study in cat

705578891 ba972cca4f o study in cat

Ernie: slightly bottom heavy, toes turned inward — pigeon-like, acute sense of hearing enabled by independently swivelling ears, permanent wink, insanely cute.


picnic in the park

696414085 f5fe606652 o picnic in the park

What a great day for a picnic yesterday. We had everything, including overpriced lobster rolls, wine, eclairs, and of course, Hello Kitty dishware.


best seat outside the house

684556860 c6266c2ca5 o best seat outside the house

Despite the summer haze, this fearless worker has quite a spectacular view of Manhattan. I’d rather enjoy it from the comfort of my friend Pam’s beautiful home.


head (and hair) shot

673410599 e5b4b88268 o head (and hair) shot

Obviously, when you have hair like this it is necessary to do some cool things with it. Technically, the photo could use a little work, but Tomo strikes the right pose.


in the shadows

661073370 d6985ff8d2 o in the shadows

Yesterday was another shoot with the talented Tomo. This photo will probably not end up in her portfolio as it is not the glamor headshot she is looking for, but I dig it’s mysterious minimalism.


reaching out

640569710 e7f2f46975 o reaching out

Looks like Kippy wants to shake my hand or needs a leg up.


seeing things

633811228 a42194a6a5 o seeing things

The last assignment we had for our natural portrait class was to take two photographs of a person — one where the person is in it and one where they’re not. This was my interpretation.