another day

776871026 05b4b034be o another day

Who knows how long this guy has to stand here and watch people go by. I think he, scooby doo and the playboy bunny are more interesting than the game itself (located on a sidestreet of Coney Island).


gas from the past

648701466 b82ab655ba o gas from the past

My neighborhood smells better and is generally cleaner than our old neighborhood in the east village, but I love this little remnant of the past just a couple of blocks down the street from us.



758578658 0f68be7c12 o summer

Here is something from the archives. As it really begins to heat up in the city, I often think of this picture which just screams summer time in so many ways.


movers and shakers

751326985 2c5e9f25ce o movers and shakers

Even during somewhat animated conversation, Nazar (center) manages to fool the camera by staying still long enough for the extended exposure.


she wore a yellow ribbon

727830148 5210de560b o she wore a yellow ribbon

I don’t exactly see a yellow ribbon, but there is definitely something going on with the color yellow here. She has taken my favorite color to new heights, right down to her fingernails.


protecting the innocent

726756381 46bebb4c36 o protecting the innocent

This construction worker-turned-sun-worshiper certainly lives a dual life. I spoke with this guy (and, of course took some pretty great close-ups) and wanted to know his motivation. I think he just genuinely loves his body but in a very modest sort of way (believe it or not) — unlike the macho muscle men showing off at the children’s playground further down the beach. Probably in most other countries a site like this is nothing new, but here in America, some eyebrows might be raised. Each to their own, I always say.


happy birthday america

716367033 d4b6a0ea08 o happy birthday america

Yesterday, I think I was anticipating America’s birthday. Without realizing it, I ate my way through the day with an all-American diet. In the morning I had my bowl of cornflakes, then in between shooting many interesting people and things at Coney Island, I had lemonade, cotton candy, a caramel apple, and a Nathan’s hotdog. Back in the west village I continued with a fat, juicy burger, fries, local beer and topped it all with a homemade nestle toll house cookie. Today I think I’ll have sushi.