eye on us

My friend Jessica recently reminded me of a photo I have from our bitchin’ trip to London a few years back. Who knows what we’re looking at here but it’s definitely not the camera which is pointed at our pod on the London Eye. So we paid a few bucks for the cheesy tourist photo, but for me, it was worth every euro.


a family after my own heart

837617319 ab7f5e6e3b o a family after my own heart

I like my cereal, so imagine my excitement when I looked on top of the refrigerator at my cousin’s house. There was more cereal there than I could fit into my Manhattan kitchen. Right on!


musically inclined

828569729 159c0fe390 o musically inclined

My uncle, shown here, and my cousin Dave, both picked up the guitar and shared their talents with all of us at Plogerpalooza.


for kim

820330395 1b0b774917 o for kim

This was definitely the place to be yesterday. Paul and I drove down to Virginia to participate in the ever-growing, ever-popular Plogerpalooza. Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, mom, horse shoes, ping pong, potato ‘contraption’ (protecting the innocent), food, beer—all perfect ingredients to make this exceptionally beautiful day in Woodbridge, Va. a blast.


remains of the day

808434590 c531a0d0b5 o remains of the day

We’ve been spending a lot of time by the Hudson river (as Paul said it was an unexpected benefit to moving to the west village). There is a new, beautifully landscaped boardwalk where lovers can hold hands and families, musicians and dancers play. But this photo taken about a month ago, captures a completely different feeling with the old pier in the foreground and the New Jersey skyline beginning to light up after the sun has set.


back to nature

800239576 77fd6612dd o back to nature

Coming up on a year ago, I was hiking through Tent Rock in New Mexico. It is truly amazing to walk through this canyon of natural erosion where the sun rarely shines but the slight moisture in the air has an amazing cooling and soothing effect, providing shelter from the dry, hot sun of the desert.


laundry and more

788254493 b2912e88d0 o laundry and more

It was a trip to the vet today with Ernie. True to kitty form, he did not make it easy, his caterwauls echoed throughout the stairwell of the apartment building. People on the street stared with the look in their eyes that I was an unfit mother. So hopefully, with a change in his diet and a couple of pills he will be back to normal. Hopefully.