other side of the fence

623203798 ccd2cd3ec9 o other side of the fence

I glanced upon this cute family unit (father and son both wearing plaid) while dining at a Union Square restaurant this past weekend.


time for lunch

602478416 b0a6135b42 o time for lunch


day dream

590270312 d7e41307aa o day dream

Paul’s family. On the same path but each in their own world.


speaking of manufactured landscapes

581051829 dbaf0ced34 o speaking of manufactured landscapes

Last evening I watched Manufactured Landscapes, a film by Edward Bourtynsky. It is a combination of ‘artistic’ stills and film which document the impact that humanity (mainly in China) has on the earth’s surface. While Bourtynsky makes a lame attempt at not making a political statement, it is quite a collection of overcast imagery that makes you say wow, there are a lot of people on this earth doing what they do to accommodate a growing population. This is my take on Times Square, a happier type of manufactured landscape, if you will.


what you don’t normally see

537259930 92a85af13b o what you dont normally see

This shot was taken during a lighting seminar earlier this year. None of us really knew what we were doing, except the model, and it kind of shows.


beer here

570049725 68cf325340 o beer here

This beer garden we went to last Saturday had all the ingredients for a good time — including this arm wrestling match which broke out just as I was digesting my kielbasa. The historic Bohemian Hall is the last of its kind. Let’s hope it stays open for years to come.


sunset at the jersey shore

564702528 52d89fc685 o sunset at the jersey shore

Another Father’s Day for the record books.